Monday, March 20, 2006

Stockton semi-formal Friday night: Alcohol to be served!

This Friday night, Stockton is holding a semi-formal in the I-wing gym. For the first time in almost five years, alcohol will be served at a campus function on campus! At the event, there will be a drinking section - a bar - where students or visitors who are of legal drinking age can drink alcoholic beverages.

How about that? After graduating and being out of school for almost a year, Stockton finally decides to let loose and let it's hair down. Who would have thought? Who on God's green Earth gave Saatkamp the perfect full-body massage to relax him into permitting such a festivity at his school???? Props to the student senate for pulling off this little miracle!

Furthermore, there is a great chance that I will be present at formal on Friday night. The $5 admission is sufficient in terms of helping the senate as well as the school for its funding. It also provides students and visitors with a great night of joy, excitement, a social interaction with friends, at a reasonable price. Lord knows I can not miss a major event such as this one! I must be a part of this! It is the ideal moment to have some campus party fun that has been missed by yours truly for a very long time. Colleen, Frank, and Ray should be at the semi formal as well. According to Jack, he will be there as well, as long as everybody else is going.

This is also the perfect opportunity for Colleen, Frank, and I to talk about the off-campus apartment situation. Colleen informed me that she is beginning to buckle down and get serious about finding an apartment. Splendid!

Anna, who was recently hired for a job at Bally Total Fitness in Brick, is also searching for an apartment as well as roommates. She wants to remain in the Galloway/Pomona/Absecon area and does not mind making the 45 minute commute to work. She's quite the soldier - quite the hussler! Props to Anna for her determination and knowing exactly what she wants. Hopefully Erik is willing to move in with her.

Perhaps a bunch of us can live together and make the rent extremely cheap. I would love to live with these terrific friends in an area such as Southern NJ, which I have truly come to love over the past four years! Further details will be discovered and posted later this week.

Having said all of that, it essential that I move forward with the job/apartment process. It is a relief to know that others close to me are moving along with me as well. I can not fall prey to the darkness. I can not succumb to lethargy or inactivity in the business or residential aspect of my life.

All you have to know is that I am The Truth. On a number of occasions, in regards to these interviews and job opportunities, I have fallen off the horse with a resounding thud. Either the conditions were unacceptable or the location was way too much of a commute. However, I continue to get back up on my horse and move ahead in the direction of prosperity. I will reach that destiny. Optimism and faith have allowed me to retain my sanity to this point.

Something has got to happen, and knowing that others are looking in the same direction at the same objectives as me in terms of residence, there is a chance that it will happen for me reasonably soon.

Stay tuned for more in the very near future!

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