Thursday, February 02, 2006

Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more winter weeks!

Yes, today is Groundhog Day ladies and gentlemen of the jury. Today also happens to be my uncle's birthday. Happy birthday Uncle J!

Unfortunately, Punxsutawney Phil, the world's infamous weather forecasting groundhog, crept up from the ground to the surface and saw his shadow. As a result, he predicts six more weeks of winter. After a surprisingly mild January, those in the Eastern area of the United States should expect a colder, brisker month of February.

One can only hope the snow storms are minimal. I told Jaime about the groundhog's prediction a few moments ago. She does not believe it. I asked for her prediction on the weather for the next six weeks. Her response: "I don't know."


Even if this month is a month of freezing cold, it could also be a month of fortune and progress for yours truly in terms of landing a real job. Throughout the month, I will keep the winter jacket handy.

More phone calls from companies?!?

During my dinner shift last night, I received not one, but two more phone calls from two prospective career opportunities. Both Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Wells Fargo Financial hit me up on my cellphone, both asking me to contact them and to inform me that they would be at Stockton's career fair on February 9! That makes it four (count them, four!) interested companies in a span of two days!!! The tide is turning and the momentum is certainly shifting my direction.

I would like to talk to representatives from all of these companies. After we all commence with the discussions of me potentially working for these companies, we can all play a fun little game called, "Who Can Make Bryan The Best Offer!" Hahahahaha!

Ohhhhhh, it's so nice to feel so wanted!!! I really should not let my head get so big just yet, but I am nothing short of fabulous when it comes to making positive impressions at career fairs and interviews. I have never lost a job opportunity after a first interview!

Who knows what is next for this hot young prospect?? Things are starting to get interesting to say the least.

Stay bundled. Stay tuned for more!

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