Saturday, February 25, 2006

Missing key incident makes Stockton's Argo Police Blotter!

Just a few moments ago, Jack sent me an IM and suggested that I read his latest blog entry on his Myspace. Low and behold, the incident that I had with the missing keys at Stockton, on the day of the career fair, made it to the Police Blotter in The Argo (Stockton's campus news paper editorial). How about that?

The Argo dated February 21, 2006, which contains Police Blotter: 2/8/06-2/15/06, states the following:

"Caller reported stolen car keys, he called back later to confirm he checked his pockets and the keys were recovered."

Let me say that I am impassioned, as well as delighted, to know that I can be granted ink for The Argo Police Blotter, so long after my tenure at Stockton has been expired. I am such a legend it is not even funny. This goes to show that I am not teasing when I tell you that Stockton builds legends one precious semester at a time. LOL.

I have already requested that Jack save me a copy of that newspaper. To all Stockton students, look out for my next potential Police Blotter-making visit to Stockton. My visits, these days, are anything but dull moments.

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