Friday, March 24, 2006

Enablx says I'm full of attitude!

As you all know, I am looking forward to the Spring Semi Formal at Stockton on Friday night. This should be a spectacular time - it is going to be the ultra spectacle. While speaking to Colleen and Jack earlier today, I mentioned to both of them that this event is the little piece of Heaven that I need in my life at this moment. The job hunt continues.

Recently, it appeared as though I may have found a nice little full-time job to work at while searching for the big break down the road. This company by the name of Enablx, where my friend Bill just got a job, is a relatively new establishment that is located in Randolph. A couple days ago, Bill called me and made me aware of the opportunity that was there for me at Enablx. Enablx specializes in customer service solutions and the computerized installation of hot water heaters, or something to that effect.

After scheduling an interview for noon on Thursday, I called the manager and let him know that I would have to reschedule due to personal reasons. He tells me that I would have to come in for an interview either on Thursday or today, because the position needed to be filled by Monday!!!!! WHAT???? I was unable to attend the interview on either Thursday or Friday, so I told the manager, "Thank you very much and have a nice day." Now according to Bill, the manager claims I gave him an attitude. According to what I just explained, does it appear as though I gave the manager an attitude? It surely does not appear that way to me.

Something tells me "Mr. Manager" was just a little bitter over the fact that I would not shoot myself out of a cannon and into his ever-so-available position within two business days of the scheduled interview. Oh well... isn't that a bitch???? For a mere $11.25 an hour, I have not a sufficient enough reason to shoot myself out of cannon and into a vacant position at a job. No sir. For $11.25 per hour, being shot out of a cannon can really be painful.

In either case, I will not be working for that company. They do not have any branches to which I can transfer should I move to another town in the near future. Point being, I do not intend to live in Dover or the Morris County area of New Jersey for the rest of my life! Taking that into account, I may also suffer as a result of my choice to not work at Enablx. While being shot out of a cannon into a new position for $11.25/ hour is a bit painful, so is running around like a weeded jack ass for tips at a restaurant. As a result of my decision, I remain at the Olive Garden with nothing to do but serve guests and act like I enjoy doing it. At the same time, do not assume that I will stop looking for another job. There is no better time like the present for me to get my shit in order. I must accept the consequences of my actions so that I may come back to make legitimate decisions when I am faced with future opportunities.

As some people have previously indicated, perhaps I have been a bit picky with these job opportunities, but mama did not raise a fool. I must make sure that the job, as well as what the job entails, suits me fine. I can not work at a place that is not going to result in a positive outcome in terms of my financial income as well as my performance. I sure as HELL will not work at a place where the manager believes I have an attitude. Not at all! As a result of the recent occurrences, I will continue to look for a job. Perhaps I will be a little less picky. This could be a sign that I need to make some sacrifices in terms of my income, schedule, and location for my future prospective job.

Enough on the topic of Enablx and job hunting. Adult Swim is on the cartoon channel and I want to watch Family Guy before hitting the hay.

Take care everybody and have a great night! Stockton will be on the house Friday night!!!! The Spring Semi Formal is going to be INSANE. I look forward to seeing many of my friends who are current students and alumni.



Anonymous said...

I work at Enablx, bored at school I decided to google it... wow.

Definately not worth $11.25/hr. This company embodies evil corporate bullshit... I'm pretty sure most people hate life here.

The Great One said...

HAHAHA! That's exactly what I've heard. These people wanted to place me in a position in a matter of DAYS.

At that moment I'm thinking to myself, "what about the interview? what about the background check? what about me THINKING about the position????? LMAO.

And $11.25 is not so great that I can make a decision in the blink of an eye. Fuck that.

My friend Bill is leaving there very shortly to get a job at Golds Gym.

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