Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gorgeous spring weather!

"My health, focus, strength, intelligence, and tenacity will make me the most dangerous man on the face of the planet!"

Today we have been blessed with an absolutely gorgeous day; the weather is just beautiful.

This may very well be the nicest day we have had in terms of weather so far this year. We must all count our blessings and it is truly a blessing to be able to walk around outdoors in shorts and a short-sleeved polo shirt. Coming down the stretch to the end of March, April is approaching and spring is beginning to show its beautiful face. I love it!

Even better, I am off from work today! No serving guests. No running around the restaurant trying to run beverages or gather food. None of that today. Leave that for tomorrow. Today is a day for which I can admire the spring/almost summer-like weather. What more could a man ask for in a day?

Earlier this afternoon, I finally took advantage of the opportunity I had to go out for a run. I need to start getting myself into shape for the summer time. I realize that I do say this an awful lot - even my co-workers are calling me out on it. However, I put my money where my mouth is today and went out for about a 20 minute run. Everyone has got to start somewhere, right?

At some point in time, for some it is later than others, one needs to get right in life. Whether it is through the course of exercise, planning, or leading an organized lifestyle. Today I am just thrilled that I went out on a run and got some exercise on this lovely day.

I have two job interviews lined up for the following week - one with Enterprise Rent A Car in D-town, the other with a recruiter from the Manahawkin State Farm Insurance Staffing Agency. State Farm could be the ideal choice, being that I do not have to travel or go outside and sell shit to clients. I can work on the inside and earn a base salary for my efforts, in addition to some extra incentive-based pay. As Mike Espinelli, my former co-worker at the O.G., so bluntly stated the last time I spoke to him,

"You would be a millionaire if they paid you for all of these

He did indeed make a valid point. I have been going on my fair share of job interviews over the past few months, but one must know what he or she wants. Perhaps I should stop being so picky, but I must take my time and analyze what I have coming at me. Jumping to conclusions and having regrets later on never made anybody's life better either. I have some goals that I would like to list in this post:

  • Get fit with any form of exercise available, running being an excellent example.
  • Improve physical appearance fitness-wise. I want to feel better, feel light on my feet, and be able to breath so easily!
  • Attempt to start going about this world with a more optimistic frame of mind.
  • Have more fun with friends to help cope with any challenging times that may come my way.
  • Be more patient in the job search and don't get discouraged, as advised by John Boyle. Patience is a VIRTUE.
What goes down must come up and visa versa. After the course of the previous three or four months, I am ready to take some strides forward and have some success. I am ready to have some structure.

Eventually, the job that I can make some real money at, which is the job that could actually make me happy or at least comfortable, will surface. Could be sooner than I think. Could be next week. Once I get that job and once I begin making real money, everything including the payment of school loans, other bills, and preparation for graduate school will all fall into place.

Once that falls into place, and I get ready to take that GMAT to determine where I am going to attend graduate school, my health, focus, strength, intelligence, and tenacity will make me the most dangerous man on the face of the planet! You are hearing this from the mouth of the lion. Yes, I will be so sharp, so tenacious, and so determined that I will actually be a dangerous being. It's pretty scary, but that moment - or moments - is going to come. I shit you not!

Frederick Douglass once stated quite wisely that without struggle, there is no progress. I have struggled endlessly for months, but I continue to get back on the horse and move forward unscathed.

From the outset, it appears that I have been frustrated and thrown off stride temporarily, but once I gain a foothold and make some money, I will be a focused and hungry young lion. It will be extremely hard to shake my determination. Everything I want will ultimately be mine. Give it a few years. I'm making and taking exactly what I want.

I am happy that the weather is gorgeous. I am happy spring is here. I am delighted that summer is upcoming. I am thrilled that I have the terrific friends I have. Happy times, as well as successful times, are on the way. I will take it from here and continue to move along.

For now, I am hungry for food and my goal is to get some lunch. LOL. Everyone enjoy this day and come again soon.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Photo update!

Well lookie lookie!
Here is a little treat for all of the viewers here at the Blog of Bryan. I have been sent some photos, courtesy of Ray via email (thank you Ray!), that were taken of myself, as well as some friends of mine. Feel free to take a look:

This is me at the Olive Garden in Mays Landing on February 9, on the day of the Stockton Career Fair. I love this picture! I was the lucky man who was given Kristen's and Anna's Cosmopolitans. Thanks girls. Gee, I look so poshhhhh!

I like! I like! Can we say "alcoholic"?????

Group picture of the gentlemen on last Friday night, prior to the start of the semi formal. Handsome devils!

Mike sneezing for the camera while others are posing in some form or another. That's snot funny Mike!

Seaside Park - Saturday, March 25
Can Superman save this crazy fools by flying them to safety, should a psunami strike???? Thankfully, there was no psunami. Just a bunch of beach fun.

All of us posing with the flying planes that we won at the arcade. What the hell am I doing in that picture?????? LOL.

The dinner at the Olive Garden on February 9 was a terrific, entertaining time. Semi formal weekend was a blast as well, with our trip to Seaside.
There is no doubt in my mind that Southern NJ/ better half of Jerz is going to be staging yet another sensational event on April 10-11, as we all get ready to celebrate Colleen's birthday. I eagerly anticipate these good times that lie ahead for us. I also need to start taking more pictures.
There will be plenty more pictures for Blog of Bryan viewers in the future.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This Tuesday off from work!

On this day off from work, I learned a couple things today. Earlier today, I had an inspiring conversation with a recruiter from Culver Careers.

