Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Test comes back "perfect"!

I took a personality profile test for an inside sales/marketing position at Fairfield Resorts in Atlantic City.

According to the recruiter at Fairfield, my test came back perfect. Awesome! Next objective is to set up the second interview. This is inside sales. Therefore, I do not have to go to any senior citizen's house hold at God knows where to sell product.

I do not have to spend money on gas to drive to such places and not be compensated for gas if I do not make a sale. Business is conducted on the premises. I also receive bi-weekly salary for my time and effort.

I do not intend to get overly excited, but I will go along with this and take it from here!

Morons behind steering wheels!!

This past Saturday, Jaime and I went out for dinner at the Olive Garden that I work at. The evening was absolutely perfect up until the time that we were leaving.

I drove us to the restaurant in my car, which we began to leave the mall in when it randomly conked out at one of exits going on to Mount Pleasant Ave.

What a terrible location for a car to stall at.

My uncle drove over to the scene and made three attempts to jump start my vehicle. No such luck. As a result, my mother and uncle both called various towing companies and found one that could drive over to the mall and tow my car down to Meinekee. I thank both of them, as well as Jaime, for assisting me that evening. Unfortunately, the tow job was a total rip off at $85, but I was thankful that I could get my car out of the street.

I am not writing this post to rekindle that horrid memory. I am writing this post to illustrate that many of the people in this world, generally speaking, are much dumber than I have given them credit for! This is not to call every single person in this world dumb... just the people whose habits on the road fit the following story.

This post is intended for all of the morons who are currently on the road and might have been given their licenses as gifts. A vehicle that is stopped at a traffic light with its blinkers on and with the hood opened is a disabled vehicle. I would hope that drivers who earned their drivers licenses would know that we do not stop behind these vehicles for five minutes, assuming that the vehicle is going to move. Perhaps on other planets, or in other universes, people intentionally stop in the middle of a road or exit at 10:30 pm on a freezing cold winter night. I can not say that such an action is the norm in this particular location.

We do not stop behind the vehicle for five minutes and honk the horn at this person. People do not stop their cars, flash their blinkers, and a prop their hoods because their cars are in a condition to be driven!!! If I see a vehicle that looks like that, I do not stop behind it for five minutes, pick my nose, scratch my ass, assume it is going to move, and then honk the horn. I drive around such a vehicle.

To those who do not know any better, learn to drive around disabled vehicles rather than being assholes and humiliating the person whose car is disabled [car that can not be driven; car that can not operate]!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dinner at The Olive Garden tonight!

Jaime is driving up to spend the night with me tonight.

After working as a runner (the debut runner nonetheless) at the Olive Garden during last night's dinner shift, the managers informed me that they did not yet install the clock-in code for runners. Therefore, they gave me two options of payment. They could either add the $6.15 an hour to my paycheck, or they could give me a $50 gift card!

Seriously, which option would you have chosen??? Yeah. I chose the giftcard. Why choose $30 something, which will have taxes taken out of it by the time I receive my check, when I could choose a $50 giftcard and enjoy a wonderful meal with my sweetheart????

On top of that, I made almost $70 in tips last night as a food runner, so I have plenty of cash on the side as well. This is super. Jaime and I are going to do it big tonight. Special adult drinks. Appetizer(s). Entrees. Desserts. Whatever we want. I have a $50 gift card!! Perhaps we will get a hotel room as well. We need a nice, chill romantic evening.

I love you Jaime!

Missing key incident makes Stockton's Argo Police Blotter!

Just a few moments ago, Jack sent me an IM and suggested that I read his latest blog entry on his Myspace. Low and behold, the incident that I had with the missing keys at Stockton, on the day of the career fair, made it to the Police Blotter in The Argo (Stockton's campus news paper editorial). How about that?

The Argo dated February 21, 2006, which contains Police Blotter: 2/8/06-2/15/06, states the following:

"Caller reported stolen car keys, he called back later to confirm he checked his pockets and the keys were recovered."

Let me say that I am impassioned, as well as delighted, to know that I can be granted ink for The Argo Police Blotter, so long after my tenure at Stockton has been expired. I am such a legend it is not even funny. This goes to show that I am not teasing when I tell you that Stockton builds legends one precious semester at a time. LOL.

I have already requested that Jack save me a copy of that newspaper. To all Stockton students, look out for my next potential Police Blotter-making visit to Stockton. My visits, these days, are anything but dull moments.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bankers Life and Casualty DISCRIMINATION!

As many of you know by now, I attended a company briefing today to learn more about Bankers Life and Casualty company. I did not learn much, as they had little to offer a man of my kind.

The meeting did not consist of much more, than that of a sales manager kissing the company's ass and telling all the great facts about the company. My interest in working for this company dwindled, as soon as I learned that I would have to go to senior citizen's homes and sell them the shit that the company wanted me to sell for them. Fuck that. I am not going to some old stranger's house to sell a life insurance policy. I do not care if there is no cold calling. I do not care if I am provided with company sponsored leads.

