Thursday, December 31, 2009

Anticipation of NYE celebration as we exit 2009!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are less than eight hours away from a new year as well as a brand new decade when the ball drops in Time Square and 2010 is ushered in. Some people embrace New Years as their favorite time of the year, taking the holiday as their opportunity to reevaluate what they want in life and how a new year could potentially be different. It's also an appropriate time to eat, drink, and have a few parties!

In what has become a New Years Eve tradition for yours truly, I will once again be heading down to the Milek beach house in Lavallette, NJ to celebrate NYE with some friends of mine. We always have a blast when we're down there together.  Tonight we'll be going to Bamboo Bar in Seaside Heights, where there is a $30 cover charge for three hours of free food and drinks. That's definitely a sweet deal; this is indeed our consecutive year going to Bamboo. Those expected in attendance will Mike, Angela, Chris, Chris's friend Rob, Greg Root and myself. CD squared will probably arrive in Lavallette on Saturday, as will the Schloemers. As you can see, this should be a pretty eventful weekend.

My new year, immediately following the conclusion of this highly anticipated weekend of play time and celebration, will begin on Monday morning with an interview for a high paying state job. Talk about getting off to a good start, hey? I'm treating that interview very seriously and I look forward to making a legitimate case for my qualifications regarding the job. There's no sugarcoating the year 2009; itwas a tough year for many families throughout the country and it went by relatively fast. However, whatever doesn't kill us only makes us that much stronger. In what was a year plagued with layoffs, a rising unemployment rate, government healthcare reform debates, and other setbacks, it is essential that we remain hopeful that the following the year will be better.

Nonetheless, positive highlights of the year were the marriage of Ray and Melissa Schloemer, their move into their apartment in Monmouth Junction, and Mike and Chris Milek's acquisition of their condo in Princeton, NJ. I can only hope that I have as decent of a year as those folks had this year. As I celebrate NYE tonight, I remain optimistic that there is a light at the end of the tunnel that will take all of us into 2010 and beyond.

Everyone have a Happy New Year. May 2010 be happy and prosperous for the lot of you. Let there be light. Let there be progress. Let there be prosperity.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Earlier this morning, I went down to Shoprite to pick up some margarine sticks for mashed potatoes as well as Redi Whip for the pumpkin pie. We're ready for the Thanksgiving Day feast. Throughout what has been a tough year, it is essential to be thankful for what one does have. Family, friends, and acquaintances who are close by. Food and drink. Even the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City, which is what I am watching right now. I've seen the Shrek balloon, Ronald McDonald balloon, Kermit the Frog balloon, and even a Smurf balloon. In fact the news broadcasters announced that there would be a Smurf movie released in 2011. Santa Claus is about to come to town, as he always does at the end of the parade.

Ladies and gentlemen, have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Happy 29th birthday to me!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Today is in fact my 29th birthday and I am grateful to have made it another year. I spent the day drinking the bottle of Chardonnay I bought last night. The actual birthday celebration will take place on Saturday night at Sona 13 in Morristown! God bless each and everyone of the people who wished me a Happy Birthday. The love that has been shown to me today has been tremendous! Saturday night, anybody who is coming out is going to have one hell of a time. I'm giving you all an exciting night that you deserve as much as I do. We're going to light Jersey up like a Christmas tree in early-November! Get ready to have FUN ladies and gentlemen; Saturday night will ROCK. I appreciate all birthday wishes. God bless you all!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Chris Christie wins NJ gubernatorial race!

Four years ago in his inaugural address, he said to the hopeful residents of the state of NJ, "Hold me accountable." Well guess what Jon? Collectively,we did just that!

Yesterday was Election Day and we saw a passing of the torch, as GOP challenger Chris Christie upset democratic incumbent Jon Corzine for the NJ governor seat in Trenton. Christie won 49% of the votes, while Corzine took 45%. Admittedly I voted for the independent Chris Daggett, as I believe he was the most logical choice of the three candidates. As a free and independent thinker who takes into account productivity and performance throughout an administration on any level, rather than automatically gravitating to the right or left, I believe that the correct candidate won in this case.

Over the last four years, this state has suffered from failed leadership that I feel has grown increasingly disasterous. When property taxes increase, sales taxes go up, and unemployment reaches record high levels (now 10% in the state of NJ), you are left with a state of troubled residents who are hurting badly. People can not make money because they are unable to find employment and they can not afford to buy a house even if they are employed because taxes are through the roof. Job loss, under Corzine's administration, has been abysmal - even prior to the time at which the recession hit the nation in December of 2007. As Christie said in a recent televised interview, our state is having the worst time out of any of the states in the tri-state area.

