Sunday, April 30, 2006

Poseidon enters theaters May 12!

A remake of the 1972 classic The Poseidon Adventure, Poseidon will be in theaters on May 12. Poseidon, in honor of Greek Mythology, is the God of the Sea. If like the sea and it's many mysterious wonders, including the beauty as well as the dangerous and uncontrollable power that it possesses, you must go see this film!

I enjoyed the original film, which is why I look forward to seeing the remake when it comes out in theaters. With today's panorama or visual effects due to modern technology, I am curious to see what the gigantic tidal wave is going to look like on the big screen and how it is going to capsize the ocean liner Poseidon.

Like many other scenic and panoramic films over the years, such as Jurassic Park and King Kong (2005), this appears to be yet another motion picture that is best seen on the big screen. I look forward to seeing this movie. On May 12, go check it out at a local theater near you!

Great party caps off 2005-06 school year!

Last night was a really fun end of the school year party at Frank's apartment. Props to Frank for throwing such an awesome party and allowing me over. You can all expect some pictures very shortly; must see material.

Yes, the school year 2005-06 is practically over, but that did not prevent a bunch of crazy ass college students (and one alumni) from having a great old shit kicking time. As the alumni, I felt as though I had traveled back in time in a time machine, to the moment when I first started my tour of duty here as a student. Drinking and having a blast; the shit was out of control! Spectacular!

I seemed to get all sorts of parched, as there were quite a bit of alcoholic beverages to be consumed. Basically, the party was B.Y.O.B. (bring your own boos, for those who are not acquainted with the alcohol party lingo), and I brought a six pack of Yuengling and small bottle of Southern Comfort, but I also got involved in the beer pong tournament. Oddly enough, I played against Colleen and her friend Monique with an under (yes, under age). He, 15 years old, could not drink any of the beer, so I ended up drinking all of it for him.

The under was quite the competitive beer pong player, who is capable of playing any beer pong contender into a sloppy state of consciousness, due to his dead aim. Yours truly is glad he was on my team! We played two games together and went 1-1. We lost the second game, quite a competitive game, when I left to go to the bathroom and failed to come back for a while. I began consuming my Southern Comfort, started stumbling, and then it got to a point when Colleen felt the need to confiscate the bottle from me and hide it. However, I got it back now. It's all good.

You want to see a sloppy mess??? LOL. All you had to do was see me passed out in the chair in the living room at the end of evening. Nonetheless, I never got sick. I never had to puke. And I actually walked back to Colleen's apartment without any aid whatsoever. My mother does not tell me, "I am so proud of you," for nothing!!! LOL.

Too bad I did not have a pair of sunglasses this morning when Colleen, Frank, and I got up to go out for breakfast. It was so bright outside! We went to the Galloway Diner, where Crazy Mike tells all of his incredible stories and has signature soundbytes to give to waitresses and the crowd at hand.

Great times. Once again, keep on the look out for pictures. This is the end of yet another school year, but the first in three years that I do not have to be burdened with the moving out process!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

At Stockton for final weekend of 2005-06!

After working an afternoon shift at the O.G. today, I made it down to Stockton College for what is the last weekend of the 2005-06 school year.

Frank, Colleen's boyfriend, is throwing a party on campus and I am here to hang out with everyone and get parched like I used to as a rowdy college student. LOL. The original plan was to come down last night, but I had work today and I never gave away the Saturday shift.

Oh well.

I am off from work tomorrow, so I still have some time to party and relax. Hopefully the weather is beautiful tomorrow so I can go to the boardwalk. We shall see. Tonight, however, I will be drinking it up so I am thankful that I am off from work tomorrow. That gives me a day to recooperate.

At this moment, it is time to turn the clock back to a time when I was a crazy college student and enjoy some good old on campus partying. You know how I do. Time to get into my time machine and go back about three years ago. HAHAHAHA!

Take care everyone and have a wonderful Saturday night!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Through the rain and the pain...

Life goes on!

"A reason why people fail is they trade in what they want most for what they want in the moment."

Yes, Erin. I got that from you. LOL. Good quote though. I just happen to like it. It is very true.

Sadness still plagues my life, but I need to continue to live day to day, through this gradual mending process. I have been working six out of seven days for the past few weeks now.

