Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Morons behind steering wheels!!

This past Saturday, Jaime and I went out for dinner at the Olive Garden that I work at. The evening was absolutely perfect up until the time that we were leaving.

I drove us to the restaurant in my car, which we began to leave the mall in when it randomly conked out at one of exits going on to Mount Pleasant Ave.

What a terrible location for a car to stall at.

My uncle drove over to the scene and made three attempts to jump start my vehicle. No such luck. As a result, my mother and uncle both called various towing companies and found one that could drive over to the mall and tow my car down to Meinekee. I thank both of them, as well as Jaime, for assisting me that evening. Unfortunately, the tow job was a total rip off at $85, but I was thankful that I could get my car out of the street.

I am not writing this post to rekindle that horrid memory. I am writing this post to illustrate that many of the people in this world, generally speaking, are much dumber than I have given them credit for! This is not to call every single person in this world dumb... just the people whose habits on the road fit the following story.

This post is intended for all of the morons who are currently on the road and might have been given their licenses as gifts. A vehicle that is stopped at a traffic light with its blinkers on and with the hood opened is a disabled vehicle. I would hope that drivers who earned their drivers licenses would know that we do not stop behind these vehicles for five minutes, assuming that the vehicle is going to move. Perhaps on other planets, or in other universes, people intentionally stop in the middle of a road or exit at 10:30 pm on a freezing cold winter night. I can not say that such an action is the norm in this particular location.

We do not stop behind the vehicle for five minutes and honk the horn at this person. People do not stop their cars, flash their blinkers, and a prop their hoods because their cars are in a condition to be driven!!! If I see a vehicle that looks like that, I do not stop behind it for five minutes, pick my nose, scratch my ass, assume it is going to move, and then honk the horn. I drive around such a vehicle.

To those who do not know any better, learn to drive around disabled vehicles rather than being assholes and humiliating the person whose car is disabled [car that can not be driven; car that can not operate]!

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