She informed me that she might have a job opportunity for me in the D-town area. It is an entry level position at which I can learn all different aspects of business, including marketing, management, and finance. This entry level position compensates the employee with base salary and full benefits. Not a bad deal at all.

They also indicated that I can transfer to any other location (including one in South Jersey) after a minimum of six months employment at the D-town location. That sounds like another great deal if you ask me. There are still many more details to be ironed out. During my scheduled half-hour phone interview tomorrow with the recruiter, I will learn plenty more about the offer. It is a three-step interview process.

I also learned that Jack, according to student services at Stockton, is on track to graduate on May 8, 2010!!!! How on Earth can this be???? That seems a bit bizarre, but that's what the date is. He took it rather humorously. I advised him to have fun and enjoy his freedom during those years. Shit, this is great for me because I know I will have a friend going to school there for another four years now!

Stay tuned for more as everything progresses gradually.

As of this moment, I am at Jaime's house in Howell. We went to dinner at the Golden Bell and then we went to Blockbuster to rent The 40-Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers. Those are two movies that I have wanted to see for some time now. I look forward to seeing them very shortly when Jaime gets out of the shower.

That is all for now, on this Tuesday off from work.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quite the gratifying weekend!

What a sensational weekend this turned out to be for me. Spending almost the entire weekend in the Stockton College/Atlantic County/better half of Jersey area, I had a kick ass time with some of my close friends who are either current students or Alumni from Stockton.

Jaime, who has been working feverishly towards her Masters Degree at Monmouth University, as well as at her job as a misses supervisor at Kohls, was unavailable to join me in our little non-stop party this past weekend. I missed her, nonetheless, and love her very much!

After the night of the semi formal, we all got up around 11:30 am yesterday to make a special trip to Seaside. Mike drove Colleen and I to Seaside in his car, while Ray drove Jack and Melissa. Upon arriving at the boardwalk at Seaside, we all walked (some of us ran) down to the beach to get a look at the waves. The smell of the sea breeze as inviting as well as refreshing. I felt so alive standing on the beach and looking out at the sea. There were plenty of pictures taken of all of us by the ocean. The current had to have been rather strong this time of year, yet the temperature was slightly warmer by the water than it was in the parking lot. There were various pictures taken; you will see many of those once I retrieve them.

We all went to Barokas on the boardwalk to get some pizza. The slices were really big, so it was a quite filling meal for us. There was a discussion amongst all of us of possibly starting a pizza business! Afterwards, we went to the arcade and played some ski ball. We even won some tickets that allowed us to get prizes - which happened to be gliders. The ocean was really nice though, a total peace of mind for yours truly. Anything that has to do with the ocean is relaxing, satisfying, and peaceful for me, as long as I am not trapped out in the ocean for dead. I can not even cope with such a thought.

Eventually, Ray, Melissa, Colleen, and I made our way back to Stockton. Mike stayed in the Central Jersey area because he had to go to work at his job in Brick. Jalepeno Poppers might be one thing, but work can not possibly be better than sex for our crazy friend. To tell you the truth, I can not see how jalepeno poppers are even better than sex! Well, I suppose it depends on the quality of the sex. But still...

After returning to Stockton, Colleen found a craving for sushi, as did a few of the folks amongst the group. I was in the mood for General Tsos Chicken, so we went to the food court at the Hamilton Mall for dinner. Colleen's roommate Kristen tagged along with us, but did not get anything to eat. We all declared that we would not do any shopping or window shopping in the mall. We had intended to grab some food at the food court and leave afterwards. Guess what?? Things did not go as planned. We ended up in quite a few stores, including Sam Goody, which is closing down at the Hamilton Mall. As a result, most of the CDs and DVDs were discounted at either 50% or 70%. It didn't make much of a difference to me, due to the fact that I was saving cash and practically all of the good stuff was already purchased.

Spencer Gifts was another store that we went to. I love that store. It has so many interesting items, such as t-shirts with miscellaneous quotes and sayings, dolls, cards, sex toys, and posters. Fun store to look around in.

Colleen, Frank, his buddy Erik, Ray, Melissa, Jack and I all capped the night off by having a movie night at Jack's apartment. Ray shared with us some of his delicious chocolate cake that he brought with him from work on Friday. He shared a "slice" with us. That slice was equal in size to most whole-sized cakes. That thing was huge, but delectable nonetheless. Thank you Ray!

Kristen called me when I got to Jack's and asked me if I would be accompanying her to Atlantic City with the rest of the group last night. I told her that we were probably going to settle at Jack's apartment for the evening, so I ended up taking a reign check. Never fear, Kristen! Keep your head up. We will surely be going back to Atlantic City together very soon in the near future! The Great One is definitely long overdue for a glorious return to the city on the East Coast that never sleeps!

The movie of choice was Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Oh, how they fucked up the municipal geography of the state of NJ in that movie! The same dude who gets arrested for a bag of pot at Princeton University is being held at a police station in Freehold???? Freehold police officers are called to the scene of a crime in Millford????

This movie was totally Hollywood, but it appears they needed to do just a bit more studying on the geography of Dirty Jerz. Jack brilliantly suggested that the directors and producers might have even attempted to mock our state. I suppose that makes sense. Outside of the minds of the producers and directors of the film, one never knows for certain. Still, the movie was hilarious!