That wasn't the major issue of the day.

Ray went for his third interview for a position at Bankers today, after having attended two group meetings at the branch in Brick. They committed a discriminatory act, citing a part of his natural physical appearance (his hair) as a reason to question whether or not they would hire him. They went on to discuss the difficulties that Ray would face with senior citizens as a result of his hair due, and even went so far to suggest that the seniors might not respect him at all as a result of his appearance. They seemed to go on and on about the matter, before ending the interview by telling him that they'd be going on vacation, and they would think about calling him when they returned from their vacation.

So he'll have to work twice as hard because he has long, wavy hair??? Geez, I better make sure my nose hair doesn't tickle the inside of my nose during my next interview. I just might sneeze during the interview process.

What a crock of shit. They can all just go to hell. There is absolutely no need to deliberately insult a job applicant like that. A simple "we'll call you back for a second interview" or "we're not sure if we can hire you at this time" would have done my friend just fine. Insulting an applicant is even worse when the interviewer is such an eye sore.

According to Ray:

"He had like 2 or 3 warts on his face, thinning hair and looked like
he was 300+ lbs."

I would like to close this post with a Jerry Springer-oriented Final Thought.

It is enough that I refuse to enter some old stranger's household to sell a life insurance policy so that this stranger can live longer than my own blessed mother!!! It is enough that I will not do that, under the circumstances of paying for my own automobile gas barring a sale to a client nonetheless. I especially will not be insulted by an interviewer, before being told that he is questioning whether or not he will hire me. Fuck them!

I am sorry that that had to happen to my friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to a job interview at Bankers Life, perhaps you should wear sunglasses or artificially colored contacts. They may not like your natural eye color. Either that, or steer clear of Bankers Life. They are not worth your time and gas money.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More Cowbell with Christopher Walken!

As a result of noticing the video that Gena left on Jaime's Myspace, I discovered a website that contains all of these classic Saturday Night Live videos. They are amazing.

Here is another video, in which Christopher Walken plays Bruce Dickinson in the famous "More Cowbell" skit.

Will Ferrell as Robert Goulet!

Tomorrow, at 12:30 in the afternoon, I have an interview/company briefing meeting with Bankers Life and Casualty in Brick.
Everyone wish me luck in my pursuits for a happier, more lucrative, and more peaceful lifestyle. This could happen with a new job, such as the one I am attending an interview and meeting for tomorrow, that could potentially make me happier and pay me more money.
On to a more comical note. For your viewing and listening pleasure, I bring to you:

the great Will Ferrell - impersonating Robert Goulet!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bryan's Buzz

A few days have gone by since my last post, but I could not keep you waiting forever in suspense. Here's the buzz.

Last Saturday night, I drove down to Howell to see Jaime. We went to Fridays for dinner, where I ordered the Brushetta Chicken Pasta. That dish is absolutely slaaaammin! They currently have their $12.99 appetizer/entree/desert deal, and the Brushetta Chicken Pasta, a $11.99 dish, was one of the items included with that deal.

After dinner, We ended up going to 507 in Belmar/Lake Como to meet up with Gena and Ken. The bar was pretty packed, but we had a tremendous time nonetheless. Guinness is an outstanding winter beer, which is probably why I ordered two of them that night. Why weren't all four of the beers I drank that night Guinnesses?? Because I did not know that a Guinness Draft was only going to be $4!

One of the things that fascinated me was the fish tank, which happened to be two feet away from our table. The tank was rather dirty, but the fish seemed to understand that some people were looking at them and they responded accordingly. Lord knows how long those creatures have to live in that fish tank. Dear Lord.

Talk of making pot brownies escalated at the table. We discussed the idea of Jaime getting high off of half a pot brownie.

As Gena, Kerribeth, her acquaintance whose name I regret I do not recall, Jaime, and I danced on the dance floor, there were a couple boys who were taking a liking to the ladies. They had looks on their faces, which validated their belief that they would be getting themselves some fine tail that evening. How wrong they were!

Once the ladies discovered that those boys were eyeing them down, as if they were strawberry frosted cupcakes, and trying to dance with them, they all immediately proceeded to walk away and I walked away with them. It was a pretty hysterical scene. The looks on their pathetic little faces were priceless. They literally thought they were going to get some.

Unfortunately for those pathetic boys, ladies are attracted to men. That is obviously why Gena is with Ken and Jaime is with yours truly. That is all you need to know ladies and gentlemen.

Random Scott Davies appearance

You know that dude who lives in California? The dude who comes to Jersey to visit his best friends when he decides it is best to cut his law school classes? That guy who goes on these expensive vacations all over the world? That's Scott Davies. Yes, he was in Jersey for about 12 hours after a trip to Canada with the controversial cronies, so he took it in his liberty to call me last night and see if I wanted to hang out with him.