I have been feeling tired as of late. Like blahhh! Whenever I get home from work, nothing beats laying down in my bed, watching TV, and passing the fuck out! LOL. However, until the day I stop breathing or my heart (as wounded as it was and still slightly remains), stops beating, life goes on regardless.

Through the tragic split and the pain that came with it, life goes on. With my skin getting darker and sexier again as a result of the bright hot sun and beautiful weather we have been blessed with in recent days, I look good. I mean really good. LOL.

On May 7, there is a big party at Remote Lounge in Manhattan, NY. That's right. Major party with plenty of people. There is a good chance I will be there that evening. I am already on the guest list baby! Should I make a special appearance, people in attendance will see how truly good I look. Believe that!

We'll see what happens.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Denial is over...

She saved my life...

Rough times in my life these past few days. You think about what you have done in the past and wonder if it has an accumulative impact on the present and future. It has become difficult to cope with the fact that I have lost someone and something very special.

It is my belief that when a split occurs in a relationship, especially one as long as ours was, a part of you dies. This recent tragedy has been pretty rough on me. One can say that there is no time to be depressed, but the loss and the pain hit you sooner or later. One has no time for depression when one is in absolute denial. This whole ordeal is such a shame and one could say, that as a result of the tragic break up, I am to blame for all of the wrongs I committed over the years.

You have to understand that this was a girl who was truly loving, supportive, and towards the end, many people still do not realize that she saved my life. That really gets me choked up, especially when I realize that she made a decision to be alone rather than with me. I thought about the pleasant time we had on Valentine's Day when we went out to dinner in Atlantic City and stayed at a hotel. Memories of our times together we went out to eat or hung out recently resurfaced in my brain. Shopping with her, and conducting our family-style shopping at Target, was absolutely precious. For almost a week (we broke up last Tuesday), my competence in being able to cope with the separation was almost impenetrable.

Until today, many would say that I was in a denial state. Today it hit me really hard. Today, the fact that we are separated has really jammed a dagger in my heart and it feels as though a part of me is gradually dying. When a girl, who has loved me so much, supported me in times of need, and even saved my life, comes to the conclusion that she is confused about how she feels about me, that feeling is equivalent to being impaled in the heart by a meat hook. It is a hard thing to accept and the pain is forcefully apparent.

I am sorry for all of the mean things I ever said or did. My sympathy is with this girl as a result of her confusion and sadness. She is confused about her feelings for me. I can not tell you had sad that is. Lord, I am so sorry. How could I have been so bad? So blind? Behave so impurely at times? Depression is growing stronger and it is unbearable. I am so sorry.

This is a post that says it all, perhaps for weeks or even months into the future. I am just so sad.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Period of idleness...

Ladies and gentlemen, it has been a while since I wrote a post, but that is because there has not been much to report. This has been a major period of idleness in my life.

Jaime and I are now officially split up, as you may know by seeing the marital status on our myspace pages. Or perhaps you know through close aquaintances of ours. In any case, I am indeed single once again for the first time in three and a half years. Pretty crazy, huh? A little shocking, and quite sad, at first, but most of my sadness came in the months leading up to the ordeal. It was as if Superman got struck with Kryptonite.

Might we get back to together in the future? Perhaps. Perhaps not. There is no telling what the future holds. Neither of us rule out that possibility, but we also do not care to look into the future in search of that possibility. Times like this require one to roll with the punches and go along with the current scenario. She will have time to focus on her day to day duties. I, too, will have time to achieve some goals of mine and live the life of a handsome and single young man with no relationship responsibilities. We both come out of this as winners!

To quote the brilliant Modern American poet Robert Frost, "the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse."

Props to Frost for his words of his wisdom in that piece. What verse shall I contribute next? Maybe my readers can give their thoughts and ideas. This is not the end of the world AT ALL. A little sad? Sure! I would be lying if I said it was not sad.

However, my life is far from over. The world did not come to an end. Jaime and I are still great friends, which is rare under such circumstances. I will cope with this ordeal, learn to live with it, enjoy life, and have lots of fun! Life is too short to be wasted in depression over a tragedy.

