Sunday, February 12, 2006

First blizzard of 2006!

New Jersey did indeed get hit with a blizzard, but it was a mild one in comparison to some of the "State of Emergency" blizzards I have witnessed in my life.

Earlier today, Jaime, Greg, Papa Marino, and myself were outside brushing the snow off our cars and snowblowing the driveway. I kept hitting Jaime with snowballs and Greg was shoveling the snow off the roof of his car on to Jaime. Poor Jaime! HAHA.

Fortunately for Mama Marino, she was nestled up inside a warm household, as was her car in the garage. LOL. It started snowing last night and continued to snow on and off today. At this moment, it does not look like it is snowing outside. Perhaps I will drive home tonight if the snow stops for extended period of time. I would like to work a double at work tomorrow, so I have some cash for Valentines Day this Tuesday. Jaime and I are going to spend the day in Atlantic City.

As soon as Jaime gets out of the shower, we are probably going to watch a movie and play Monopoly. I am going to put a whooping on her in that game. You heard it here first! LOL.

Until then, stay warm and hope for the best with the weather conditions!

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