Afterall, this is Scott we are talking about. This is the man who lives in Sacramento and travels all over the world at a rather unusual frequency for his age. Here it is 12:30 at night. It is a regular Monday night of me doing absolutely nothing my room. Out of the blue, he's calling me and telling me that he wants to hang out.

How in the world could I deny such an offer? He picked me up at my house and we went to Travelers Diner.

Yusef, one of the bussers who works at Olive Garden, was there with his girlfriend Kelly, who also works as a server, to-go specialist, and host at the Olive Garden. Scott ordered a cheesesteak wrap with mozzarella gravy fries, while I ordered mozzarella gravy fries. Sooooo healthy. LOL. He paid the entire bill, which was very nice of him.

After that, he dropped me off at my house and drove off to Mine Hill to get some rest and get ready for his flight back to the West Coast. So long to Scott, until the next time I see him, when he once again returns to Jersey in April.

You have just been buzzed.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Hizowell-mania with the Hizowell peeps!

Yes, once again, I am heading down to Hizowell (Howell) tonight to visit Jaime and the rest of the Hizowell residents and close acquaintances.

Ken is driving down there to spend the evening with Gena as well, so we all plan on hanging out with each other at some point during the evening. The idea is to go to Applebees and enjoy some drinks together, as we have previously done.

Applebees is a great little place to go drink, let alone get something to eat, with friends. I look forward to carrying out these plans tonight, but most importantly I look forward to seeing Jaime!

Let the good times roll. For now, I am either going to get a snack or perhaps even a full meal of food for lunch.

Vote Bush and get a Dick that shoots!

Can you believe that? What's going on here?

Vice President Dick Cheney, who looks like a saint, doesn't appear to be the type of person who would shoot a close friend of his.

Or, on second thought, does he????

Harry Whittington, 78, was the victim of the shooting. They were going hunting last Saturday at a ranch in Texas, when Cheney accidentally sprayed Whittington with shotgun pellets to the body and face. For more on the story, click here.

I think Dick and Bush should go find a place to live somewhere, in a dirty pair of underwear far far away.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Does God in fact talk to us???

After being somewhat depressed last night about the results of my two interviews (actually only one interview, after the other one fell through), I was driving back home on the Parkway to North Jersey, on a blustery, winter Wednesday night, when something - perhaps spiritual - seemed to happen.

People might contend that I have a severe case of mood swings, but I do not believe that was the case during my drive home. All of a sudden, the depression vanished and something was telling me that my objective to find a job is going to be a struggle. This force told me that I was going to struggle, but it is important that I keep making progress by landing interviews and applying for various jobs. As frustrated as I have been, it is essential that I keep moving forward. I must r-e-f-u-s-e to stop! I am a WARRIOR!

Whatever that force was, perhaps my subconscious, it did not want me to succumb to the pressure that I have been facing as of late. I actually felt at ease driving home, but perhaps that was because I was drinking a Wawa Cappucino, which tastes amazing. Perhaps it was because the force of God was channeling a message.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Harrahs upheaval: Job search continues aimlessly!

This morning, as many of you already knew, my interview for a front office supervisor position was supposed to take place at 11 o'clock.

Unfortunately, that interview never transpired. As I was driving into Atlantic City from the Passport Inn, after spending a wonderful evening there with Jaime, I called the number of the recruiter to inform her that I would be running a few minutes late. Much to my surprise, I was unable to reach the recruiter at all due to the fact that her voicemail was full!!!! Who, in the world of business, keeps his or her voicemail full????? That was absolutely uncalled for! I concluded, if they were that difficult to contact, then they would be that difficult to work for. It really put a damper on my morning.

There goes one of my leads right down the drain.

At 2pm, I had an interview (the re-scheduled interview from last Tuesday) with Metlife Financial. The interview was brief, as the district manager did a screening assessment on me by asking some work-related questions. He informed me that I had to take a test and do well on it in order to be invited back for a second interview. That's fine. I will take the test sometime before the beginning of next week.

Basically I am back at square one with this job searching business. It has been extremely frustrating. I called the Port-O-Call back to receive word on the status of my application and background check. The lady who interviewed me last Thursday is away on vacation, so I left a message on her voicemail (like all professionals, her voicemail box was not full!).

I also called the home resource department at the Sheraton in Atlantic City and left a message on their voicemail, stating that I am interested in a M.I.T. position or anything else that might be open at this moment.

Why did I contact Sheraton???

My mother has a friend who is a commissioner up North. This commissioner friend of hers knows an executive at the Sheraton and might have some political pull in regards to helping me land a job. She gave my mother a business card to give to me, which has "Take care of my friend" handwritten by her on the back of it.