Feel free to comment on here, or hit me up at my Myspace. That is all for now.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Today is Easter Sunday and it is bright and sunny outside. Easter is the day of Jesus Christ's rise and resurrection. Many people went to church early this morning, and will probably even go to an evening mass. I regret that I did not make it to church this morning; I woke up a bit too late to do so.

Thankfully I am off from work today. On this day of Christ's resurrection, I do not exactly feel like being hassled for more salad and breadsticks or having trays of food shoved in my face in the alley and having a table number shouted at me. Yes, Olive Garden is still open on Easter, but I am not at all surprised. Olive Garden is open almost every day of the year. The restaurant will not receive a lot of business today, but then again, today is a family day and people are liable to want to go out and spend time together. What do we have around here, in the public's eye? We have an Olive Garden, fine dining and Heaven on Earth! Around this area, there are always people who will put that restaurant before important things such as the birth of their babies in the hospital.

Whatever. I am glad I am off from work today. I also happen to be off from work tomorrow, but I may very well pick up a shift. Recently, I applied to a bunch of jobs around the area that pay much more than what I am earning right now, so we will see what type of responses I get after the holidays. A couple of the companies are branches, which opens up the possibility of relocation. That is important.

God bless and I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday. Thank you Jesus! I love you!

Happy Easter everyone!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

No longer public smoking in Jersey!

As of midnight early this morning, smoking is considered illegal in all public places, such as a bars and restaurants, in the state of NJ.

I do not smoke anyways, but it is relieving to know that the air in public establishments is going to be fresher now. This is indeed a good law.

This is quite a landmark in this state's history and I suspect the law will be enacted in other states down the road as well. The law is already in effect in the state of New York. There is one place in NJ, however, where it is legal to smoke in public. The casinos in Atlantic City allow smoking because the casinos attract gamblers and gamblers have no limit in the money they can potentially spend.

Anywhere else, smokers better bring their patches or packs of gum. The restaurant, without its smoking section, smelt so much fresher today!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Scott Davies returns home for Easter!

and takes Bill "King Dingaling" Dyer and The Creme de la Creme on a late night, wisdom-filled ride! To Lake Hopatcong...

Scott Davies, one of my best friends dating back to high school, has once again returned to Jersey. This time, he has returned to celebrate Easter with his family. He flew into Jersey on Wednesday morning.

When Scott picked up Bill Dyer, another one of my best friends going back to the much earlier days of elementary school, and drove over to my house to hang out on Wednesday night, we went on a ride to Lake Hopatcong to check out the house that Scott's sister Jamie lives at with her husband.

During the ride, we spoke about life. We spoke about settling down with good girls who will remain loyal under any circumstances. We spoke about finding decent jobs where we can use our heads and not expose ourselves to jobs that amount to physical wear and tear. How the significance of a college degree relates to the ease of such careers.

Why are people afraid to leave a place and move to another place for residence??? Is such fear due to the fact that one is leaving friends and family behind to move to an entirely unfamiliar community with total strangers??? Are one's current friends not total strangers when one first meets them??? Food for thought.

As newborns, we all enter this world tabula rasa, which means blank tablet. In other words, we have no knowledge of what surrounds us. Due to cognitive functioning that still has yet to develop with growth, we barely have any knowledge of who surrounds us when we are first born. Therefore, what is so different about not knowing who surrounds us when we move to a whole new city or state?

Getting one's shit in order for life is crucial. I need to get my shit in order with a career. I need to make some money, pay my bills, get me a crib, and be happy. It has to happen. I need to get organized. I keep saying it and it continues to elude me as a result of my recent personal troubles. Why is getting organized and getting set for financial success and happiness so complex?

As the Truth, I need to start working and operating like the truth. Fuck life's petty problems. Focusing on the elevation of self to financial stability and life happiness is necessary. Great late night car ride with the boys. We rarely even see each other anymore. That ride to Lake Hopatcong was real. That ride was the truth.

And I took a hot, lengthy piss right in the middle of a shady dark road in Lake Hopatcong. Wizzzzz-dom filled.

Final Colleen-birthday recap!

Tuesday was yet another beautiful day in terms of the weather. Colleen and I hung out for almost the entire day.