Frank, Colleen, and Erik had to drive back to campus after the movie. They all had a long road trip to make to Massachusetts early this morning, so they had to get some sleep. After they left, Jack and I made a special trip to Corner Tavern to pick up a six pack of Yuengling Black and Tan to add to the beer we had already drank. Finally, we were ready to watch the second movie of the night. Jack, Ray, Melissa, and I watched Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story. I fell asleep approximately thirty minutes into the movie, but it looked like it was pretty funny.

To sum it all up, this was quite a gratifying weekend. A weekend of enjoyment. A weekend of peace. A weekend of all fun and no worries. Those types of weekends, or even times other than weekends, seem to come few and far in between lately, but we need to make them happen more frequently. These fruitful times are that of precious gems that remind us of bigger and better things than the stresses of looking for career-defining jobs and paying bills that are neverending.

This weekend was truly a little slice of Heaven. Next time, I will have to order the entire pie. I can never get too full of times like that. Quite the captivating weekend! Quite the gratifying weekend! The weekend, was indeed, a throwback to the familiar and dearly-missed freedom of college life.

At about 11:30 this morning, I returned to D-town in North Jersey. I worked from 1pm until about 8pm, hosting in the afternoon and food running in the evening. This was not nearly as satisfying whatsoever, but it reminds me how glad I am that this past weekend was as great as it was. As I told Colleen yesterday morning, right before we left Stockton for Seaside, my life is still stuck in the college culture. I remain in the college-life state. She responded by telling me, "You are still such a college student to me!" She is 110% correct. Some people live their lives in the high school atmosphere, shooting for careers in coaching or even just attending high school sports events. Yours truly is still greatly dedicated to the activities and events at my college.

The Fratority was in the house!!!! We certainly need to make these types of weekends happen more often, without the aid and incentive of a semi-formal that has a VIP Cash bar serving a maximum of three shots of wine. At this particular time of my life, I was in desperate need of some leisurely activities and enjoyable times, such as the one we just had. I give a special thanks to all those who were involved, and participated, in making this weekend such a wonderful occasion for me. I guarantee you it will not be the last.

Thank you God.

Back to making as much money as I can. Back to the grind of searching for a job. Back to the task of finding a road that will lead me somewhere with a decisive yet satisfying conclusion in terms of employment and residence.

Southern NJ/better half of Jersey/Stockton College and all that apply, I will return once again to the better half of Jerz, as I will on many other occasions. I love you.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Semi-formal aftermath!

"This is better than sex."

Last night's Semi Formal was expected to be an event that would turn the clock back to a time when drinking was permitted on campus almost four years ago.

Instead, the VIP cash bar, which allowed those of legal drinking age to purchase a maximum of three drinks, illustrated that the chemically imbalanced Santa Claus that Stockton has as a president is still doing everything in his power to water down campus events at stockton. There were three types of wine - Merlot, Chardonnay, and White Zinfandel - and one type of the champagne.

How in the world were people at the semi formal going to get drunk from such a limited selection and limited amount of alcohol permitted. I probably drink more at the ally rallies I have at work than I did last night. Three glasses (shot glasses, it seemed) of wine permitted for each person. Those of us who were of legal drinking age entered the VIP Lounge for a little bit to get a drink or two.

As we were drinking, we started to make up acronyms using the first letter of each of our heritages. Ray was a FIG (French, Irish, and German) and I was a GIPE (Greek, Irish, Polish, and English). All of a sudden, really loudly in the lounge, Jack who is of the Jewish religion sarcasticly stated, "And I am a KIKE!" LMAO!!!

Who does that???

Nonetheless, I had a pretty fun time eating the snacks and taking dozens of pictures with close friends of mine. Those in attendance included Colleen, Frank, his buddy Erik, Ray, Melissa, Jack, Mike, Anna, and myself of course. We took pictures all night. Colleen and I went up to request more jazzy music. The DJ explained that he only had Glen Miller. We suggested that that was good enough. Never did he play any Glen Miller throughout the entire event.

Fair enough.

Afterwards, we all moved our asses to the Corner Tavern to more than just three shots of wine. Kristen met us at the Corner Tavern and Anna brought Erik over there as well. I must've drank like three or four Yuenglings. I also bought Ray a Yuengling for his birthday. We had a terrific time. It was delightful to be able to sit back, relax, enjoy some drinks and the buzz that came with the alcohol consumption, and just socialize with so many different people that I knew from school or the Stockton area. Great times.

After spending some time at the Corner Tavern, we decided to go to Galloway Diner for some grub. That is probably as predictable a move as one could make after a Stockton College or Stockton student/alumni-related activity.

While everyone was eating their food, Crazy Mike made quite an interesting, Mike-like comment, publicly suggesting in the diner that his jalepeno poppers were "better than sex." The crowd, at first, was completely shocked at what this man said for about five seconds, then the entire crowd at hand broke out in a fit of laughter. Even the cashier seemed to express the notion, "son, are you out of your fucking mind?????" She then openly suggested, "The sex you have must not be all that good!"

I was seriously cracking up over what this crazy kid had said. There is more to come, but we are all about to grab some food at the Food Court at the Hamilton Mall, so expect a second post related to this amazing weekend to come sometime in the very near future. Make sure you come back again very soon!


Friday, March 24, 2006

Semi Formal TONIGHT!!!!

It is on ladies and gentlemen!

I worked today from 11:30 until about 5pm, went home to change really quick, and drove straight down here to Stockton. Currently I am on campus and I am about to head over to the Semi Formal in the I-Wing gym. As an alumni who is meeting other alumni, as well as a current students who are close friends of mine, I am ultra psyched about this evening's event. Unfortunately, Jaime could not make it because she is working tonight and has to work early tomorrow morning, but I will be seeing her on Sunday evening. I miss her to death!