As much as I do not wish to rush this process, I still need to get the ball rolling very soon. Loan bills from school are upcoming and the amounts due are not low by any means.

Please Lord... help me get back on the path to progress. I'm trying to make it happen with all of these phone calls, applications, and scheduled interviews. Please help me along the way. This has been a trying time.


Last night for Valentines Day, Jaime and I ended up going to Carmines at The Quarter in Atlantic City for dinner.

Scott and I had previously gone to Carmines for lunch last summer. Let me say that this is a distinguished restaurant with a lot of class. All of the restaurants at the Quarter last night were only excepting reservations, so Jaime and I had our dining experience at the bar at Carmines. This restaurant, a beautiful Italian restaurant that serves delicious food, also happens to be quite expensive!

As the beautiful, and rather verbal, Jaime stated a number of times throughout the course of the meal, "we do not have any business being here." It was rather comical. We ordered Veal Parmesan for dinner, which was $28. The meals are served via family style sharing, so we ordered Veal Parmesan for two people.

A $28 Veal Parmesan is realistic. However, adding pasta to the dish for $12.50 is what I would call "overpriced".

$12.50 to add pasta to a Veal Parmesan???? LOL.

In most restaurants, pasta comes with such entrees. The meal was terrific and Jaime and I had a wonderful time, but that definitely took our attention. During our little Valentines Day dinner at Carmines, I did not have to go to the bathroom at all, so I can not determine what the cost must be for toilet paper usage.

Carmines - quite a place!

I love you Jaime! Thank you for a great time!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Show some love!

Today is Valentines Day and I am currently in the Stockton/South Jersey area getting ready to celebrate Valentines Day with Jaime. This is the day to show your significant other some love. Do you happen to be a bachelor?

Very well.

Let's not cast any stigmas on those who do not have bees to make honey with. You can show some love (and not the honey-making type) to a friend or relative as well.

I had a pretty fun and entertaining weekend with Jaime this past weekend. Aside from shoveling snow and brushing snow off the cars that are owned by Marino family members, I also came through on my word and defeated Jaime in our game of Monopoly. I said I would do so. I did so. Enough said. It was a terrific game. She showed a lot of heart. LOL. She wants a rematch, so I hope to play her again soon. Perhaps she will pass that competitive fire onto Jeremy so he can once again play me at Fight Night Round 2. HAHAHAHA!!!

As I drove down the Parkway earlier this evening to get to South Jersey, I was listening to the G.O.A.T. - L.L. Cool J (that's right, Ladys Love Cool James) on 105.1. I have always been a fan of L.L. However, he was speaking about his emergence in the rap game as well as in life and I found him to be a truly inspirational person.

Getting into the game as early as 16 years of age, L.L. spoke about many of the personal distractions, frustrations, and bitterness that he faced as well as his willingness to show younger generations how to get into the music industry and establish their legacies so they can make money for 20 some odd years. He also spoke about setting goals in life, making plans, learning to deal with frustration, not wanting to lose, and the importance of winning, no matter what it is one does in life. Long live the G.O.A.T. (the Greatest of All Time), L.L. Cool J, one of few other people in this world, besides myself of course, who can truly live up to such a distinction. He provided inspirational radio-listening time for me, as I drove down the Parkway, albeit quite slowly, during rush hour.

Time for me to prepare Jaime's Valentines Day gift. She is currently driving down from Howell to meet me at the Passport Inn, which is the hotel that we will be staying at for the night.

Everyone have a Happy Valentines Day and remember to show some love!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

First blizzard of 2006!

New Jersey did indeed get hit with a blizzard, but it was a mild one in comparison to some of the "State of Emergency" blizzards I have witnessed in my life.

Earlier today, Jaime, Greg, Papa Marino, and myself were outside brushing the snow off our cars and snowblowing the driveway. I kept hitting Jaime with snowballs and Greg was shoveling the snow off the roof of his car on to Jaime. Poor Jaime! HAHA.

Fortunately for Mama Marino, she was nestled up inside a warm household, as was her car in the garage. LOL. It started snowing last night and continued to snow on and off today. At this moment, it does not look like it is snowing outside. Perhaps I will drive home tonight if the snow stops for extended period of time. I would like to work a double at work tomorrow, so I have some cash for Valentines Day this Tuesday. Jaime and I are going to spend the day in Atlantic City.

As soon as Jaime gets out of the shower, we are probably going to watch a movie and play Monopoly. I am going to put a whooping on her in that game. You heard it here first! LOL.

Until then, stay warm and hope for the best with the weather conditions!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Prospective blizzard changes plans!

As a result of the expected blizzard that is forecasted to hit Jersey later this evening, Jaime's parents will not let her drive up here to see me.

Therefore, I shall drive down to Howell to see her!

Simple solution.

Due to the fact that it is me driving down to see her, she has offered to buy me dinner! That is an offer that is difficult, practically impossible, for me to deny.