Earlier in the afternoon, Colleen and I went to Red Lobster with her roommates Shannon and Kristen, and their boyfriends Alex and Bo. Unfortunately, our server was not exactly the most enthusiastic of waiters. As a waiter, I myself can detect who wants to be there and who does not. This dude took forever to bring us rolls, refills of salad, and beverages.

Colleen asked him if there was a spirit drink she could order that was light on the alcohol. The server's response was, "Ummm, I dunno. I haven't tried them." This is coming from a person who, in a Darden restaurant, goes through a week of training to learn about the food and beverages in detail. Ridiculous. One should have at least some idea of the alcohol content in a spirit. Even if one does not have a clue, the last thing one says is, "I dunno."

The Cajun Chicken Pasta, which is the dish I ordered for lunch, is out of this world! It looks and tastes like a dish that should be served at the Olive Garden, but it was delectable nonetheless. Unfortunately for Colleen, the birthday girl, her food came out cold! She opted not to return, in fear of the chefs spitting in her food.

As a result of me being a current Darden employee, we received a 25% discount on the bill, which was originally $74. The discount reduced the amount to about $59. We still left as little as $5 for the tip. Yeah, the service was far from prompt. Lesson learned: If you want a good tip, don't be late every single item that your table orders. Certainly do not bring cold food out to the birthday girl!!!!!

Later, Colleen and I took full advantage of the gorgeous day by taking a walk around campus and around Lake Fred. There were students fishing from Lake Fred on the dark path. Colleen and I stopped by the lake to look for turtles. We found of a number of them swimming in the lake. One ran into another and totally jumped on top of it, as if to indicate that one was on another's turf and needed to leave. There were another couple of turtles, from quite a distance, that looked like they were enjoying sexual activity. All we saw was a turtle shell and a turtle head that appeared to be bobbling back and forth in complete ecstasy. That is when Colleen suggested, "That turtle is definitely giving one fine blowjob right about now." LOL.

Fortunately, Colleen and I received much better dining service when we hit up the Pizza Hut for dinner. The service we received was the reason why our waiter at Pizza Hut got a $5 on a $26 bill, as opposed to a $5 tip on a $59 for our unenthusiastic and apathetic Red Lobster wonder.

Great times. It felt amazing to be able to walk around the Stockton campus, which has become quite familiar to me. As my stomping grounds for about three years, I have come to appreciate our wooded campus with it's lake and pine barrens. Such an wonderful little getaway. That campus is the epitome of Earth's pure nature - outside of the millions of beer cans and rubbers lying at the bottom of Lake Fred, of course.

On Tuesday night, when the breeze finally got a little too cold for outdoor activity, Colleen, Frank, his friend Erik, and I watched Clerks at Colleen's apartment. In lieu of the Clerks sequel coming to theaters this summer, and with Kevin Smith's recent visit at Stockton, Clerks seemed like the fitting movie for our movie night.

Early on Wednesday morning, at 7am, I woke up to make the drive back up North for work at 11am. I had fun in the better half of Jerz. I went there for school. In recent months, I had been there on numerous occasions for visits and getaways. This was surely not my last visit. I will be back, as I always say and do.

50's party at Colleen's before the semester comes to an end????

Stay tuned! DON'T BLINK.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Atlantic City aftermath of Colleen's birthday!

Happy 22nd Birthday Colleen!

Last night, as we had originally planned, we ventured to Atlantic City and went straight to Caesars Palace. I never realized how beautiful the inside of that place is.

The historic-looking statues of soldiers from the Roman Empire, fountains, and an authentic looking sky that happens to be the ceiling is all so visually appealing. I was amazed as I walked through the palace and took in every little aspect of the sights to behold. Throughout the resort, one could see posters advertising the July 22 fight between World Welterweight Champion Carlos Baldomir and boxing's blood and guts legendary warrior Arturo "Thunder" Gatti.

Colleen, the birthday girl, managed to win $62 and change by playing the nickel slots at Caesars and Ballys (we also went to Ballys which is right next door; one could walk Caesars to Ballys indoors). Way to go, birthday girl! Colleen speculated that the spirit of her uncle, who was an extremely brilliant gambler in his life, helped her to win that money last night. That may have very well been the case!

We had quite a little adventure in Atlantic City last night. Perhaps the most vivid yet comical details of that adventure came when Crazy Mike drove us home from Atlantic City. Or, should I say, tried to drive us home? The dude was obsessed with switching lanes! LOL.

