Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Last night for Valentines Day, Jaime and I ended up going to Carmines at The Quarter in Atlantic City for dinner.

Scott and I had previously gone to Carmines for lunch last summer. Let me say that this is a distinguished restaurant with a lot of class. All of the restaurants at the Quarter last night were only excepting reservations, so Jaime and I had our dining experience at the bar at Carmines. This restaurant, a beautiful Italian restaurant that serves delicious food, also happens to be quite expensive!

As the beautiful, and rather verbal, Jaime stated a number of times throughout the course of the meal, "we do not have any business being here." It was rather comical. We ordered Veal Parmesan for dinner, which was $28. The meals are served via family style sharing, so we ordered Veal Parmesan for two people.

A $28 Veal Parmesan is realistic. However, adding pasta to the dish for $12.50 is what I would call "overpriced".

$12.50 to add pasta to a Veal Parmesan???? LOL.

In most restaurants, pasta comes with such entrees. The meal was terrific and Jaime and I had a wonderful time, but that definitely took our attention. During our little Valentines Day dinner at Carmines, I did not have to go to the bathroom at all, so I can not determine what the cost must be for toilet paper usage.

Carmines - quite a place!

I love you Jaime! Thank you for a great time!

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jaime said...

i love you too baby! happy valentine's day!