Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Frustration farts and depression diarrhea!

"Without struggle, there is no progress" - Frederick Douglass

My dear Lord, what has become of me??? What is happening to me lately? Have I become an ignorant, selfish, and thoughtless animal who does not think before acting or speaking?

Am I being to picky with these job prospects? Have I not been entitled to take what I feel is the best career opportunity possible. Perhaps I have every right to search for the best offer, but I also must maintain patience throughout such a significant search. Patience is a virtue.

Life just seems to be putting me on the edge, and almost over the edge on a number of occasions, lately. How do I cope with such unlucky and unfortunate circumstances? Surely there are people who are in much more serious situations, like the soldiers in Iraq, but one must realize that I am not in that situation right now. I am in the situation that I am in, and as a result, I must do what I can do to better myself on that level. Frustration best describes my mood at the present time. At certain times, one might say that I am depressed over the recent struggle to find the best job opportunity that best suits me. Bills, many bills, are to be paid. Ten dollars, in a two hour shift at the Olive Garden, is not by any means sufficient funding for the payment of those bills. A new job - one that pays me considerably more - is inevitable. But when? I pray to God that it comes soon.

What do I like to do? How does that relate to the job that I will ultimately choose? Where shall I work? If I must move out and away from home (I believe I must), where shall I live? Will it be close to the establishment that I will eventually choose to work at?

So confused. So lost, yet so much to think about. For now, it's time for me to go to bed. God, may you please steer me in the right direction. I kindly ask for your guidance. Tomorrow is a new day. New days could bring forth new things. Through faith, these new things will be positive.

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