Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Show some love!

Today is Valentines Day and I am currently in the Stockton/South Jersey area getting ready to celebrate Valentines Day with Jaime. This is the day to show your significant other some love. Do you happen to be a bachelor?

Very well.

Let's not cast any stigmas on those who do not have bees to make honey with. You can show some love (and not the honey-making type) to a friend or relative as well.

I had a pretty fun and entertaining weekend with Jaime this past weekend. Aside from shoveling snow and brushing snow off the cars that are owned by Marino family members, I also came through on my word and defeated Jaime in our game of Monopoly. I said I would do so. I did so. Enough said. It was a terrific game. She showed a lot of heart. LOL. She wants a rematch, so I hope to play her again soon. Perhaps she will pass that competitive fire onto Jeremy so he can once again play me at Fight Night Round 2. HAHAHAHA!!!

As I drove down the Parkway earlier this evening to get to South Jersey, I was listening to the G.O.A.T. - L.L. Cool J (that's right, Ladys Love Cool James) on 105.1. I have always been a fan of L.L. However, he was speaking about his emergence in the rap game as well as in life and I found him to be a truly inspirational person.

Getting into the game as early as 16 years of age, L.L. spoke about many of the personal distractions, frustrations, and bitterness that he faced as well as his willingness to show younger generations how to get into the music industry and establish their legacies so they can make money for 20 some odd years. He also spoke about setting goals in life, making plans, learning to deal with frustration, not wanting to lose, and the importance of winning, no matter what it is one does in life. Long live the G.O.A.T. (the Greatest of All Time), L.L. Cool J, one of few other people in this world, besides myself of course, who can truly live up to such a distinction. He provided inspirational radio-listening time for me, as I drove down the Parkway, albeit quite slowly, during rush hour.

Time for me to prepare Jaime's Valentines Day gift. She is currently driving down from Howell to meet me at the Passport Inn, which is the hotel that we will be staying at for the night.

Everyone have a Happy Valentines Day and remember to show some love!

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