Let the partying begin. I'll be hitting that cash bar up something proper! Off I go for this pimpin' good time! This is going to be INSANE.

Have a great night - as well as a safe night - everyone!!!!!


Enablx says I'm full of attitude!

As you all know, I am looking forward to the Spring Semi Formal at Stockton on Friday night. This should be a spectacular time - it is going to be the ultra spectacle. While speaking to Colleen and Jack earlier today, I mentioned to both of them that this event is the little piece of Heaven that I need in my life at this moment. The job hunt continues.

Recently, it appeared as though I may have found a nice little full-time job to work at while searching for the big break down the road. This company by the name of Enablx, where my friend Bill just got a job, is a relatively new establishment that is located in Randolph. A couple days ago, Bill called me and made me aware of the opportunity that was there for me at Enablx. Enablx specializes in customer service solutions and the computerized installation of hot water heaters, or something to that effect.

After scheduling an interview for noon on Thursday, I called the manager and let him know that I would have to reschedule due to personal reasons. He tells me that I would have to come in for an interview either on Thursday or today, because the position needed to be filled by Monday!!!!! WHAT???? I was unable to attend the interview on either Thursday or Friday, so I told the manager, "Thank you very much and have a nice day." Now according to Bill, the manager claims I gave him an attitude. According to what I just explained, does it appear as though I gave the manager an attitude? It surely does not appear that way to me.

Something tells me "Mr. Manager" was just a little bitter over the fact that I would not shoot myself out of a cannon and into his ever-so-available position within two business days of the scheduled interview. Oh well... isn't that a bitch???? For a mere $11.25 an hour, I have not a sufficient enough reason to shoot myself out of cannon and into a vacant position at a job. No sir. For $11.25 per hour, being shot out of a cannon can really be painful.

In either case, I will not be working for that company. They do not have any branches to which I can transfer should I move to another town in the near future. Point being, I do not intend to live in Dover or the Morris County area of New Jersey for the rest of my life! Taking that into account, I may also suffer as a result of my choice to not work at Enablx. While being shot out of a cannon into a new position for $11.25/ hour is a bit painful, so is running around like a weeded jack ass for tips at a restaurant. As a result of my decision, I remain at the Olive Garden with nothing to do but serve guests and act like I enjoy doing it. At the same time, do not assume that I will stop looking for another job. There is no better time like the present for me to get my shit in order. I must accept the consequences of my actions so that I may come back to make legitimate decisions when I am faced with future opportunities.

As some people have previously indicated, perhaps I have been a bit picky with these job opportunities, but mama did not raise a fool. I must make sure that the job, as well as what the job entails, suits me fine. I can not work at a place that is not going to result in a positive outcome in terms of my financial income as well as my performance. I sure as HELL will not work at a place where the manager believes I have an attitude. Not at all! As a result of the recent occurrences, I will continue to look for a job. Perhaps I will be a little less picky. This could be a sign that I need to make some sacrifices in terms of my income, schedule, and location for my future prospective job.

Enough on the topic of Enablx and job hunting. Adult Swim is on the cartoon channel and I want to watch Family Guy before hitting the hay.

Take care everybody and have a great night! Stockton will be on the house Friday night!!!! The Spring Semi Formal is going to be INSANE. I look forward to seeing many of my friends who are current students and alumni.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In just two days...

back to some good old college partying!

VIP section with cash bar available
for those who are at least 21 years of age!
Proper ID required for 21 and over
to enter cash bar!
Buy your tickets now at the Performing Arts Center Box Office!

This semi-formal is expected to be somewhat of a throwback to what Stockton was like four years ago. Stockton is a great college, I loved it when I attended for school, and I still love it today as I write this post. All of the students and visitors, who will be in attendance on Friday night for this special event, are sure to be in for one hell of a great time. Times to let loose, socialize with friends, and enjoy some good old dearly-missed college partying are coming!


Monday, March 20, 2006

Stockton semi-formal Friday night: Alcohol to be served!

This Friday night, Stockton is holding a semi-formal in the I-wing gym. For the first time in almost five years, alcohol will be served at a campus function on campus! At the event, there will be a drinking section - a bar - where students or visitors who are of legal drinking age can drink alcoholic beverages.

How about that? After graduating and being out of school for almost a year, Stockton finally decides to let loose and let it's hair down. Who would have thought? Who on God's green Earth gave Saatkamp the perfect full-body massage to relax him into permitting such a festivity at his school???? Props to the student senate for pulling off this little miracle!

Furthermore, there is a great chance that I will be present at formal on Friday night. The $5 admission is sufficient in terms of helping the senate as well as the school for its funding. It also provides students and visitors with a great night of joy, excitement, a social interaction with friends, at a reasonable price. Lord knows I can not miss a major event such as this one! I must be a part of this! It is the ideal moment to have some campus party fun that has been missed by yours truly for a very long time. Colleen, Frank, and Ray should be at the semi formal as well. According to Jack, he will be there as well, as long as everybody else is going.

This is also the perfect opportunity for Colleen, Frank, and I to talk about the off-campus apartment situation. Colleen informed me that she is beginning to buckle down and get serious about finding an apartment. Splendid!

Anna, who was recently hired for a job at Bally Total Fitness in Brick, is also searching for an apartment as well as roommates. She wants to remain in the Galloway/Pomona/Absecon area and does not mind making the 45 minute commute to work. She's quite the soldier - quite the hussler! Props to Anna for her determination and knowing exactly what she wants. Hopefully Erik is willing to move in with her.

