Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Popular business prospect!

Yours truly has now received two phone calls from two different companies in less than a day!

Last night, as Jaime and I were headed to the Days Inn in Neptune, Metlife Financial called my cellphone. Naturally, I answered and the representative suggested that I set up an interview. Their particular headquarters is based in Mays Landing, directly across from the Hamilton Mall. Perfect! I scheduled the interview for Tuesday February 7 at 11am. They want to hire me for a sales job based on commission plus salary, unlike our friends over at AFLAC.

As if that was not enough, I got another phone call today while Jaime and I were eating lunch at Target. As the phone rang, joking around, I obnoxiously stated, "Probably another job opportunity; you will have to excuse me!"

Sure enough, and much to my surprise at that moment, the Port-O-Call Hotel in Ocean City, NJ was calling me to set up an interview! According to the woman I was talking to on the phone, Portocall is not hiring until late March-early April. That is perfectly fine with me.

Interview, anyway? You bet. I now have my second interview next week scheduled for Thursday, February 9 at 3pm, right after I attend the career fair at Stockton. Portocall might be a bit more down my alley. Looks like I have quite a week of business in store for me next week. I'm ready to roar!

I love Jaime very much! We had an awesome time last night. After going to Chili's for dinner, we had a great night at the Days Inn. How about that Sangria????

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