I am off to Howell in less than an hour. Funs times are right around the corner. Dinner. Quality time with the soul mate. Movie night. Who knows what else. Yummmmmmy.

See you soon, home slice!

Making my own schedule!

Early this morning, beginning at 9am, Olive Garden held one of it's occasional server meetings. We talked about new promotional menus, changes in alcoholic drinks and hard alcohols, new glasses, new standards, and a bunch of other boring shit that will not exactly draw you to this site anymore than you are already drawn.

On the bright side, I am starting to make my own schedule more and more as time goes on. The service manager informed me that I am not longer on his server schedule (due to the fact that I will no longer be serving once I get my new job), but he is going to put me back on the schedule for three serving shifts a week as well as one busing shift a week. Other than that, I am basically free to pick up shifts whenever I specifically please. With all of the interviews I have to schedule, this is definitely a good thing.

As a server, that is not going to be much of a challenge, either. My restaurant currently employs approximately 60 servers, whom I can choose to pick up shifts from at any time. Last week, I picked up four shifts. You'd be surprised how many servers are all too willing to give their shifts away. Last night, I picked up a dinner shift (a Friday night dinner shift, which is well known as a money maker) from a server and made over $100. Therefore, I believe I will make my own schedule, for the most part, from this moment on. That is extremely convenient for me in terms of scheduling all of these interviews with various companies for my future career.

Making my own schedule allows me to schedule most of my shifts around the days that are convenient for these companies to schedule and conduct interviews with yours truly. For the most part, I will be coming and going as I please.

Am I working on Valentine's Day evening, might you ask? HELL NO. Maybe I will go in to say hi and pick up a shift or two for later in the week, but I will not be staying long if I do go in at all. I got a date planned with Jaime, so my plan is to work a double on Monday to earn so money so I can take my fine young lady out for an evening of wining and dining the following evening. You know how I do.

Jaime is driving up to North Jersey later today to spend the next couple days with me. Should be a fun time. Gena is currently here visiting Ken, so we are all going to hang out tonight. Our plan is to go to either Applebees or Murphy's for some drinks. Living life to its fullest- that's what one must do. Get busy living. Or get busy dying.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Missing key scare!

Holy shit!!!!

After going to Lakeside and listening to some sort of band (playing - I guess music - for which Colleen suggested she wipe her ass with), I conjured up the belief that somebody in the computer lab had stolen my keys!!!!

Jaime called my cellphone while I was in there, so I walked outside momentarily to answer the call. Upon returning to the lab, I noticed that they were gone. After a filing a report with the Stockton police and having a police officer check the entire premises for over half an hour, the police took down my information and left the campus.

It was then that I discovered my keys, buried in the t-shirt that I had taken off under my pull-over. The shirt was draped over a chair in the Lakeside Center. I never took the keys with me into the computer lab!!! Originally I thought I had brought them into the lab with me. How wrong I was.

What a relief! It's like a horrible nightmare that one finally wakes up from after an extended period of time.

Quite a scare! Unbelievable.

It's over now...

One blog of a good time!

At the career fair today, I approached a number of recruiters from various companies. Those at the career fair included Ray, Mike, Colleen, Frank, Debra, myself, and Anna a little later on in the afternoon.

I also ran into Dr Whithem, Donna Albano, and Professor Scales at the fair. Companies such as Wells Fargo, Seaview Marriott, Bankers Life and Casualty Company, The Borgata, and Harrahs provided me with significant career information and opportunities. In fact, I have an interview set up with Harrahs for the position of Front Office Supervisor on Wednesday, February 15 at 11am. The Bankers Life and Casualty Company actually scheduled Ray and I a career-briefing meeting about the company next Thursday February 16 at 12:30 in Brick.

After the career fair came to a close, I drove to Ocean City for my interview at the Port-O-Call Hotel. For the most part, I may very well be hired for a position in front office come April. Provided that the executives come up with a positive background check on me, it is safe to say that I probably have that job in the bag. However, it is not until April. Therefore, I will continue to analyze and examine opportunities that come my way, such as Harrahs and the Bankers company, well before April. Ladies and gentlemen, my time to shine in the spotlight is approaching. The moment of truth in the real world is getting ready to hit me in the face and I will not be denied my desired lifestyle.

Later in the evening, Anna, Kristen, Colleen, Ray, Mike, Jack, and myself all went to dinner at the Olive Garden. I had an Cherry Italian Creme Soda, Five Cheese Ziti (with two meatballs and extra garlic) with a salad. It was all delicious. Anna and Kristen let me finish their Cosmopolitans. Ray was sporting his fluffy red hat. Colleen allowed me to adopt Barv. He's quite a creature. He now has a home on my dashboard in my car. A little inside, I know, but anybody who comes along for a ride in my car will be granted the golden opportunity to meet Barv.