Perhaps a bunch of us can live together and make the rent extremely cheap. I would love to live with these terrific friends in an area such as Southern NJ, which I have truly come to love over the past four years! Further details will be discovered and posted later this week.

Having said all of that, it essential that I move forward with the job/apartment process. It is a relief to know that others close to me are moving along with me as well. I can not fall prey to the darkness. I can not succumb to lethargy or inactivity in the business or residential aspect of my life.

All you have to know is that I am The Truth. On a number of occasions, in regards to these interviews and job opportunities, I have fallen off the horse with a resounding thud. Either the conditions were unacceptable or the location was way too much of a commute. However, I continue to get back up on my horse and move ahead in the direction of prosperity. I will reach that destiny. Optimism and faith have allowed me to retain my sanity to this point.

Something has got to happen, and knowing that others are looking in the same direction at the same objectives as me in terms of residence, there is a chance that it will happen for me reasonably soon.

Stay tuned for more in the very near future!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rahman/Toney ends in questionable draw!

Hasim Rahman and James Toney fought to a majority draw in Atlantic City last night, which was a questionable verdict from this viewer's perspective.

For many of the rounds, Rahman was able to keep the shorter and fatter James Toney at bay with his jab. At times, when Rahman had Toney on the ropes, he would bully Toney and outhussle him on the ropes as well! I can not see how two judges gave six rounds to Toney. Rahman totally out worked and out landed Toney over the course of the fight. Official scores: 117-111 Rahman, 114-114 (twice). What fight were those two judges watching??? Were they able to see at all????

My scorecard (117-111 Rahman) was identical to that of the one official judge who was not blind at ringside. To us it was clear, Rahman had won the fight. Toney looked like he had won the buffet eating contest in training. Next time I go to Atlantic City, probably in the next week or so, I am going to have to bring some air fresheners with me because that decision stunk out the joint!

James Toney is a great fighter, but you win some and you lose some. Last night, he appeared to lose that fight. Both men were gracious afterwards, giving props and respect to each other. Should a rematch transpire, Toney will have be in much better shape and enter the fight a better strategy than that of floundering around the ring like a beached whale.

Rahman will go on to face his mandatory challenger, Oleg Maskaev. Maskaev is remembered for knocking Rahman out of the ring, and into the laps of the ringside commentators, back in 1999. They are on a collision course to meet each other in a rematch,

Should Rahman avenge that loss, he should be well on his way to meeting the winner of the IBF Heavyweight Title fight next month between Champion Chris Byrd and Wladmir Klitschko.

For more Rahman/Toney post-fight coverage, check out this Fightnews article.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Rahman and Toney meet for heavyweight championship!

Tonight, at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, there is a heavyweight championship fight taking place between current WBC Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman and the former three-division champion James Toney.

Toney has previously won titles at the middle, super middle, and cruiserweight divisions. Tonight, he takes a shot at winning a world title in his fourth weight class.

The former undipsuted heavyweight champion Rahman, who is perhaps best known for his stunning fifth round KO upset win over Lennox Lewis back in 2001, is attempting to catapult himself back to the top of the heavyweight landscape and regain the momentum that he had when he previously seized the undipsuted championship from Lewis. April of last year, Toney fought then-WBA Heavyweight Champion John Ruiz. Toney had initially won a unanimous decision, but the verdict was later reversed to a no-contest when Toney's drug test came back positive for steroid usage.

That was then and this is now.

Since the no-contest with Ruiz, Toney has posted a lopsided win over Dominic Guinn. Rahman won the interim WBC title with a convincingly victory of Monte Barrett. His status of interim champion was upgraded to champion when a proposed fight, the third of the three, with then-champion Vitali Klitschko was cancelled due to Klitschko's sudden retirement from the sport.

Earlier this year, I had spoken of the spring cleaning that is about to take place in the heavyweight division. That cleaning, which is so desparately needed in the muddled heavyweight division, begins tonight with this championship fight. Rahman vs Toney is the first significant heavyweight fight to take place in quite a few years. With boxing (not the most recognized or praised sport) being the greatest sport in the world, it is refreshing as well as intriguing to know that the heavyweights are beginning to clean up their act and come together to show fans and experts who is the very best. With IBF Heavyweight Champion Chris Byrd and Wladimir Klitschko once again facing each other in Germany in next month, tonight's fight is just the beginning of the heavyweight spring cleaning that I had spoken of earlier.

Boxing fans willsurely be tuning in to watch this showdown tonight. I encourage all people tune in and watch a great fight tonight. For once, we have a real fight at heavyweight. In the heavyweight division, which is the most widely regarded by outside fans as well as the general public, Hasim Rahman and James Toney begin the cleaning process. It is long over overdue.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patricks Day!

At this time, I am on a break in the middle of a double shift. For the lunch shift, I worked as a server. Tonight, for the dinner shift, I am working as a host.

In the event that I am unable to make it to NYC tonight, I send my condolences, as well as a Happy Birthday, to my friend Ray. I would also like to wish everyone a Happy St. Patricks Day. Yours truly is proudly 25% Irish, so this is more or less geared towards me as well. May all the people of Irish decent chow down on corn beef and hash and get drunk off lots of beer!

I, on the other hand, am going back to work at 4:30. With today being St. Patricks Day, and Olive Garden being an Italian Restaurant, any chance that the restaurant will be less busy as a result of the holiday? Corn beef and hash, or Tour of Italy???


Yeahhhhhh.... the restaurant will probably still be busy.

