Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In just two days...

back to some good old college partying!

VIP section with cash bar available
for those who are at least 21 years of age!
Proper ID required for 21 and over
to enter cash bar!
Buy your tickets now at the Performing Arts Center Box Office!

This semi-formal is expected to be somewhat of a throwback to what Stockton was like four years ago. Stockton is a great college, I loved it when I attended for school, and I still love it today as I write this post. All of the students and visitors, who will be in attendance on Friday night for this special event, are sure to be in for one hell of a great time. Times to let loose, socialize with friends, and enjoy some good old dearly-missed college partying are coming!



Kristen said...

Let me know if you make plans for after the dance. I definately want to meet up with everyone when i get out of Carino's hell. Hey, if you get down to Stockton early enough feel free to have dinner there and visit me!

The Great One said...

I will definitely call you and let you know what's up after the dance. I hear ya about the Carino's hell. O.G. can certainly be its own hell. I might be getting another job, in addition to the O.G. very soon. That will limit my O.G. shifts to about two to three a week. I'd love to go to Carino's for dinner when you're there. I'll ttys!