Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dinner at The Olive Garden tonight!

Jaime is driving up to spend the night with me tonight.

After working as a runner (the debut runner nonetheless) at the Olive Garden during last night's dinner shift, the managers informed me that they did not yet install the clock-in code for runners. Therefore, they gave me two options of payment. They could either add the $6.15 an hour to my paycheck, or they could give me a $50 gift card!

Seriously, which option would you have chosen??? Yeah. I chose the giftcard. Why choose $30 something, which will have taxes taken out of it by the time I receive my check, when I could choose a $50 giftcard and enjoy a wonderful meal with my sweetheart????

On top of that, I made almost $70 in tips last night as a food runner, so I have plenty of cash on the side as well. This is super. Jaime and I are going to do it big tonight. Special adult drinks. Appetizer(s). Entrees. Desserts. Whatever we want. I have a $50 gift card!! Perhaps we will get a hotel room as well. We need a nice, chill romantic evening.

I love you Jaime!

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