Those who view this as a referendum against President Barack Obama are likely mistaking. The fact of the matter is that Obama took 57% of the votes last year for his United States presidential race in the state of NJ and I happen to support him. He has given a worthy account of himself as it pertains to bringing the nation's economy back from the brink. Back in 2005, democratic voters had much more more confidence in Corzine, who defeated republican Doug Forrester by 15 points. Keep in mind, this was during the wildly unpopular second presidential term of republican George W. Bush. Obama, who on the contrary is a popular democratic president, was campaigning vigorously for Corzine in his bid for re-election, in what has traditionally been a blue state.

Corzine spent over twice as much money [approximately $24 million of his own money as opposed to $12 million] as Christie for his campaign and still some how managed to lose. This does not come as a concidence to me folks and it should not come as a coincidence to you either. No amount of money can repair or pay for a failed track record. Every now and then, people will prove their ability to think independently for themselves. This particular election had more to do with local and municipal issues than it did with President Obama. Not all of us are blind sheep, unconditionally supporting one party, and one one party only, regardless of how incompetent some of that party's leaders may be. Rest assured there are fuck ups in both the Democratic and Republican parties and that will always be the case.

Ladies and gentlemen, prosperity and a better way of life can not be attained, until justice is served in the struggle between successful leadership and failed leadership regardless of which political party you support. That's not just in the state of NJ, but also the country as a whole. Having said that, I can live with the fact that Christie has defeated Corzine. I have never been, and never will be, an advocate of rewarding failure. You can not simply assume that a leader, who has failed to live up to expectations when he was first elected, will automatically do better in the second term if he is re-elected. In this tough economic times, trust is waring thin and we must go about a different apprach in correcting the wrong doing.

Let's do away with the distorted ideology that one should feel the need to move to another state if their way of life is not up to par right here in this state! That ideology is over! Let's bring jobs back to the state of NJ! Let's get those property and sales taxes back down again! That way, folks of my generation can finally have steady employment again and will be able to buy a house before they're 40 years old. Upon his election last November, I did not expect President Obama to fix all of the country's mishaps with a magic wand, nor do I expect Governor Christie to do the same for our state beginning next year. All I ask for is hard work through good faith and a track record of taking the necessary steps to get our state moving in the right direction again. Both politicians were left with a disgusting mess due to the unjustifiable incompetence of their predecessors.

This blogger is ready to see what the Governor-Elect can do for this state when he takes office on January 17, 2010 and awaits his efforts in the near future. There are a couple of issues I strongly disagree with Christie about, such as his disapproval of gay marriage and full fledged support of insurance companies, but I think he is the less of the two evils. While I heavily criticized Corzine's administration, I will not get too high on Christie just yet. I am just an independent free thinker who intends to give the fresh face a fair chance to prove himself.

I also congratulate independent NY Mayor Mike Bloomberg for securing a victory over democratic candidate Bill Thompson. Bloomberg won narrowly by a margin of 52% to 48%. This will be Bloomberg's third term as the mayor of NY.

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The governator says Fuck You to law makers!

Nobody can mess with the Governator. As you may recall in the 1985 film Commando, Schwarzenegger who plays John Matrix, gets into a fight in a motel room with a former green beret. The green beret, played by actor Bill Duke, says, "fuck you asshole" as he's about to shoot Matrix. With the gun being out of bullets, Matrix replies, "Fuck YOU asshole" and impaled the green beret on a broken table leg, killing him instantly.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R) recently exuded a rather similar boldness, albeit not nearly as violent, basically telling law makers to go fuck themselves through a hidden message in an unsigned Assembly Bill that he sent to the California State Assembly.

Notice the hidden message in the following visual??

Goes to show that you can not mess with the Governator. He will fuck up your day if you cross him with nonsense. LOL.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ready for Halloween weekend at the shore!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again. Halloween is once again here and we all know what that means don't we? The fact that my birthday is five days later?

While that remains a tried and true follow up to All Hallows Eve, the fact that Halloween is upon us would signify that we have once again reached the point where we can get dressed up in costumes and go out to a club to have some drinks. Furthermore, it's an incentive for all of the hot women to dress slutty in their flesh-revealing costumes, whether it be the black kitty cat, the French maid, or the nurse just to name a few. What a threesome that would be, eehhh??

