Monday, March 06, 2006

J-Mart: $50 for another rematch!

Earlier today, I had the chance to speak with Jeremy, my former on-campus roommate from my final year at college.

We got to talking about the recent Mosley vs Vargas fight, along with the possibility of another rematch on Fight Night Round 2. This video game pugilist, retired after two back-to-back knock out losses, stated that he would come back to face me under one condition - and one condition only. Check out the following to see conversation word for word.

Jeremy: vargas fight was a good one
Me: yes
Me: that was a very good fight
Me: a competitive fight
Jeremy: im glad vargas one
Me: there should be a rematch
Me: def
Me: Vargas lost dude
Me: stoppage in the 10th
Jeremy: i typed the wrong name
Me: competitive fight
Jeremy: i was talking to keeley while typing
Me: now that was a great fight
Me: Gatti/Daamgard was a good tough fight, but this here was a competitive tough fight
Me: close fight
Jeremy: it was strategic
Jeremy: not just a slug fest
Me: Varga's eye looked horrible
Jeremy: you know, slug the way i used to beat you in fight night.
Me: Shane kept tagging it
Me: ohhhhhhh!!! come on. Give me a RE then!
Jeremy: sorry dude...retirements been good to me
Me: it won't take but half an hr of your precious time
Me: maybe 5 min if I finish it quick enough ;-)
Me: we can make it a 10 rounder
Me: special exhibition for the retired guy
Jeremy: $50
Me: are you paying me $50 to throw the fight and take a dive???
Me: I'm sorry
Me: I just can't do that!
Me: lol
Jeremy: i have to charge for rematches
Jeremy: retirement doesnt pay that well
Me: you'll get $100. $50 for the RE. $50 for hospital fees to your fighter
Me: lol
Me: and they say I'm not a caring guy...
Me: lol

  • Retirement has been good to him, but retirement does not pay him well?
  • He actually said he was glad that Vargas won the fight (Mosley did indeed win the fight on a 10th round TKO). It is possible that this fighter, who suffered two brutal back-to-back knockout losses to me, is suffering from a case of concussed fighter's syndrome. When a fighter is beaten and knocked out cold, especially two consecutive times, it could certainly result in permanant brain trauma.

There's a lot of flip-floppin' coming from this retired video game pugilist. He wants money. This mega showdown is HUGE. He can run, but he can not hide! He needs to keep the running shoes in the closet, lace up the gloves, and grab the video game controller, once and for all!!! One is as good as their last performance. His last two contests against me resulted in devastating knockout losses. He remains in the lead in our video game series, but I know real champions do not like going out on two knockout losses.

Time for J-Mart to come out of retirement, step up to the plate, and re-assert his position with the video game controller!!!!


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