Friday, February 03, 2006

The latest return of Scott Davies!

At 11:15 this morning, a time when I still happened to be sleeping, my cellphone vibrated and rang. As I opened my sleepy eyes and looked at the window on my cellphone, I could see that Scott Davies was calling me. I knew Scott was flying in for the weekend, yet I was unsure as to the exact time of his arrival.

He informed me that he and his wife Liezel were in Morristown, NJ on their way to Mine Hill and invited me to go have lunch with two of them at M&S II. Graciously, I accepted their invite. Forty minutes later, he called me to tell me that his neighbor was going to take them out to lunch instead.

Fair enough.

I will probably be having dinner with them this evening. Later tonight, Scott is going to a bar in Morristown to hang out with his controversial chronies, so sure enough I will be making a special appearance of my own to hang out with my friend who is home from California for the weekend. I also had a brief discussion online with Anna today. She invited Jaime and I to come down to South Jersey and go with her to Mickey's tonight.

Anna: hey bryan
Bryan: hey
Anna: are u down here?
Bryan: no
Bryan: I'm sorry
Bryan: I will be on Thurs
Anna: u and jamie should come down...50 cent drinks at mickey's
Anna: cool
Bryan: my friend from Cali is home for the weekend, so I'll be here, but I'm coming down on Tues and Thurs. We should plan a trip to AC... like a big group of peeps
Bryan: on a weekend
Anna: ok
Bryan: it'll be big
Bryan: we'll all roll like high rollers
Anna: lol
Bryan: you know how we do
Bryan: how does your schedule look on Thurs?
Bryan: each week?
Anna: i have 8:30 class on fri mornings
Anna: i have no class on thurs but work from 6-11
Bryan: sweet, so you should meet all of us for lunch on Thursday
Bryan: everyone is going to the career fair, so everyone is having lunch on Thurs
Bryan: at Gwing
Anna: maybe if im up i usually sleep in hehe
Bryan: til 1:30 or 2pm?
Bryan: LOL
Anna: ok
Bryan: don't be a stranger Salazar. Come see your friends who made Stockton what it was, back in the day, before it's current state, without any of us there on a consistent basis anymore.
Anna: hehe

With Scott being in town for the weekend, I am unable to make that trek this weekend, but I do need to plan some sort of Atlantic City pilgrimage in one of the upcoming weekends. I miss my pals from Stockton and South Jersey!

In June, Scott will be moving to Orlando, FL rather than Hawaii, which is good for me because I will be seeing him more often. As a result in the recent change of residence for June, he will be in Jersey six or seven times a year. Knowing that Florida is just a "little closer" to Jersey than Hawaii geographically-speaking, I will probably be visiting him more often as well.

Welcome home Scott.

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