Thursday, February 09, 2006

One blog of a good time!

At the career fair today, I approached a number of recruiters from various companies. Those at the career fair included Ray, Mike, Colleen, Frank, Debra, myself, and Anna a little later on in the afternoon.

I also ran into Dr Whithem, Donna Albano, and Professor Scales at the fair. Companies such as Wells Fargo, Seaview Marriott, Bankers Life and Casualty Company, The Borgata, and Harrahs provided me with significant career information and opportunities. In fact, I have an interview set up with Harrahs for the position of Front Office Supervisor on Wednesday, February 15 at 11am. The Bankers Life and Casualty Company actually scheduled Ray and I a career-briefing meeting about the company next Thursday February 16 at 12:30 in Brick.

After the career fair came to a close, I drove to Ocean City for my interview at the Port-O-Call Hotel. For the most part, I may very well be hired for a position in front office come April. Provided that the executives come up with a positive background check on me, it is safe to say that I probably have that job in the bag. However, it is not until April. Therefore, I will continue to analyze and examine opportunities that come my way, such as Harrahs and the Bankers company, well before April. Ladies and gentlemen, my time to shine in the spotlight is approaching. The moment of truth in the real world is getting ready to hit me in the face and I will not be denied my desired lifestyle.

Later in the evening, Anna, Kristen, Colleen, Ray, Mike, Jack, and myself all went to dinner at the Olive Garden. I had an Cherry Italian Creme Soda, Five Cheese Ziti (with two meatballs and extra garlic) with a salad. It was all delicious. Anna and Kristen let me finish their Cosmopolitans. Ray was sporting his fluffy red hat. Colleen allowed me to adopt Barv. He's quite a creature. He now has a home on my dashboard in my car. A little inside, I know, but anybody who comes along for a ride in my car will be granted the golden opportunity to meet Barv.

I am still at Stockton and I do not want to leave yet. In fact, there is some type of coffee shop event over at Lakeside. For $2, I could be admitted to drink coffee and listen to some band that I am not even familiar with. Shit, I do not even know the type of music. Whatever. Most importantly, I have a chance to hang out with some friends for just a little bit longer. Great times. Great day. In the near future, more now than ever appears to be the case, fortune will be mine. The lifestyle I desire can run from me. It can even take a while to suit me on a day to day basis, but it can not hide.

Time to head over to Lakeside with Mike Milak to meet Colleen, get some coffee, and listen to some sort of band. Eventually, I shall make the trek back home. Eventually.

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