For God's sake, there was a man who came to the restaurant earlier this week, with his buddy, to have soup, salad, and breadsticks. His wife, or girlfriend, was about to GO INTO LABOR!!!! Yes, that's right! She was about to have a baby!!! Once again, where was her significant other??? You got it - the fucking Olive Garden! Go figure!

Therefore, it is rather difficult for me to determine whether or not St. Patricks Day will stop the Olive Garden vultures from coming in tonight or not.

If I can't make it to NYC for Ray's birthday, perhaps I will celebrate my Irish background with a few cold adult beverages here at the homestead.

Until next time, enjoy the holiday and be safe!


Do I look like I speak Java-nese??

Last night, I was a lucky recipient, and surely not the first or last, of the famous:

001 EOF while reading from control connection

Errors! Errors! Errors! Oh, and did I mention there was an error??? It was pretty nasty, I must say. Here is to hoping it is the last time I ever see that message. It should not take over twelve hours to republish a website or a post!!!

Expect a real post to come your way later today.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Frustration farts and depression diarrhea!

"Without struggle, there is no progress" - Frederick Douglass

My dear Lord, what has become of me??? What is happening to me lately? Have I become an ignorant, selfish, and thoughtless animal who does not think before acting or speaking?

Am I being to picky with these job prospects? Have I not been entitled to take what I feel is the best career opportunity possible. Perhaps I have every right to search for the best offer, but I also must maintain patience throughout such a significant search. Patience is a virtue.

Life just seems to be putting me on the edge, and almost over the edge on a number of occasions, lately. How do I cope with such unlucky and unfortunate circumstances? Surely there are people who are in much more serious situations, like the soldiers in Iraq, but one must realize that I am not in that situation right now. I am in the situation that I am in, and as a result, I must do what I can do to better myself on that level. Frustration best describes my mood at the present time. At certain times, one might say that I am depressed over the recent struggle to find the best job opportunity that best suits me. Bills, many bills, are to be paid. Ten dollars, in a two hour shift at the Olive Garden, is not by any means sufficient funding for the payment of those bills. A new job - one that pays me considerably more - is inevitable. But when? I pray to God that it comes soon.

What do I like to do? How does that relate to the job that I will ultimately choose? Where shall I work? If I must move out and away from home (I believe I must), where shall I live? Will it be close to the establishment that I will eventually choose to work at?

So confused. So lost, yet so much to think about. For now, it's time for me to go to bed. God, may you please steer me in the right direction. I kindly ask for your guidance. Tomorrow is a new day. New days could bring forth new things. Through faith, these new things will be positive.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Crazy Frog!

I saw the following video on television a few nights ago. After taking a glance at the video, I came to the conclusion that this crazy little frog is quite comical.

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He's also pretty talented!
"Bam Bam!"

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hired at Fairfield Resorts!

Still deciding on whether or not to accept the position.

After being interviewed by a recruiter from Fairfield Resorts earlier in the afternoon today, I was indeed hired for a sales/marketing position at Fairfield Resorts.

However, after being informed that I would be working every day (including Saturdays and Sundays at standard business hours), I began to question whether or not I should accept this job.

While it seems as though I would be earning a lot of money, I would also be working many hours a week. It is my preference to enjoy a couple days off from work per week (preferably Saturday and Sunday), so my position in regards to the matter remains undisclosed. Who knows what I will be doing in regards to a job?

Professor John Boyle, the man who taught me financial accounting when I was still at Stockton, responded to an email that I wrote to him about my frustration over the job market. His email to me was honest, kind-hearted, and open-minded.


First and foremost .... congratulations on graduating from Stockton. I was part of the faculty that attended the graduation ceremony and I actually saw you raise your arms in triumph when you received your diploma. I looked for you afterwards, but I could not find you among all of the graduates.

As far as getting a job, I can only empathize with your early frustration. The jobs that are available to many college graduates these days are sales positions, with pay that is based on "commission". Many graduates accept these positions because these are the jobs are that are offered immediately. It is a very tough way to make money and there is a very high turnover among this type of employment. You are not alone in this regard.

You do however have a college degree. This will open doors, and eventually will get you to a higher position over non-college graduates in any industry including Hospitality Management. Looking back at what could've been or should've been leads only to more frustration.

My oldest son graduated in hospitality management at East Stoudsburg University and did an internship at Ceasers in the Poconos. He did almost every entry level
positions at the hotel. After graduating, he decided that he did want to work weekends!....(its part of the business, especially in the early years) He is now trying to get a job with UPS. The degree will help, as he progresses to a management position faster than the non college graduate. However, he will have to earn a little less money initially.

You may want to try the Food Service companies like Aramark. They are usually 9:00 - 5:00, but the pay at the beginning is not great. At the very least it is experience and it could lead to advancemnent.

Another suggestion is that you go back and take some more classes or go for your MBA at night, emphasize this in your job interview and have the employer pay for your degree.

I know that eventually you will find a good job, and one that makes you happy. But, you must have patience. DO NOT GET TOO DISCOURAGED. You have a good head on your shoulders and from the few years that I have known you, you have integrity and a great work ethic. Trust me, it will pay off at some point.

In the meantime, stay in contact. If there is anything that I can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact me.


John Boyle

Basically he is stating that it is common for college graduates to be stuck with these sales jobs when they get out of school. These sales jobs are difficult for one to make money with, and as a result, there is an extremely high turnover in sales. He advised me to be patient, keep looking for a job, go to graduate school if I can do so, and gradually let the bachelors degree work in my favor. At this point in time, graduate school seems to be the most favorable alternative for me.