After about twenty minutes of trying to find Route 30, and running into unlabeled intersections and dead ends, we finally found Route 30. The sign for Route 30 West could not be any larger, more distinguishable, or easier to read. The sign clearly said Route 30 West: EXIT ONLY in the same lane Mike happened to be driving in. Frank, Colleen, Colleen's friend, and myself clearly instructed Mike to stay in the lane. Stay in the lane! Stay in the lane!!! What does Mike do???? He veers off to right, drives out of that lane, and takes us back into Atlantic City.


As we all started laughing at the situation, while wondering at the same time if we were going to die or not, Mike chimes in and says, "Fuck you guys; it was not that funny." But, it was funny.

Even funnier, we never again found Route 30. I suppose God just did not have it in his plan for us to get back to Pomona via Route 30. As a result, Mike took the Atlantic City Expressway. Apparently that was an easier route for him.

The story does not end here, ladies and gentlemen.

After Mike managed to escape the late night grasp of Atlantic City, we all safely made it to the Galloway Diner for a bite to eat. Mike once again ordered his beloved jalepeno poppers. We all ordered our food as well. While ordering his entree, Mike was offered a salad to go with the entree and was asked what type of dressing he wanted on the salad. Mike asks the waitress, "Do you have Italian or Basalmic vinaigrette??" He had difficulty deciding the dressing, but eventually proceeded to pick a dressing after the five minute decision making process. Everyone at the table was cracking up. Even the waitress began to flash a smile on her face indicating her amusement.

Mike goes on to tell us this story about an apartment he found in Asbury Park on Apparently three guys currently reside at this apartment. There used to be four guys, but only one of them was straight and he eventually moved out. What does that tell you? The three guys who currently live there are homosexual. Mike went over to the apartment to check it out. The flaming biggets, as Mike referred to them, gave him a virtual tour of this apartment. They showed him the livingroom. They showed him the bedrooms. According to Mike, each part of the apartment that the gentlemen showed Mike was capped off by the gays with a verbal, "taa daa!"

"Here's the livingroom - taa daa!!!"
"Here's the bedroom - taa daa!!!"
"Here's my bed; climb into it with me - taa daa..."

wait... no.

I don't believe the tour went quite that far. Atleast I HOPE NOT.

Finally, they lead Mike into the bathroom. This bathroom had one big brick column directly in the middle of the room. Why? I can not tell you. I probably do not even want to know. Furthermore, there is a doorway, that leads out of the bathroom and off to a twenty foot drop. Very safe for children. LOL. Hopefully people who sleep walk are not going to move into that apartment.

There used to be a fire escape at that doorway, but it was taken away. Colleen proceeded to ask Mike, ""So mean to say when you opened the door, it was a sudden drop like you see in the cartoons?" Mike's answer, "Precisely."

Too funny. Classic stuff. This was just a weird and funny story. It was even more comical the way Mike was explaining it.

Mike also went into detail about the people he takes care of at his job, which is an assisted living service for those who are intellectually challenged. He spoke of a trip to the movie theater, during which one of the guys in the program, who supposedly has a critical heart condition, ordered buttered popcorn. Mike suggested that it may not be a good idea for the gentlemen to eat buttered popcorn. The dude responded by calling Mike a "rude motherfucker." Mike also talked about how one of the guys he takes care of passes gas excessively and doesn't even budge, or something to that extent. He kept going on and on and we were just sitting there cracking up in fits of laughter!

We need to schedule storytelling sessions for Mike due to the fact that he never fails to entertain with these inside news items of his. He is indeed hilarious. The last two times we have gone to Galloway Diner, Mike's best material has come to the surface. His stories bare comedic value, and he is not even trying to be funny!

Colleen's birthday lunch!

It appears that Colleen, a few others, and myself will be going to Red Lobster for lunch today in celebration of Colleen's birthday.

With Red Lobster being a Darden restaurant, and me being an employee at Darden's sister restaurant Olive Garden, I can use my 25% employee discount at Red Lobster, as well as the Olive Garden.

