Thursday, February 16, 2006


Does God in fact talk to us???

After being somewhat depressed last night about the results of my two interviews (actually only one interview, after the other one fell through), I was driving back home on the Parkway to North Jersey, on a blustery, winter Wednesday night, when something - perhaps spiritual - seemed to happen.

People might contend that I have a severe case of mood swings, but I do not believe that was the case during my drive home. All of a sudden, the depression vanished and something was telling me that my objective to find a job is going to be a struggle. This force told me that I was going to struggle, but it is important that I keep making progress by landing interviews and applying for various jobs. As frustrated as I have been, it is essential that I keep moving forward. I must r-e-f-u-s-e to stop! I am a WARRIOR!

Whatever that force was, perhaps my subconscious, it did not want me to succumb to the pressure that I have been facing as of late. I actually felt at ease driving home, but perhaps that was because I was drinking a Wawa Cappucino, which tastes amazing. Perhaps it was because the force of God was channeling a message.

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