Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Popular business prospect!

Yours truly has now received two phone calls from two different companies in less than a day!

Last night, as Jaime and I were headed to the Days Inn in Neptune, Metlife Financial called my cellphone. Naturally, I answered and the representative suggested that I set up an interview. Their particular headquarters is based in Mays Landing, directly across from the Hamilton Mall. Perfect! I scheduled the interview for Tuesday February 7 at 11am. They want to hire me for a sales job based on commission plus salary, unlike our friends over at AFLAC.

As if that was not enough, I got another phone call today while Jaime and I were eating lunch at Target. As the phone rang, joking around, I obnoxiously stated, "Probably another job opportunity; you will have to excuse me!"

Sure enough, and much to my surprise at that moment, the Port-O-Call Hotel in Ocean City, NJ was calling me to set up an interview! According to the woman I was talking to on the phone, Portocall is not hiring until late March-early April. That is perfectly fine with me.

Interview, anyway? You bet. I now have my second interview next week scheduled for Thursday, February 9 at 3pm, right after I attend the career fair at Stockton. Portocall might be a bit more down my alley. Looks like I have quite a week of business in store for me next week. I'm ready to roar!

I love Jaime very much! We had an awesome time last night. After going to Chili's for dinner, we had a great night at the Days Inn. How about that Sangria????

Monday, January 30, 2006

Beautiful weather!

The temperatures I am feeling outside are not consistent with the normal weather one is supposed to have in New Jersey come the end of January. As I woke up and walked outside, ready to greet the world, the sun was shining bright and the temperature was quite inviting.

Later today, I am driving down to Howell to go spend the day with Jaime. She worked overnight yesterday at Kohls, which she admitted was a rather tough challenge for her. She called me at around 2:30 in the morning and informed me that she could feel herself slowing down. Never have I ever worked overnight, so I can not exactly say how I would be working overnight. Props to my hottie from Hizowell for taking on such a feat.

I received an email today from the recruiter of a prospective career opportunity. The company is Fastenal and the recruiter was Steve Crews. His email stated the following:


I will not be at the career fair personally but Fastenal Company will be represented by the local store manager. I encourage you to stop by and submit a resume as I have several positions open in the local area. Thank you for the interest and check out our website for more information. www.fastenal.com

Steve Crews
District Manager Southern NJ
Fastenal Company
316 Black Horse Pike
Glendora, NJ 08029
Ph 717-368-2994
Fax 507-494-6652

On Thursday, February 9, Stockton will be hosting a career fair in the I-wing sports center. Plenty of current students and alumnists, including Ray, Colleen, Frank, Mike, possibly Jack, and myself, will be present at the fair. I will also be bringing Mike Espinelli, a co-worker at the Olive Garden, along with me to check out the fair as well as the college. Hopefully this career fair, with all of the businesses and companies that will be in attendance, opens up some career opportunities for yours truly.

Later that day, after the career fair is over, perhaps all of us can attend lunch together at G-wing like we did when we were all at school. Perhaps Colleen, Frank, and myself will have time to discuss our plans to check out the apartments at CLUB III in pursuit of our move, which is already in the works for early May.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Quickchek, compared to that of Wawa!

Earlier this week, the night before my interview with AFLAC, I went to Quickchek to purchase some snacks to eat right before heading to bed.

When looking for a beverage, I noticed an opened can of Full Throttle Fuel in the refrigerator where the beverages are kept! That was pretty damn nasty! One thing I can say about Wawa is that I have yet to see an open can of anything in the refrigerator or on the shelves. I can no longer say the same about Quickchek.

I love Wawa! Long live Wawa, the king of all convenient stores!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

New look on a wise Saturday!

The weather outside is not at all bad for a Saturday in the final week of January. Afterall, this is winter time. I will take all of the beautiful days I can get. This here appears to be a new look, but I needed a white background. No more darkness. Hahaha. Perhaps you can read this a little bit easier now.

So what is the latest on this brain of mine?

I may be waiting until May before I move out of mother's household. Should I wait until May, I just might able to live with Beanie and Frank in an apartment at a significantly cheaper rate. My idea for a place of residence would be CLUB III. Waiting until May allows me further time to search for jobs and see which offers are more suitable to me than others.

No more rushing. No making rushed decisions out of frustration and having regrets later on. Smart decisions with detailed thought. This is a new year. I need to make progress.