I am still at Stockton and I do not want to leave yet. In fact, there is some type of coffee shop event over at Lakeside. For $2, I could be admitted to drink coffee and listen to some band that I am not even familiar with. Shit, I do not even know the type of music. Whatever. Most importantly, I have a chance to hang out with some friends for just a little bit longer. Great times. Great day. In the near future, more now than ever appears to be the case, fortune will be mine. The lifestyle I desire can run from me. It can even take a while to suit me on a day to day basis, but it can not hide.

Time to head over to Lakeside with Mike Milak to meet Colleen, get some coffee, and listen to some sort of band. Eventually, I shall make the trek back home. Eventually.

Heavyweight spring cleaning!

If you follow the sport of boxing, which is the greatest sport in the world, you would know that there two big heavyweight fights that are set to happen this spring. With the heavyweight division being the ugly eyesore of boxing that it is, the sport needs these two boxing matches to provide some type of clarity.

On March 18, WBC Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman defends his title against James Toney at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. Yours truly would love to attend that fight live, but I need to come up with the cash to purchase the tickets. Rahman obtained the belt when Vitali Klitschko bailed out of a third scheduled meeting with Rahman and retired shortly afterwards. For Rahman, this is a chance to restore credability, not only to the heavyweight division, but to his own career. Toney is looking to win a title belt in the heavyweight division, a task he failed to accomplish when his victory over then WBA heavyweight titlest John Ruiz was reversed due to a failed drug test. Rahman wants to solidify his status as a titlest; Toney wants to win that title. The winner of this fight becomes a bonafide champion in the division. This fight will be the starting block to the cleansing (which could take a long while) of the division.

One month later, on April 22, IBF Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd defends his title, in a rematch, against Wladimir Klitschko, the man who previously beat Byrd and knocked him down two times back in 2000. Once again, just as was the case in their first encounter, Byrd is traveling to Germany to face Klitschko. I question how intelligent of a move this is on Byrd's part. Nonetheless, this fight provides Byrd with a chance to exact revenge on his nemesis. Klitschko, on the other hand, has an opportunity to seize his second world championship and take yet another step towards the top of the division. Picking up wherever Rahman vs Toney happens to leave off, this fight could potentially take a second major step towards revamping the heavyweight picture.

Boxing fans, brace yourselves. Spring cleaning is on the horizon for the heavyweights...

Lord knows its long overdue for those big fellas... and we as boxing fans badly need it and deserve it!

You know what else I need? A career! It is time to head to Stockton's Career Fair in I-wing, which is now set to begin at 10:30. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anticipation of Stockton Career Fair!

According to the original plans, I would be preparing for a scheduled 11am interview with Metlife Financial at their office in Mays Landing right about now, but I postponed the interview due to the fact that I did not want to make two separate trips to South Jersey in one week (just two days apart).

No harm done. Last week one of Metlife's representatives told me that they will be at the career fair at Stockton, so I will make an appointment for a new interview date at the career fair this Thursday.

Thursday's career fair is a significant event in my life at this moment - the first major event of 2006 which could dramatically alter my life's current state of financial insecurity. That's right. Olive Garden is not exactly paying the bills. Nonetheless, as difficult as it surely seems, I must continue to remain calm. My attempts to turn the tide of poverty and frustration will be strong and professional on Thursday. This is an extremely significant date upcoming; certainly one that is not to be taken lightly. My arrival will be prompt and I will leave a positive yet lasting impression from the outset! We shall see what happens at the fair. At 3pm later that day, I also have an interview with a recruiter at the Port-O-Call Hotel in Ocean City.

On Thursday, February 9, between the career fair and the job interview, I walk a path of hope, in this world of reality, in search of a sign that symbolizes some type of career and financial promise.

On a happy note, I will be seeing Ray, Colleen, Frank, and perhaps Anna on Thursday. We will probably be having lunch together at G-wing.

Tonight, I am scheduled to work as a server from 4pm until D.B.D. (dinner business decline - or in laymen's terms - the point of the shift when they no longer need me!) I am going to attempt to earn at least $80 tonight.

On all counts, wish me luck folks. I could use it right about now.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The latest return of Scott Davies!

At 11:15 this morning, a time when I still happened to be sleeping, my cellphone vibrated and rang. As I opened my sleepy eyes and looked at the window on my cellphone, I could see that Scott Davies was calling me. I knew Scott was flying in for the weekend, yet I was unsure as to the exact time of his arrival.

He informed me that he and his wife Liezel were in Morristown, NJ on their way to Mine Hill and invited me to go have lunch with two of them at M&S II. Graciously, I accepted their invite. Forty minutes later, he called me to tell me that his neighbor was going to take them out to lunch instead.

Fair enough.

I will probably be having dinner with them this evening. Later tonight, Scott is going to a bar in Morristown to hang out with his controversial chronies, so sure enough I will be making a special appearance of my own to hang out with my friend who is home from California for the weekend. I also had a brief discussion online with Anna today. She invited Jaime and I to come down to South Jersey and go with her to Mickey's tonight.