Colleen is excited. I can not blame her one bit. She is bringing her camera so she can take some pictures. Last night at Caesars was a pretty fun time as well. Caesars is such a beautiful resort. Stunning! We also went to the casino in Ballys for a little while before leaving Atlantic City. On the way home, we stopped at the Galloway dinner and had a rather entertaining dinner.

That story will be told later, as it is time to head out for Colleen's birthday lunch.

Stay tuned. You do not want to miss a beat!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Stroll down memory lane!

It is amazing how a wide array of memories can resurface in one's mind after taking a stroll down memory lane. Memories can play out so vividly in one's mind. In this case, the vivid memories that I had as I walked around the campus were positive.

Throughout the day today, I have been walking around this campus with all of this memories traveling around in my head. As I walked down the path that leads to the parking lot by Housing III and IV (the dorms), I remember the snow ball fights I had with my fellow L-dorm residents during the winter of my first school year at Stockton. While walking around by the dorms, visions of me standing outside of L-dorm immediately cropped up in my head. Volleyball games at the volleyball court by the TRLC came to mind as I walked past the TRLC and glanced at the volleyball court.

The smell of the pine trees was ever so familiar. So fresh. So desirable. I used to wake up, leave my dorm, and walk to class while smelling that scent of the pine. Today, I could once again smell that fresh air and fresh scent, but only as a visitor. Still, the memories were grand. I had the opportunity to once again speak with Dr. Whithem, Donna Albano, and Professor Scales very briefly. I told them that it was my objective to go to graduate school A.S.A.P. They recommended that I get my applications sent to the schools as quickly as I could.

Time to meet Jack for dinner at G-wing. I'm sure a few more memories will be rekindled during that time.

Typical 609 Getaway!

Today happens to be a gorgeous spring day outside and I am once again down in the 609, which is the better half of Jerz, spending some quality time at none other than the infamous Stockton College with some friends of mine.

The temperature right now is in the mid 60's! Absolutely beautiful! Should this weather continue into the tomorrow, drunken volleyball in front of Colleen's apartment is definitely foreseeable in the next 48 hours. Gotta love it!

My reason for being here at this time, other than my typical getaways that you know I am accustomed to, is to celebrate my friend Colleen's 22nd birthday. Upon my arrival yesterday, I joined Colleen, Frank, Kevin, and Christina to go get something to eat. We went to this new Mexican fast food establishment (once I get the name, I will edit this post and put the name in) on the Black Horse Pike for dinner. Afterwards, we went to Coldstone to get some ice cream for dessert. Coldstone makes some amazing ice cream; I had not been there for a while prior to last night. I ordered the birthday cake remix and it was indeed sensational.

The sloppy combination of Mexican food and Coldstone ice cream can have some rather adverse effects on BAL movements, as some of the people in the group learned last night on the car ride home. LOL. After getting some food and ice cream, we went to the Stop and Shop (or Shop and Shit), which used to be Super G, to pick up Colleen's birthday cake before making our way back to campus. I had the privledge of picking out Colleen's birthday cake! How did I go about making such an important selection? I closed my eyes, opened the doors to the freezer, and picked out the first box that I touched. She happened to like the cake that blindly chose, so we ended up buying that cake. It already said Happy Birthday on it, so obviously could not go wrong. Once we were back on campus, we all went over to Frank's in E Court and watched Adult Swim. That marks the first time I ever saw Robot Chicken.

Today I woke up at about 10:30 this morning, having slept over at Colleen's apartment (Thank you Colleen). She had class at 11:20, so we both left her apartment and she went to class with Frank, while I went along my own merry way to the school as well. I haven't really seen too many people yet (in terms of familiar faces in regards to students or professors), but I will be doing a little more rummaging through the school and campus buildings for a little while longer today. I am supposed to be meeting Frank and Colleen at G-wing around 3pm for lunch. Jack also indicated that he might be going to G-wing for dinner around 5:30, right before he heads to Big Blue for the visit of Kevin Smith here on campus. Yes, Silent Bob is making an appearance at Stockton tonight and I fear he will not be all that silent!

I am just happy to be getting away and hanging out in a place that I have become quite familiar with and grown to love. Later this evening, after we cut the cake and celebrate Colleen's birthday on campus, we will be heading to Atlantic City to continue the celebration. We plan on going to a casino that Colleen has never been to, which in all probability will be Caesars Palace. Everybody in the group expressed an interest in going to Caesars, and I want to take a picture next to Caesar, so we shall see if those plans come to fruition later tonight. Whatever the birthday girl wants to do!

