Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Hizowell-mania with the Hizowell peeps!

Yes, once again, I am heading down to Hizowell (Howell) tonight to visit Jaime and the rest of the Hizowell residents and close acquaintances.

Ken is driving down there to spend the evening with Gena as well, so we all plan on hanging out with each other at some point during the evening. The idea is to go to Applebees and enjoy some drinks together, as we have previously done.

Applebees is a great little place to go drink, let alone get something to eat, with friends. I look forward to carrying out these plans tonight, but most importantly I look forward to seeing Jaime!

Let the good times roll. For now, I am either going to get a snack or perhaps even a full meal of food for lunch.

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