Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Talking boxing with J-Mart!

Earlier this afternoon, I had the chance to check out World Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio Tarver's website, which is pretty nice. There was a contact link available, which I used to email Antonio.

Not too long after that, I had a boxing conversation with my former on-campus roommate and friend, Jeremy. He began by addressing the email I sent to Tarver. Apparently he also saw the Gatti vs Damgaard fight this past Saturday night and wanted to give his thoughts on that. We had a little debate in regards to the competitive nature of the fight.

We also talked about the state of the boxing game as well as a future matchup between him and myself on Fight Night Round 2. His response to my video game proposal for him was quite shocking!

Jeremy: professing your love??
Me: yes... one of my close friends is
moving to Orlando in June, which is the home of AT "The Magic Man", so we could
be chillin soon ;)
Jeremy: how long was the email??
Me: couple sentences
Jeremy: by sentences, do you mean pages??
Me: couple words
Me: lol
Me: I have the email saved
Jeremy: lol
Jeremy: youre out of control
Jeremy: the gatti fight was a doozy
Me: haha
Me: both guys got hit with over 300 shots!
Jeremy: did you see it?
Me: yes
Me: neither one will exactly win the Most Outstanding Defense in 2006 Award!
Jeremy: it was a good fight. that guy had some chin
Me: he came forward and applied pressure throughout the evening, but he
was classes below Gatti
Me: in skill
Jeremy: he was tough though
Jeremy: im surprised he didnt go down sooner
Me: me too
Me: great chin, but he's too slow
Me: he was to Gatti what Gatti was to Mayweather
Me: it was an action packed fight, but a 1 sided one at that
Jeremy: i would say it was one-sided at times
Jeremy: not the whole fight
Me: I gave Daamgard a round - round 4
Jeremy: im not talking about # of rounds. im talking about the number of times daamgard smacked gatti around
Me: he came forward and threw a lot of punches, and landed shots, but
the cleaner more effective shots were coming from Gatti. Daamgard caught
Gatti with some nice clean shots in the 4th round... I thought he was going to
make something big happen in that round. after that, Gatti progressively
established control and ultimately dominance of the fight.
Jeremy: the fight was predominantly gatti but i wouldve given daamgard more than one round
Me: he did alright early on
Me: the early rounds were competitive
rounds, which I gave to Gatti.
Me: he was competitive early on
Me: I want to see Rahman-Toney
Me: March 18!
Me: that will be on HBO, live from Boardwalk Hall in AC
Jeremy: youre too biased
Me: biased?
Jeremy: yeah you have your fighters and judge moreso in their favor
Me: LOL. Gatti is not my fighter. If it was Tarver, you might have a point.
I just called it like I saw it. I thought the Dane put up a game effort, but he came forward and took punishment. He threw a lot of punches, landed some, but they weren't as clean as Gatti's were. I was with the unofficial ringside judge on this one... I had Gatti winning comfortably. It was a competitive fight, but not necessarily a close one. I score fights on clean punching, effective aggressiveness, and ring
generalship. I thought the cleaner punches, in most rounds, were landed by
Gatti. Daamgard was aggressive, and effective in rounds such as round 4,
but he was getting hit more in most of the rounds.
Jeremy: lol
Me: the fight I want to see, one that could get your juices boiling, is Rahman-Toney
Jeremy: practicing your ring-side talk?
Jeremy: rahman will beat his ass
Me: this is a chance for the bigger guys to clean up the mess
that is the heavyweight division in the 2000s
Me: I dunno about that
Jeremy: toney's a big mouth
Jeremy: toney's a bitch
Jeremy: like tarver
Me: Rahman has to show me something, other than knocking out a fat
Lennox Lewis 5 years ago, who looked like he was feasting on Tastycakes
Me: He had lovehandles
Jeremy: i say rahman by decision
Me: Toney has a big mouth, but he is also skilled and well proven in the ring. Fighter of the year in 1991 and 2003, a champion in 4 weight divisions, and 2 of the 4 fights he had at heavyweight were wins against two guys who beat Rahman
Me: Rahman has to show me something... I think James is going to counter punch his ass silly all night. I say Toney by decision
Jeremy: 91 and 03 were a long time ago
Me: 03 was less than 3 years ago!
Me: that's not why i stated that statistic though
Jeremy: 3 years is a long time in boxing
Me: I was trying to illustrate the greatness of the fighter
Me: that he could be fighter of the year in 91 and 03, which is a 12 year span
Me: that's a long time to be at the top of the game
Jeremy: its a long time to be boxing too
Me: I dunno man. This fight is good for boxing though. I think this helps to clear up the division some what
Me: the winner of this fight will be a bonafide champion
Jeremy: until one of them fights a strong YOUNG up and comer
Me: All of the heavyweight champions need to unify though.
I'm tired of seeing 4 chumps with fake scraps around their wastes
Me: we need another young up and comer. problem is, the current young up and comers lack talent. The young guys are fighting has-beens in crossroads fights
and losing those fights, thereby putting the has-beens back into position to
earn one more shot at a championship. We need another Tyson or Ali.
That type of fighter comes around every 20 years. We're about due
for another one of those
Me: 40s - Joe Louis 60s - Ali 80s- Tyson 00s- ???
Jeremy: bradley
Me: or Martinsen... another fight at heavyweight on Fight Night could settle that.
Jeremy: im tired of embarassing you
Me: oh come on! it's meant to happen more NOW than EVER! I took the last two fights - by KO. You're ahead of me in the series, but the public demands another history-making superfight between you and I!
Jeremy: keep in mind the last 2 fights took place when i havent played the
game in months
Me: so get going! We need to have a match when we are
both at our best!
Jeremy: fight night or passing my classes???? hmmmm
Jeremy: perhaps ill retire with the winning record i already posess
Me: That's no prob. We can set up a match for a specific date in
the summer. How's that? It can have a promotional title and
billboard to it as well. It can be called: Martinsen vs Bradley/ No Xcuses!
Jeremy: im retired
Jeremy: hangin up the controller
Me: ohhhhhhhhhhh
Jeremy: ive had a good career. time to pass on
Me: Calm down Roy

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