Later this afternoon, I will be making the trek down to Mike's beach house in Lavallette where the festivities are set to begin for the weekend. Those in attendance throughout the weekend will be Mike, his brother Chris, Chris's friend Rob, Angela, the Schloemers, Beanie, her boy friend Chris, Greg Root, yours truly, and possibly others I have failed to make note of. On Halloween night, the entire gang will be going to Jenk's night club in Point Pleasant. Our original plans were to celebrate Halloween at Bamboo in Seaside as we did last year, but Bamboo saw fit to throw their Halloween party tonight - Friday, October 30 - which makes absolutely no sense to me at all! Does it make sense to any of you? I didn't think so.

Bamboo must be the only night club in the area that is celebrating Halloween the night before Halloween. Granted that would be justifiable if Halloween fell on a week night, such as a Monday, Tuesday, or Wedensday. However, Halloween is on a Saturday this year, so why exactly is Bamboo having their party on Friday? I don't know, but Jenks is certainly a worthy change of plan.

B-Money hasn't been to Jenks in almost four years, so I am definitely looking forward to attending their Halloween party tomorrow night! Children, remember to say trick or treat tomorrow night when you make your way from house to house. As for me tomorrow night, I think it's fair to say that a trick would more or less serve as a worthy treat from a perverted standpoint. LOL.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Indian summer brings in a UFC robbery as well as Halloween and B-Money's 29th birthday soon to come!

The last couple of days have brought about Indian summer, as it was 70 degrees yesterday.  Even though it rained and there was thunder and lightening, the temperatures were at least bareable.  Once again today, the weather is pretty nice.  While the temperatures are not as mild today as they were yesterday, it still feels comfortable enough to be outside.

Halloween falls on a Saturday this year. I could not think of a better day than Saturday for Halloween.  On Friday night, Beanie and I will commuting together down to Mike's beach house in Lavallette where all of us will once again be celebrating Halloween.  We're all going to Bamboo on Saturday evening.  It has been a few months since the last time we've been down in Lavallette, so I am delighted that we'll going down there again in less than a week.  That should be a truly spectacular event.

In a couple of weeks, the week following Halloween, B-Money has another birthday coming up.  On November 5, I will be 29 years old. It feels like I just I just celebrated my 28th birthday yesterday.  Nothing is completely set in stone as of yet, but it's looking like my birthday celebration will indeed take place on Saturday, November 7 in Morristown - probably at Sona13.  The last two years in a row, I have celebrated my birthday at the Grasshopper so we will probably switch it up a bit this year.

Last night was UFC 104, as light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machita defended his title against Shogun Rua.  The fight was scheduled for five rounds and went to the scorecards in what was a very unpopular decision.  Machita was awarded the decision victory in a fight in which Shogun appeared to win at least four rounds in the eyes of most viewers. I can't speak for  anyone else, but I find  it interesting that so many people dismiss boxing as a credible sport, due to unpopular scoring and currupt decisions.

Shogun was clearly robbed last night. Lesson learned to all of the skeptics of boxing who cry corruption; it can happen in any sport in which money is involved.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Newark airport security guard threatens President Obama's life!

I've been idle from blogging for quite some time, but if any story was going to prompt my return it was the story I read today. President Obama was flying into the Newark Liberty International Airport this week in order to campaign for Governor Corzine in his upcoming election against Republican challenger Chris Christie. Security guard John Brek, 55, employed by FJC Security Services, had planned to assassinate President Obama upon his arrival. According to Security, Brek is being held on $220,000 bail bond having plead not guilty to three felony charges

As quoted in the article:
Inside Brek's home, police found a tiny armory: eight handguns and 35 rifles, all legal. But they also found 50 rounds of 44-caliber, 240 grain-jacketed Remington hollow point bullets—infamously referred to as "cop-killer" bullets because they can pierce police bullet-proof vests—and a rifle that was reported stolen 11 years ago in Alabama.
Anything but patriotic ladies and gentlemen.  When one is not happy with the way the country is being run, assassinating the President of the United States is hardly a solution.  Notice how they never try to kill the dummies; always the intelligent ones who try to improve life in the home land through good faith.  Kennedy was assassinated, and much like Obama, he was a intelligent man who was trying to do good.  Obama now walks in the same shoes and it is at risk of the same fate.  Disgusting. 

