Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bryan's Buzz

A few days have gone by since my last post, but I could not keep you waiting forever in suspense. Here's the buzz.

Last Saturday night, I drove down to Howell to see Jaime. We went to Fridays for dinner, where I ordered the Brushetta Chicken Pasta. That dish is absolutely slaaaammin! They currently have their $12.99 appetizer/entree/desert deal, and the Brushetta Chicken Pasta, a $11.99 dish, was one of the items included with that deal.

After dinner, We ended up going to 507 in Belmar/Lake Como to meet up with Gena and Ken. The bar was pretty packed, but we had a tremendous time nonetheless. Guinness is an outstanding winter beer, which is probably why I ordered two of them that night. Why weren't all four of the beers I drank that night Guinnesses?? Because I did not know that a Guinness Draft was only going to be $4!

One of the things that fascinated me was the fish tank, which happened to be two feet away from our table. The tank was rather dirty, but the fish seemed to understand that some people were looking at them and they responded accordingly. Lord knows how long those creatures have to live in that fish tank. Dear Lord.

Talk of making pot brownies escalated at the table. We discussed the idea of Jaime getting high off of half a pot brownie.

As Gena, Kerribeth, her acquaintance whose name I regret I do not recall, Jaime, and I danced on the dance floor, there were a couple boys who were taking a liking to the ladies. They had looks on their faces, which validated their belief that they would be getting themselves some fine tail that evening. How wrong they were!

Once the ladies discovered that those boys were eyeing them down, as if they were strawberry frosted cupcakes, and trying to dance with them, they all immediately proceeded to walk away and I walked away with them. It was a pretty hysterical scene. The looks on their pathetic little faces were priceless. They literally thought they were going to get some.

Unfortunately for those pathetic boys, ladies are attracted to men. That is obviously why Gena is with Ken and Jaime is with yours truly. That is all you need to know ladies and gentlemen.

Random Scott Davies appearance

You know that dude who lives in California? The dude who comes to Jersey to visit his best friends when he decides it is best to cut his law school classes? That guy who goes on these expensive vacations all over the world? That's Scott Davies. Yes, he was in Jersey for about 12 hours after a trip to Canada with the controversial cronies, so he took it in his liberty to call me last night and see if I wanted to hang out with him.

Afterall, this is Scott we are talking about. This is the man who lives in Sacramento and travels all over the world at a rather unusual frequency for his age. Here it is 12:30 at night. It is a regular Monday night of me doing absolutely nothing my room. Out of the blue, he's calling me and telling me that he wants to hang out.

How in the world could I deny such an offer? He picked me up at my house and we went to Travelers Diner.

Yusef, one of the bussers who works at Olive Garden, was there with his girlfriend Kelly, who also works as a server, to-go specialist, and host at the Olive Garden. Scott ordered a cheesesteak wrap with mozzarella gravy fries, while I ordered mozzarella gravy fries. Sooooo healthy. LOL. He paid the entire bill, which was very nice of him.

After that, he dropped me off at my house and drove off to Mine Hill to get some rest and get ready for his flight back to the West Coast. So long to Scott, until the next time I see him, when he once again returns to Jersey in April.

You have just been buzzed.

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