Monday, January 30, 2006

Beautiful weather!

The temperatures I am feeling outside are not consistent with the normal weather one is supposed to have in New Jersey come the end of January. As I woke up and walked outside, ready to greet the world, the sun was shining bright and the temperature was quite inviting.

Later today, I am driving down to Howell to go spend the day with Jaime. She worked overnight yesterday at Kohls, which she admitted was a rather tough challenge for her. She called me at around 2:30 in the morning and informed me that she could feel herself slowing down. Never have I ever worked overnight, so I can not exactly say how I would be working overnight. Props to my hottie from Hizowell for taking on such a feat.

I received an email today from the recruiter of a prospective career opportunity. The company is Fastenal and the recruiter was Steve Crews. His email stated the following:


I will not be at the career fair personally but Fastenal Company will be represented by the local store manager. I encourage you to stop by and submit a resume as I have several positions open in the local area. Thank you for the interest and check out our website for more information.

Steve Crews
District Manager Southern NJ
Fastenal Company
316 Black Horse Pike
Glendora, NJ 08029
Ph 717-368-2994
Fax 507-494-6652

On Thursday, February 9, Stockton will be hosting a career fair in the I-wing sports center. Plenty of current students and alumnists, including Ray, Colleen, Frank, Mike, possibly Jack, and myself, will be present at the fair. I will also be bringing Mike Espinelli, a co-worker at the Olive Garden, along with me to check out the fair as well as the college. Hopefully this career fair, with all of the businesses and companies that will be in attendance, opens up some career opportunities for yours truly.

Later that day, after the career fair is over, perhaps all of us can attend lunch together at G-wing like we did when we were all at school. Perhaps Colleen, Frank, and myself will have time to discuss our plans to check out the apartments at CLUB III in pursuit of our move, which is already in the works for early May.

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