Not only the act itself is dispicable, but the fact that it was a security guard at an airport in my state!!!!!!  As if the state of NJ didn't already have enough problems.  Now we have airport security attempting to murder the President of the United States?  Something is seriously fucked up with that picture.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Labor Day well spent

Yesterday I woke up to take a shower so I could hit the road by 1pm to head down to Edison, where the Milek brothers were hosting a Labor Day get together.

Our Labor Day was well spent, as we ordered pizza and drank some beer out on the deck. I brought a 12 pack of Yuengling and smoked a couple Dutch Master cigars just for the occasion. For the record, I am not addicted to cigars. Certainly not as addicted to cigars as I am to facebook. Yes, the facebook addiction is just a little bit out of control.

Speaking of facebook, I logged on yesterday prior to hitting the road to head down to Edison, when I noticed a friend request. Who friend requested me on facebook? *drumroll* My mother. LOL. Fair enough, she was granted the add. Now she gets to see the nutsy times I have.

Friday, September 04, 2009

B-Money's return on Blog of Bryan: Welcomes fall season, offers some words of wisdom, and elaborates on Dunkin Donuts make-out sessions!

Happy September folks.

Summer just came and went this year! That's not necessarily a bad thing, as summer has been somewhat chaotic and brought me some bad luck. Looking ahead, its safe to assume that I am ready for Fall after what has been a turbulent summer. Ray and Mel's wedding took place in Deptford back on August 22, in what I would refer to as one of the positive highlights of the summer.

Clearly, the wedding was one of the biggest and best events of the summer. I was one of the groomsmen, in what was a beautiful wedding that was followed up with a wonderful reception. It was great to see some familiar faces I had not seen in years, such as Anna Salazar and Jeremy Smith. B-Money even had the opportunity to meet a few new faces. There you see a picture of me, looking as good as ever. At the age of 28, I'm still one handsome son of bitch!

That time of year has once again resurfaced, as we're back to wearing hoodies again, the leaves on the trees changing color, Halloween stores re-opening, B-Money's 29th birthday exactly two months from , and temperatures just chilly enough to be fresh in the morning. I'm waiting for my windshield's first morning frost. Don't push it weather: *notice I said frost, not a TWO INCH SHEET OF ICE.*

It's been a while since I posted anything, but much has changed since my last update. I won't necessarily comment as to whether it's for the better or worse. All you need to know is that we as people are all put to the test, but we're never put to that test at a time that we would prefer. Unexpected monkey wrenches can hit you from left field at the moment you least suspect. I believe that has happened to me a few times this year and it has been unfortunate.

Sometimes it feels like the world is one massive delusion that millions of people are chasing, with many of them mislead, oppressed, and left in a state of confusion. So daunting the social and economic ways of life can be, when the foundation is set a top quick sand. Difficult these days for me to trust anybody or anything. End of the day, it's just Me, Myself, and I. You do you, while I do me. Allow me to move on to some other topics.

However, some people actually have their own answers for the world when it shits in their face. Nothing says lovin' like a middle-aged couple sucking face in front of Dunkin Donuts, then both of them lighting up their celebratory post-smooch cigarettes immediately afterwards, romantically basking in their delicious, lustful, smoke-filled embrace! I witnessed such a spectacle with my own two eyes while sitting in the parking lot drinking my cup of coffee. Cigarettes following a passionate kiss in front of Dunkin Donuts? Sooo special! I wonder what happens following a steamy session in the bedroom?!? Do they make the transition from cigarettes to toking up on BONG???

Facebook has become more of an addiction that I thought. It is way too easy and convenient for me to log on, be nosy and see what everyone else is doing, and to take satisfaction in the attention devoted to me from others! Last week I deactivated my facebook account in a failed attempt to pry myself away from it for a while, but I found myself re-activating the account when I logged back on 15 minutes later. What can I say? I'm addicted and I am not afraid to admit it. Better to be addicted to facebook than nicotine I suppose.

B-Money is quite fond of facebook and loves his facebook family, friends and fans. I will not be leaving facebook anytime soon; my addiction simply will not free me from its grasp. It's like two pigs in mating season. When they get down to business, the male corkscrews himself in there and that bitch is stuck for at least five days whether she like it or not. Yep, that's facebook and I, but my grasp has progressed a hell of a lot longer than five days!

You know what else I'm fond of? Having dinner with best friends. Therefore, I'm going to meet Beanie at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner in a few moments. Everyone have a Happy Labor Day weekend and stay tuned for some updates next week.