Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bankers Life and Casualty DISCRIMINATION!

As many of you know by now, I attended a company briefing today to learn more about Bankers Life and Casualty company. I did not learn much, as they had little to offer a man of my kind.

The meeting did not consist of much more, than that of a sales manager kissing the company's ass and telling all the great facts about the company. My interest in working for this company dwindled, as soon as I learned that I would have to go to senior citizen's homes and sell them the shit that the company wanted me to sell for them. Fuck that. I am not going to some old stranger's house to sell a life insurance policy. I do not care if there is no cold calling. I do not care if I am provided with company sponsored leads.

That wasn't the major issue of the day.

Ray went for his third interview for a position at Bankers today, after having attended two group meetings at the branch in Brick. They committed a discriminatory act, citing a part of his natural physical appearance (his hair) as a reason to question whether or not they would hire him. They went on to discuss the difficulties that Ray would face with senior citizens as a result of his hair due, and even went so far to suggest that the seniors might not respect him at all as a result of his appearance. They seemed to go on and on about the matter, before ending the interview by telling him that they'd be going on vacation, and they would think about calling him when they returned from their vacation.

So he'll have to work twice as hard because he has long, wavy hair??? Geez, I better make sure my nose hair doesn't tickle the inside of my nose during my next interview. I just might sneeze during the interview process.

What a crock of shit. They can all just go to hell. There is absolutely no need to deliberately insult a job applicant like that. A simple "we'll call you back for a second interview" or "we're not sure if we can hire you at this time" would have done my friend just fine. Insulting an applicant is even worse when the interviewer is such an eye sore.

According to Ray:

"He had like 2 or 3 warts on his face, thinning hair and looked like
he was 300+ lbs."

I would like to close this post with a Jerry Springer-oriented Final Thought.

It is enough that I refuse to enter some old stranger's household to sell a life insurance policy so that this stranger can live longer than my own blessed mother!!! It is enough that I will not do that, under the circumstances of paying for my own automobile gas barring a sale to a client nonetheless. I especially will not be insulted by an interviewer, before being told that he is questioning whether or not he will hire me. Fuck them!

I am sorry that that had to happen to my friend.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to a job interview at Bankers Life, perhaps you should wear sunglasses or artificially colored contacts. They may not like your natural eye color. Either that, or steer clear of Bankers Life. They are not worth your time and gas money.

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