Thursday, February 09, 2006

Heavyweight spring cleaning!

If you follow the sport of boxing, which is the greatest sport in the world, you would know that there two big heavyweight fights that are set to happen this spring. With the heavyweight division being the ugly eyesore of boxing that it is, the sport needs these two boxing matches to provide some type of clarity.

On March 18, WBC Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman defends his title against James Toney at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. Yours truly would love to attend that fight live, but I need to come up with the cash to purchase the tickets. Rahman obtained the belt when Vitali Klitschko bailed out of a third scheduled meeting with Rahman and retired shortly afterwards. For Rahman, this is a chance to restore credability, not only to the heavyweight division, but to his own career. Toney is looking to win a title belt in the heavyweight division, a task he failed to accomplish when his victory over then WBA heavyweight titlest John Ruiz was reversed due to a failed drug test. Rahman wants to solidify his status as a titlest; Toney wants to win that title. The winner of this fight becomes a bonafide champion in the division. This fight will be the starting block to the cleansing (which could take a long while) of the division.

One month later, on April 22, IBF Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd defends his title, in a rematch, against Wladimir Klitschko, the man who previously beat Byrd and knocked him down two times back in 2000. Once again, just as was the case in their first encounter, Byrd is traveling to Germany to face Klitschko. I question how intelligent of a move this is on Byrd's part. Nonetheless, this fight provides Byrd with a chance to exact revenge on his nemesis. Klitschko, on the other hand, has an opportunity to seize his second world championship and take yet another step towards the top of the division. Picking up wherever Rahman vs Toney happens to leave off, this fight could potentially take a second major step towards revamping the heavyweight picture.

Boxing fans, brace yourselves. Spring cleaning is on the horizon for the heavyweights...

Lord knows its long overdue for those big fellas... and we as boxing fans badly need it and deserve it!

You know what else I need? A career! It is time to head to Stockton's Career Fair in I-wing, which is now set to begin at 10:30. Wish me luck!

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