Monday, March 06, 2006

Geared up for latest interview!

Today I worked a grand total of just two hours. Two hours! Such a statistic illustrates that Olive Garden is more of a dinner establishment than a lunch establishment.

During those two hours, I talked to some of my co-workers about my recently sparked interest in exercise. Working out and getting lean and mean for beach season would certainly put a bright smile on my face. It would do wonders for my character and appearance. This is only the first week of March, but warmer weather is coming and I must physically prepare my appearance for the outdoor season. I want to be lean and mean. I want to be ripped. Beach season and I go together like spaghetti and meatballs baby! We are inseparable.

Unfortunately, I barely made any money today, but I was able to come home earlier and prepare myself for tomorrow's interview at Fairfield Resorts in Atlantic City. In the midst of being released from work freakishly early today, I continue to look at a bigger picture, one that is much bigger than $8 earned at a two hour shift at Olive Garden, and that is what drives me to attend tomorrow's interview with my latest prospect.

Tonight, I am driving to Howell to spend the night with Jaime. From there, I will leave for Atlantic City around 7:30 tomorrow morning. Tomorrow could either be a date with destiny, or it could be just another trip down to school to hang out with friends after having a limited conversation about the company with yet another recruiter. We'll soon see what happens folks.

My progress has been everlasting since I began this job hunt. However, along with progress must come success. Let my success begin! Wish me luck!

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