Anna: hey bryan
Bryan: hey
Anna: are u down here?
Bryan: no
Bryan: I'm sorry
Bryan: I will be on Thurs
Anna: u and jamie should come down...50 cent drinks at mickey's
Anna: cool
Bryan: my friend from Cali is home for the weekend, so I'll be here, but I'm coming down on Tues and Thurs. We should plan a trip to AC... like a big group of peeps
Bryan: on a weekend
Anna: ok
Bryan: it'll be big
Bryan: we'll all roll like high rollers
Anna: lol
Bryan: you know how we do
Bryan: how does your schedule look on Thurs?
Bryan: each week?
Anna: i have 8:30 class on fri mornings
Anna: i have no class on thurs but work from 6-11
Bryan: sweet, so you should meet all of us for lunch on Thursday
Bryan: everyone is going to the career fair, so everyone is having lunch on Thurs
Bryan: at Gwing
Anna: maybe if im up i usually sleep in hehe
Bryan: til 1:30 or 2pm?
Bryan: LOL
Anna: ok
Bryan: don't be a stranger Salazar. Come see your friends who made Stockton what it was, back in the day, before it's current state, without any of us there on a consistent basis anymore.
Anna: hehe

With Scott being in town for the weekend, I am unable to make that trek this weekend, but I do need to plan some sort of Atlantic City pilgrimage in one of the upcoming weekends. I miss my pals from Stockton and South Jersey!

In June, Scott will be moving to Orlando, FL rather than Hawaii, which is good for me because I will be seeing him more often. As a result in the recent change of residence for June, he will be in Jersey six or seven times a year. Knowing that Florida is just a "little closer" to Jersey than Hawaii geographically-speaking, I will probably be visiting him more often as well.

Welcome home Scott.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more winter weeks!

Yes, today is Groundhog Day ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Today also happens to be my uncle's birthday. Happy birthday Uncle J!

Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil, the world's infamous weather forecasting groundhog, crept up from the ground to the surface and saw his shadow. As a result, he predicts six more weeks of winter. After a surprisingly mild January, those in the Eastern area of the United States should expect a colder, brisker month of February.

One can only hope the snow storms are minimal. I told Jaime about the groundhog's prediction a few moments ago. She does not believe it. I asked for her prediction on the weather for the next six weeks. Her response: "I don't know."


Even if this month is a month of freezing cold, it could also be a month of fortune and progress for yours truly in terms of landing a real job. Throughout the month, I will keep the winter jacket handy.

More phone calls from companies?!?

During my dinner shift last night, I received not one, but two more phone calls from two prospective career opportunities. Both Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Wells Fargo Financial hit me up on my cellphone, both asking me to contact them and to inform me that they would be at Stockton's career fair on February 9! That makes it four (count them, four!) interested companies in a span of two days!!! The tide is turning and the momentum is certainly shifting my direction.

I would like to talk to representatives from all of these companies. After we all commence with the discussions of me potentially working for these companies, we can all play a fun little game called, "Who Can Make Bryan The Best Offer!" Hahahahaha!

Ohhhhhh, it's so nice to feel so wanted!!! I really should not let my head get so big just yet, but I am nothing short of fabulous when it comes to making positive impressions at career fairs and interviews. I have never lost a job opportunity after a first interview!

Who knows what is next for this hot young prospect?? Things are starting to get interesting to say the least.

Stay bundled. Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Talking boxing with J-Mart!

Earlier this afternoon, I had the chance to check out World Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Tarver's website, which is pretty nice. There was a contact link available, which I used to email Antonio.

Not too long after that, I had a boxing conversation with my former on-campus roommate and friend, Jeremy. He began by addressing the email I sent to Tarver. Apparently he also saw the Gatti vs Damgaard fight this past Saturday night and wanted to give his thoughts on that. We had a little debate in regards to the competitive nature of the fight.

We also talked about the state of the boxing game as well as a future matchup between him and myself on Fight Night Round 2. His response to my video game proposal for him was quite shocking!

