Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quite the gratifying weekend!

What a sensational weekend this turned out to be for me. Spending almost the entire weekend in the Stockton College/Atlantic County/better half of Jersey area, I had a kick ass time with some of my close friends who are either current students or Alumni from Stockton.

Jaime, who has been working feverishly towards her Masters Degree at Monmouth University, as well as at her job as a misses supervisor at Kohls, was unavailable to join me in our little non-stop party this past weekend. I missed her, nonetheless, and love her very much!

After the night of the semi formal, we all got up around 11:30 am yesterday to make a special trip to Seaside. Mike drove Colleen and I to Seaside in his car, while Ray drove Jack and Melissa. Upon arriving at the boardwalk at Seaside, we all walked (some of us ran) down to the beach to get a look at the waves. The smell of the sea breeze as inviting as well as refreshing. I felt so alive standing on the beach and looking out at the sea. There were plenty of pictures taken of all of us by the ocean. The current had to have been rather strong this time of year, yet the temperature was slightly warmer by the water than it was in the parking lot. There were various pictures taken; you will see many of those once I retrieve them.

We all went to Barokas on the boardwalk to get some pizza. The slices were really big, so it was a quite filling meal for us. There was a discussion amongst all of us of possibly starting a pizza business! Afterwards, we went to the arcade and played some ski ball. We even won some tickets that allowed us to get prizes - which happened to be gliders. The ocean was really nice though, a total peace of mind for yours truly. Anything that has to do with the ocean is relaxing, satisfying, and peaceful for me, as long as I am not trapped out in the ocean for dead. I can not even cope with such a thought.

Eventually, Ray, Melissa, Colleen, and I made our way back to Stockton. Mike stayed in the Central Jersey area because he had to go to work at his job in Brick. Jalepeno Poppers might be one thing, but work can not possibly be better than sex for our crazy friend. To tell you the truth, I can not see how jalepeno poppers are even better than sex! Well, I suppose it depends on the quality of the sex. But still...

After returning to Stockton, Colleen found a craving for sushi, as did a few of the folks amongst the group. I was in the mood for General Tsos Chicken, so we went to the food court at the Hamilton Mall for dinner. Colleen's roommate Kristen tagged along with us, but did not get anything to eat. We all declared that we would not do any shopping or window shopping in the mall. We had intended to grab some food at the food court and leave afterwards. Guess what?? Things did not go as planned. We ended up in quite a few stores, including Sam Goody, which is closing down at the Hamilton Mall. As a result, most of the CDs and DVDs were discounted at either 50% or 70%. It didn't make much of a difference to me, due to the fact that I was saving cash and practically all of the good stuff was already purchased.

Spencer Gifts was another store that we went to. I love that store. It has so many interesting items, such as t-shirts with miscellaneous quotes and sayings, dolls, cards, sex toys, and posters. Fun store to look around in.

Colleen, Frank, his buddy Erik, Ray, Melissa, Jack and I all capped the night off by having a movie night at Jack's apartment. Ray shared with us some of his delicious chocolate cake that he brought with him from work on Friday. He shared a "slice" with us. That slice was equal in size to most whole-sized cakes. That thing was huge, but delectable nonetheless. Thank you Ray!

Kristen called me when I got to Jack's and asked me if I would be accompanying her to Atlantic City with the rest of the group last night. I told her that we were probably going to settle at Jack's apartment for the evening, so I ended up taking a reign check. Never fear, Kristen! Keep your head up. We will surely be going back to Atlantic City together very soon in the near future! The Great One is definitely long overdue for a glorious return to the city on the East Coast that never sleeps!

The movie of choice was Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. Oh, how they fucked up the municipal geography of the state of NJ in that movie! The same dude who gets arrested for a bag of pot at Princeton University is being held at a police station in Freehold???? Freehold police officers are called to the scene of a crime in Millford????

This movie was totally Hollywood, but it appears they needed to do just a bit more studying on the geography of Dirty Jerz. Jack brilliantly suggested that the directors and producers might have even attempted to mock our state. I suppose that makes sense. Outside of the minds of the producers and directors of the film, one never knows for certain. Still, the movie was hilarious!

Frank, Colleen, and Erik had to drive back to campus after the movie. They all had a long road trip to make to Massachusetts early this morning, so they had to get some sleep. After they left, Jack and I made a special trip to Corner Tavern to pick up a six pack of Yuengling Black and Tan to add to the beer we had already drank. Finally, we were ready to watch the second movie of the night. Jack, Ray, Melissa, and I watched Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story. I fell asleep approximately thirty minutes into the movie, but it looked like it was pretty funny.

To sum it all up, this was quite a gratifying weekend. A weekend of enjoyment. A weekend of peace. A weekend of all fun and no worries. Those types of weekends, or even times other than weekends, seem to come few and far in between lately, but we need to make them happen more frequently. These fruitful times are that of precious gems that remind us of bigger and better things than the stresses of looking for career-defining jobs and paying bills that are neverending.

This weekend was truly a little slice of Heaven. Next time, I will have to order the entire pie. I can never get too full of times like that. Quite the captivating weekend! Quite the gratifying weekend! The weekend, was indeed, a throwback to the familiar and dearly-missed freedom of college life.

At about 11:30 this morning, I returned to D-town in North Jersey. I worked from 1pm until about 8pm, hosting in the afternoon and food running in the evening. This was not nearly as satisfying whatsoever, but it reminds me how glad I am that this past weekend was as great as it was. As I told Colleen yesterday morning, right before we left Stockton for Seaside, my life is still stuck in the college culture. I remain in the college-life state. She responded by telling me, "You are still such a college student to me!" She is 110% correct. Some people live their lives in the high school atmosphere, shooting for careers in coaching or even just attending high school sports events. Yours truly is still greatly dedicated to the activities and events at my college.

The Fratority was in the house!!!! We certainly need to make these types of weekends happen more often, without the aid and incentive of a semi-formal that has a VIP Cash bar serving a maximum of three shots of wine. At this particular time of my life, I was in desperate need of some leisurely activities and enjoyable times, such as the one we just had. I give a special thanks to all those who were involved, and participated, in making this weekend such a wonderful occasion for me. I guarantee you it will not be the last.

Thank you God.

Back to making as much money as I can. Back to the grind of searching for a job. Back to the task of finding a road that will lead me somewhere with a decisive yet satisfying conclusion in terms of employment and residence.

Southern NJ/better half of Jersey/Stockton College and all that apply, I will return once again to the better half of Jerz, as I will on many other occasions. I love you.

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