Thursday, February 09, 2006

Missing key scare!

Holy shit!!!!

After going to Lakeside and listening to some sort of band (playing - I guess music - for which Colleen suggested she wipe her ass with), I conjured up the belief that somebody in the computer lab had stolen my keys!!!!

Jaime called my cellphone while I was in there, so I walked outside momentarily to answer the call. Upon returning to the lab, I noticed that they were gone. After a filing a report with the Stockton police and having a police officer check the entire premises for over half an hour, the police took down my information and left the campus.

It was then that I discovered my keys, buried in the t-shirt that I had taken off under my pull-over. The shirt was draped over a chair in the Lakeside Center. I never took the keys with me into the computer lab!!! Originally I thought I had brought them into the lab with me. How wrong I was.

What a relief! It's like a horrible nightmare that one finally wakes up from after an extended period of time.

Quite a scare! Unbelievable.

It's over now...

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