Monday, March 06, 2006

Living solo or with roommate!??

Just moments ago, I arrived at James house in Howell.

I was doing some thinking before I left my house to drive down here to see Jaime. A particular thought was on my mind for practically the entire drive.

Should I land a job a Fairfield Resorts, or any place for that matter, will I in fact find a roommate to live with when it comes time to get an apartment? Even with a job that pays as well as some of these companies could potentially pay me, I would still prefer to live with somebody - preferably a friend of mine (or friends of mine). Living with a roommate would certainly reduce rent charges.

Roommates, especially if they are friends of mine, would also add some fun and enjoyment to my home life. Colleen and Frank, friends of mine from Stockton, had originally speculated that they might be interested in getting an apartment with me after their on-campus housing contract expires, but nothing is certain as of yet. This apartment/roommate is situation is something that has been on my mind since I left D-town to come see Jaime.

As a result, I posted a roommate application on my MySpace bulletin to verify whether or not anybody would be interested in living with me. If I get the job at Fairfield Resorts tomorrow, and discover that I have to move in the near future, I will get my own pad and live on my own. I have concluded that I must leave home so I can live on my own without any drama.

For now, Jaime and I are going out to dinner. After dinner, we are going back to her house to watch The Godfather. I have done some thinking. I will surely do some more thinking in regards to the matter, but at this time I need to do some eating. Eating and thinking, but watching a movie in between! LOL.

Until next time, take care and stay tune for more on the latest. Go fill out that roommate application!


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