Friday, March 24, 2006

Semi Formal TONIGHT!!!!

It is on ladies and gentlemen!

I worked today from 11:30 until about 5pm, went home to change really quick, and drove straight down here to Stockton. Currently I am on campus and I am about to head over to the Semi Formal in the I-Wing gym. As an alumni who is meeting other alumni, as well as a current students who are close friends of mine, I am ultra psyched about this evening's event. Unfortunately, Jaime could not make it because she is working tonight and has to work early tomorrow morning, but I will be seeing her on Sunday evening. I miss her to death!

Let the partying begin. I'll be hitting that cash bar up something proper! Off I go for this pimpin' good time! This is going to be INSANE.

Have a great night - as well as a safe night - everyone!!!!!


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