Who knows when and where I am going to find a Monday to Friday/ 9-5 job. At times, I do not even know what I want to do with this degree that I earned. The whole situation is quite scary. I will just have to keep my eyes open. I so desperately want to move away from home though.

So desperately. Lord knows when it is going to happen. I suppose I will continue to review my current prospects and search for additional ones in the process. Perhaps I will save some money and finally pay for the registration of that GMAT test. Graduate school is must. There is no question about it.

Currently, I have plenty of alternatives. Plenty of things that can be done. It is just a matter of arranging the order in which I make them happen. Much to think about. During the drive back home, I will have over two hours to do the thinking and coffee to keep me awake on the road while I think.

Yeahhhhhhh... coffee sounds really good right now. This coffee addiction is definitely getting out of hand.

Until next time, good bye South Jersey. Your loving and adopted son is once again signing out. But certainly not for good.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Living solo or with roommate!??

Just moments ago, I arrived at James house in Howell.

I was doing some thinking before I left my house to drive down here to see Jaime. A particular thought was on my mind for practically the entire drive.

Should I land a job a Fairfield Resorts, or any place for that matter, will I in fact find a roommate to live with when it comes time to get an apartment? Even with a job that pays as well as some of these companies could potentially pay me, I would still prefer to live with somebody - preferably a friend of mine (or friends of mine). Living with a roommate would certainly reduce rent charges.

Roommates, especially if they are friends of mine, would also add some fun and enjoyment to my home life. Colleen and Frank, friends of mine from Stockton, had originally speculated that they might be interested in getting an apartment with me after their on-campus housing contract expires, but nothing is certain as of yet. This apartment/roommate is situation is something that has been on my mind since I left D-town to come see Jaime.

As a result, I posted a roommate application on my MySpace bulletin to verify whether or not anybody would be interested in living with me. If I get the job at Fairfield Resorts tomorrow, and discover that I have to move in the near future, I will get my own pad and live on my own. I have concluded that I must leave home so I can live on my own without any drama.

For now, Jaime and I are going out to dinner. After dinner, we are going back to her house to watch The Godfather. I have done some thinking. I will surely do some more thinking in regards to the matter, but at this time I need to do some eating. Eating and thinking, but watching a movie in between! LOL.

Until next time, take care and stay tune for more on the latest. Go fill out that roommate application!


Geared up for latest interview!

Today I worked a grand total of just two hours. Two hours! Such a statistic illustrates that Olive Garden is more of a dinner establishment than a lunch establishment.

During those two hours, I talked to some of my co-workers about my recently sparked interest in exercise. Working out and getting lean and mean for beach season would certainly put a bright smile on my face. It would do wonders for my character and appearance. This is only the first week of March, but warmer weather is coming and I must physically prepare my appearance for the outdoor season. I want to be lean and mean. I want to be ripped. Beach season and I go together like spaghetti and meatballs baby! We are inseparable.

Unfortunately, I barely made any money today, but I was able to come home earlier and prepare myself for tomorrow's interview at Fairfield Resorts in Atlantic City. In the midst of being released from work freakishly early today, I continue to look at a bigger picture, one that is much bigger than $8 earned at a two hour shift at Olive Garden, and that is what drives me to attend tomorrow's interview with my latest prospect.

Tonight, I am driving to Howell to spend the night with Jaime. From there, I will leave for Atlantic City around 7:30 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow could either be a date with destiny, or it could be just another trip down to school to hang out with friends after having a limited conversation about the company with yet another recruiter. We'll soon see what happens folks.

My progress has been everlasting since I began this job hunt. However, along with progress must come success. Let my success begin! Wish me luck!

J-Mart: $50 for another rematch!

Earlier today, I had the chance to speak with Jeremy, my former on-campus roommate from my final year at college.

We got to talking about the recent Mosley vs Vargas fight, along with the possibility of another rematch on Fight Night Round 2. This video game pugilist, retired after two back-to-back knock out losses, stated that he would come back to face me under one condition - and one condition only. Check out the following to see conversation word for word.

Jeremy: vargas fight was a good one
Me: yes
Me: that was a very good fight
Me: a competitive fight
Jeremy: im glad vargas one
Me: there should be a rematch
Me: def
Me: Vargas lost dude
Me: stoppage in the 10th
Jeremy: i typed the wrong name
Me: competitive fight
Jeremy: i was talking to keeley while typing
Me: now that was a great fight
Me: Gatti/Daamgard was a good tough fight, but this here was a competitive tough fight
Me: close fight
Jeremy: it was strategic
Jeremy: not just a slug fest
Me: Varga's eye looked horrible
Jeremy: you know, slug the way i used to beat you in fight night.
Me: Shane kept tagging it
Me: ohhhhhhh!!! come on. Give me a RE then!
Jeremy: sorry dude...retirements been good to me
Me: it won't take but half an hr of your precious time
Me: maybe 5 min if I finish it quick enough ;-)
Me: we can make it a 10 rounder
Me: special exhibition for the retired guy
Jeremy: $50
Me: are you paying me $50 to throw the fight and take a dive???
Me: I'm sorry
Me: I just can't do that!
Me: lol
Jeremy: i have to charge for rematches
Jeremy: retirement doesnt pay that well
Me: you'll get $100. $50 for the RE. $50 for hospital fees to your fighter
Me: lol
Me: and they say I'm not a caring guy...
Me: lol

  • Retirement has been good to him, but retirement does not pay him well?
  • He actually said he was glad that Vargas won the fight (Mosley did indeed win the fight on a 10th round TKO). It is possible that this fighter, who suffered two brutal back-to-back knockout losses to me, is suffering from a case of concussed fighter's syndrome. When a fighter is beaten and knocked out cold, especially two consecutive times, it could certainly result in permanant brain trauma.

