Saturday, February 11, 2006

Making my own schedule!

Early this morning, beginning at 9am, Olive Garden held one of it's occasional server meetings. We talked about new promotional menus, changes in alcoholic drinks and hard alcohols, new glasses, new standards, and a bunch of other boring shit that will not exactly draw you to this site anymore than you are already drawn.

On the bright side, I am starting to make my own schedule more and more as time goes on. The service manager informed me that I am not longer on his server schedule (due to the fact that I will no longer be serving once I get my new job), but he is going to put me back on the schedule for three serving shifts a week as well as one busing shift a week. Other than that, I am basically free to pick up shifts whenever I specifically please. With all of the interviews I have to schedule, this is definitely a good thing.

As a server, that is not going to be much of a challenge, either. My restaurant currently employs approximately 60 servers, whom I can choose to pick up shifts from at any time. Last week, I picked up four shifts. You'd be surprised how many servers are all too willing to give their shifts away. Last night, I picked up a dinner shift (a Friday night dinner shift, which is well known as a money maker) from a server and made over $100. Therefore, I believe I will make my own schedule, for the most part, from this moment on. That is extremely convenient for me in terms of scheduling all of these interviews with various companies for my future career.

Making my own schedule allows me to schedule most of my shifts around the days that are convenient for these companies to schedule and conduct interviews with yours truly. For the most part, I will be coming and going as I please.

Am I working on Valentine's Day evening, might you ask? HELL NO. Maybe I will go in to say hi and pick up a shift or two for later in the week, but I will not be staying long if I do go in at all. I got a date planned with Jaime, so my plan is to work a double on Monday to earn so money so I can take my fine young lady out for an evening of wining and dining the following evening. You know how I do.

Jaime is driving up to North Jersey later today to spend the next couple days with me. Should be a fun time. Gena is currently here visiting Ken, so we are all going to hang out tonight. Our plan is to go to either Applebees or Murphy's for some drinks. Living life to its fullest- that's what one must do. Get busy living. Or get busy dying.

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