Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Anticipation of Stockton Career Fair!

According to the original plans, I would be preparing for a scheduled 11am interview with Metlife Financial at their office in Mays Landing right about now, but I postponed the interview due to the fact that I did not want to make two separate trips to South Jersey in one week (just two days apart).

No harm done. Last week one of Metlife's representatives told me that they will be at the career fair at Stockton, so I will make an appointment for a new interview date at the career fair this Thursday.

Thursday's career fair is a significant event in my life at this moment - the first major event of 2006 which could dramatically alter my life's current state of financial insecurity. That's right. Olive Garden is not exactly paying the bills. Nonetheless, as difficult as it surely seems, I must continue to remain calm. My attempts to turn the tide of poverty and frustration will be strong and professional on Thursday. This is an extremely significant date upcoming; certainly one that is not to be taken lightly. My arrival will be prompt and I will leave a positive yet lasting impression from the outset! We shall see what happens at the fair. At 3pm later that day, I also have an interview with a recruiter at the Port-O-Call Hotel in Ocean City.

On Thursday, February 9, between the career fair and the job interview, I walk a path of hope, in this world of reality, in search of a sign that symbolizes some type of career and financial promise.

On a happy note, I will be seeing Ray, Colleen, Frank, and perhaps Anna on Thursday. We will probably be having lunch together at G-wing.

Tonight, I am scheduled to work as a server from 4pm until D.B.D. (dinner business decline - or in laymen's terms - the point of the shift when they no longer need me!) I am going to attempt to earn at least $80 tonight.

On all counts, wish me luck folks. I could use it right about now.

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