Jeremy: professing your love??
Me: yes... one of my close friends is
moving to Orlando in June, which is the home of AT "The Magic Man", so we could
be chillin soon ;)
Jeremy: how long was the email??
Me: couple sentences
Jeremy: by sentences, do you mean pages??
Me: couple words
Me: lol
Me: I have the email saved
Jeremy: lol
Jeremy: youre out of control
Jeremy: the gatti fight was a doozy
Me: haha
Me: both guys got hit with over 300 shots!
Jeremy: did you see it?
Me: yes
Me: neither one will exactly win the Most Outstanding Defense in 2006 Award!
Jeremy: it was a good fight. that guy had some chin
Me: he came forward and applied pressure throughout the evening, but he
was classes below Gatti
Me: in skill
Jeremy: he was tough though
Jeremy: im surprised he didnt go down sooner
Me: me too
Me: great chin, but he's too slow
Me: he was to Gatti what Gatti was to Mayweather
Me: it was an action packed fight, but a 1 sided one at that
Jeremy: i would say it was one-sided at times
Jeremy: not the whole fight
Me: I gave Daamgard a round - round 4
Jeremy: im not talking about # of rounds. im talking about the number of times daamgard smacked gatti around
Me: he came forward and threw a lot of punches, and landed shots, but
the cleaner more effective shots were coming from Gatti. Daamgard caught
Gatti with some nice clean shots in the 4th round... I thought he was going to
make something big happen in that round. after that, Gatti progressively
established control and ultimately dominance of the fight.
Jeremy: the fight was predominantly gatti but i wouldve given daamgard more than one round
Me: he did alright early on
Me: the early rounds were competitive
rounds, which I gave to Gatti.
Me: he was competitive early on
Me: I want to see Rahman-Toney
Me: March 18!
Me: that will be on HBO, live from Boardwalk Hall in AC
Jeremy: youre too biased
Me: biased?
Jeremy: yeah you have your fighters and judge moreso in their favor
Me: LOL. Gatti is not my fighter. If it was Tarver, you might have a point.
I just called it like I saw it. I thought the Dane put up a game effort, but he came forward and took punishment. He threw a lot of punches, landed some, but they weren't as clean as Gatti's were. I was with the unofficial ringside judge on this one... I had Gatti winning comfortably. It was a competitive fight, but not necessarily a close one. I score fights on clean punching, effective aggressiveness, and ring
generalship. I thought the cleaner punches, in most rounds, were landed by
Gatti. Daamgard was aggressive, and effective in rounds such as round 4,
but he was getting hit more in most of the rounds.
Jeremy: lol
Me: the fight I want to see, one that could get your juices boiling, is Rahman-Toney
Jeremy: practicing your ring-side talk?
Jeremy: rahman will beat his ass
Me: this is a chance for the bigger guys to clean up the mess
that is the heavyweight division in the 2000s
Me: I dunno about that
Jeremy: toney's a big mouth
Jeremy: toney's a bitch
Jeremy: like tarver
Me: Rahman has to show me something, other than knocking out a fat
Lennox Lewis 5 years ago, who looked like he was feasting on Tastycakes
Me: He had lovehandles
Jeremy: i say rahman by decision
Me: Toney has a big mouth, but he is also skilled and well proven in the ring. Fighter of the year in 1991 and 2003, a champion in 4 weight divisions, and 2 of the 4 fights he had at heavyweight were wins against two guys who beat Rahman
Me: Rahman has to show me something... I think James is going to counter punch his ass silly all night. I say Toney by decision
Jeremy: 91 and 03 were a long time ago
Me: 03 was less than 3 years ago!
Me: that's not why i stated that statistic though
Jeremy: 3 years is a long time in boxing
Me: I was trying to illustrate the greatness of the fighter
Me: that he could be fighter of the year in 91 and 03, which is a 12 year span
Me: that's a long time to be at the top of the game
Jeremy: its a long time to be boxing too
Me: I dunno man. This fight is good for boxing though. I think this helps to clear up the division some what
Me: the winner of this fight will be a bonafide champion
Jeremy: until one of them fights a strong YOUNG up and comer
Me: All of the heavyweight champions need to unify though.
I'm tired of seeing 4 chumps with fake scraps around their wastes
Me: we need another young up and comer. problem is, the current young up and comers lack talent. The young guys are fighting has-beens in crossroads fights
and losing those fights, thereby putting the has-beens back into position to
earn one more shot at a championship. We need another Tyson or Ali.
That type of fighter comes around every 20 years. We're about due
for another one of those
Me: 40s - Joe Louis 60s - Ali 80s- Tyson 00s- ???
Jeremy: bradley
Me: or Martinsen... another fight at heavyweight on Fight Night could settle that.
Jeremy: im tired of embarassing you
Me: oh come on! it's meant to happen more NOW than EVER! I took the last two fights - by KO. You're ahead of me in the series, but the public demands another history-making superfight between you and I!
Jeremy: keep in mind the last 2 fights took place when i havent played the
game in months
Me: so get going! We need to have a match when we are
both at our best!
Jeremy: fight night or passing my classes???? hmmmm
Jeremy: perhaps ill retire with the winning record i already posess
Me: That's no prob. We can set up a match for a specific date in
the summer. How's that? It can have a promotional title and
billboard to it as well. It can be called: Martinsen vs Bradley/ No Xcuses!
Jeremy: im retired
Jeremy: hangin up the controller
Me: ohhhhhhhhhhh
Jeremy: ive had a good career. time to pass on
Me: Calm down Roy