Saturday, January 28, 2006

New look on a wise Saturday!

The weather outside is not at all bad for a Saturday in the final week of January. Afterall, this is winter time. I will take all of the beautiful days I can get. This here appears to be a new look, but I needed a white background. No more darkness. Hahaha. Perhaps you can read this a little bit easier now.

So what is the latest on this brain of mine?

I may be waiting until May before I move out of mother's household. Should I wait until May, I just might able to live with Beanie and Frank in an apartment at a significantly cheaper rate. My idea for a place of residence would be CLUB III. Waiting until May allows me further time to search for jobs and see which offers are more suitable to me than others.

No more rushing. No making rushed decisions out of frustration and having regrets later on. Smart decisions with detailed thought. This is a new year. I need to make progress.

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