Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Harrahs upheaval: Job search continues aimlessly!

This morning, as many of you already knew, my interview for a front office supervisor position was supposed to take place at 11 o'clock.

Unfortunately, that interview never transpired. As I was driving into Atlantic City from the Passport Inn, after spending a wonderful evening there with Jaime, I called the number of the recruiter to inform her that I would be running a few minutes late. Much to my surprise, I was unable to reach the recruiter at all due to the fact that her voicemail was full!!!! Who, in the world of business, keeps his or her voicemail full????? That was absolutely uncalled for! I concluded, if they were that difficult to contact, then they would be that difficult to work for. It really put a damper on my morning.

There goes one of my leads right down the drain.

At 2pm, I had an interview (the re-scheduled interview from last Tuesday) with Metlife Financial. The interview was brief, as the district manager did a screening assessment on me by asking some work-related questions. He informed me that I had to take a test and do well on it in order to be invited back for a second interview. That's fine. I will take the test sometime before the beginning of next week.

Basically I am back at square one with this job searching business. It has been extremely frustrating. I called the Port-O-Call back to receive word on the status of my application and background check. The lady who interviewed me last Thursday is away on vacation, so I left a message on her voicemail (like all professionals, her voicemail box was not full!).

I also called the home resource department at the Sheraton in Atlantic City and left a message on their voicemail, stating that I am interested in a M.I.T. position or anything else that might be open at this moment.

Why did I contact Sheraton???

My mother has a friend who is a commissioner up North. This commissioner friend of hers knows an executive at the Sheraton and might have some political pull in regards to helping me land a job. She gave my mother a business card to give to me, which has "Take care of my friend" handwritten by her on the back of it.

As much as I do not wish to rush this process, I still need to get the ball rolling very soon. Loan bills from school are upcoming and the amounts due are not low by any means.

Please Lord... help me get back on the path to progress. I'm trying to make it happen with all of these phone calls, applications, and scheduled interviews. Please help me along the way. This has been a trying time.

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