There's a lot of flip-floppin' coming from this retired video game pugilist. He wants money. This mega showdown is HUGE. He can run, but he can not hide! He needs to keep the running shoes in the closet, lace up the gloves, and grab the video game controller, once and for all!!! One is as good as their last performance. His last two contests against me resulted in devastating knockout losses. He remains in the lead in our video game series, but I know real champions do not like going out on two knockout losses.

Time for J-Mart to come out of retirement, step up to the plate, and re-assert his position with the video game controller!!!!


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Short-term and long-term look ahead!

Ahhhh yes, today was a pretty calm and uneventful day off from work, but I can not complain.

According to the calendar, there are only about two more weeks of winter. Before we know it, spring will be here. Bye-bye winter! You have overstayed your welcome and now it is time for you to leave.

Tomorrow I am working at 11:30 as a server. Ross, one of the bussers, is unable to work tomorrow night, so I will be covering his bussing shift at dinner time. Technically, that makes me a split tomorrow. Pleased, am I, to pick up his bussing shift. Working as a server all day has a tendency to occasionally chip away at my shoulders. Work should not be, at all, that bad tomorrow.

Next Saturday night, I will be participating in Kegs and Eggs with Jaime, Gena, and Ken. The event will begin at Murphys in D-town. Supposedly, after drinking kegs of beer all night, we will be transported via train to Morristown to chow down on eggs and whatever else there is for us drunks to eat. Laura and James may be joining us as well. The more the merrier!

At this time, I am going to bed so I can rest up for tomorrow's double at the Olive Garden. Perhaps I will dream of the warmer weather, beach time, ocean breeze, and sunlight that I will pleasantly feel sooner or later. I want sun. I want a somewhat enjoyable yet lucrative job/career, so please wish me luck with my second interview at Fairfield Resorts this Tuesday at 9:30am. Lord knows I will take all the good luck I can get.

Along with a rewarding job, I also yearn to feel the sand underneath me at the beach, with the sun brightly shining down on me and coloring me with a nice tanned complextion. Spring, I will be expecting you soon. Summer, I await your arrival a few months later.

Money. Summer. Tan. Health. Respect. Good living.

Yes, I believe I want all of those and all of those I shall have very very soon. Ambition, as is the ability to visualize the big picture, is crucial in my soon-to-be achievements.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

In search of warmth and tranquility

The time is almost 4am on Saturday.

What the hell was I thinking staying up so late in the night???? Now I am tired. I am also tired of this bitter cold. I wish to feel the summer heat. Not only the heat, but the sand of the beach as well as the breeze of the ocean. Perhaps most of all, I long to feel at ease. Stability is key. So is patience.

Goodnight world.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

CBS sues Howard Stern!

Howard Stern, who left CBS to move his controversial radio show over the Sirius Radio, is now being sued for millions of dollars by CBS.

Apparently, Stern's promotion of Sirius as well as the promotion of his move to Sirius, encouraged CBS to file a lawsuit against Stern for promoting another radio company on their air. CBS claims that Sirius should have paid CBS money for the promotion of their company on the air.

CBS is also filing a breach of contract suit against Stern, claiming that he was still under contract with CBS when he made the move to Sirius in early January.

According to an article on Paramount Comedy:

"...the lawyers representing CBS have been quoted on the Guardian website that 'by engaging in continuous promotion of Sirius on CBS Radio airtime without any payment by Sirius to CBS for these advertisements and by pocketing over $200m for his personal benefit, Stern misappropriated millions of dollars worth of CBS radio airtime.' "

Whether or not CBS has a case against Stern remains to be seen. Either the contract was still valid, or CBS has overdosed on a life-time subscription of bitter pills in the heat of Howard's vacancy. Furthermore, it appears to me that CBS is hard up for money now that the King of All Media is no longer conducting his radio show with them. David Lee Roth is in no way, shape, or form, a replacement for Howard Stern! Let's face it folks!

According to demographic statistics, Roth's ratings in a single state (Boston) have not only fallen, but plunged, in comparison to Stern's ratings for the entire year. CBS is clearly hurting in the absence of Howard Stern and his radio show.

CBS will do what they have to do in order to conduct their legal matters, but they need to stop hating the best thing that ever happened to them.

Lately, I have been hard up for extra funds that I can spend on luxuries, but I need to get Sirius Radio as soon as possible. I miss listening to Howard in the morning. I miss his antics. I miss his content. I miss his show. I miss Howard Stern - the King of All Media!!!!!

Interview on Tuesday!

On Tuesday, at 9:30am, I have another interview with a recruiter for my sales/marketing job opportunity at Fairfield Resorts in Atlantic City.

We shall see how this interview goes. Hopefully I get the job and I can take the real estate course to get a real estate license because that is going to open up a number of avenues. I remain optimistic, but I will control myself until the moment that I am hired.

At this time, I am heading to work. Later on tonight, I am going to see Jaime. May I remain on the road of optimism, all the way to the finish line.

Congratulations to Ray for getting his job!

Editors Note: Due to the snowy weather conditions, the restaurant is so dead, with so few guests, that management sent me home. They were overstaffed for such a slow day. Therefore, I will leave for Jaime's earlier than I originally planned. It's all good!