At this time, I am heading back to the main part of the campus to do some more walking around on this beautiful day. Perhaps I will see a familiar face or two along the way. Take care folks. Stay tuned for further developments.

Friday, April 07, 2006

When life spits in your face...

Take a look back and a look ahead!
Here are a couple more pictures from the Stockton Semi Formal, which took place back on March 24. Have a lookie!

Group shots at the semi formal!

This coming Monday starts the celebration of Colleen's 22nd birthday, which is going to be a blast. We are commencing with the festivities on campus, later moving them off campus and into Atlantic City, the city on the East Coast that never sleeps.

In addition to that, we will be hitting up some bars, and weather permitting, we'll be playing some drunken volleyball right in front of Colleen's apartment. In the midst of the recent relationship troubles I have undergone with Jaime, let the good times roll! She'll have plenty of time to decide whether or not she loves me. Let her think it over. It really should not be that hard to decide. It is not exactly a bio-chemistry project.

Either one feels love for another in their heart, or they do not. I really do love her, but I'm not sure if she loves me any longer. Whatever. If she gives away a good thing, that is going to be on her coffin. I'm giving her PLENTY of time to think things over. Let her think away until her brain falls out the back of her little head, and in the meantime, let me party like a rock star until the sun comes up!!!

Afterwards, I'll come back to North Jersey wearing sunglasses!

Bring it on!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Simpsons Movie - Coming July 2007!

Many of you are familiar with the television show The Simpsons, a show that made its television debut on Fox in the year 1989 (an incredible 17 years in the running).

Well, as I was rummaging through the Collegehumor website, I came across a teaser for what appears to be The Simpsons Movie, being released to theaters in July 2007.


The television show is definitely a classic. Not too many television shows these days can last on television for as many years as The Simpsons has. I definitely look forward to seeing this movie, which should be a box office blockbuster, in theaters world wide next year. I can not wait.

I am certainly eager to see what idiotic and comical things Homer can possibly say and do in this motion picture.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I have decided...

I have become quite adamant in the notion of sticking with my server position, which is my current job at the Olive Garden, on a full-time basis.

Being a waiter is a newly-found passion of mine. Tips, regardless of the amount one receives, can only be a positive thing. Making guests happy is truly what is most important. They are who we work for.

If my guests were happy with their dining experience, and they truly like me, they will tell me I did a great job and come back again for another meal. Hell, they may even request me the next time they come in.

Ladies and gentlemen... money is not everything. I know it's shocking to many of you, but what ever happened to a smile and friendly pat on the back as encouragement to compensate for a job well done??? Perhaps some of you greedy waiters and waitresses are primarily in the business for the big bucks that restaurants like the Olive Garden can potentially provide, but I am here to educate you in life. Money is not everything.

For those particular reasons, my intrigue in the tasks at hand, as well as the job itself, is just escalating to another level. Soup, Salad, and Breadsticks... what more can I say?? Great promotion on the commercial. It keeps the people coming back for more and that is what a waiter should dream of and pray for.

There is more great news, in addition to everything else I have mentioned.

The managers decided that they are going to add gratuity to Soup, Salad, and Breadstick checks, to compensate for our running around!!!!!!!! YES!!!!! I think that is absolutely marvelous!!! This job really is getting much better and I plan to stay for the long term.

And guess what else????




The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a Comment that says "You are tagged" in their myspace comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I jump up and down in my living room sometimes for no logical reason whatsoever. Perhaps that's all the coffee I've drank in the last 10 years all kicking in at once.

2. I let off the most evil laugh at work, even when nothing funny happens.

3. When I make spaghetti and meatballs, I use Hunt Spaghetti Sauce and then put every seasoning imaginable into the sauce and prepare a nice concoction for myself before I even pour it onto my pasta.

4. I talk when I am typing on the keyboard at certain times and say whatever I am typing. Gee, I might want to cut down on this habit. LOL. Imagine how many times people here me saying the acronyms LOL, LMAO, TTYL, TTYS, BRB, BBL??? Must make one sound like a real spaz.

5. I have an outside blog that is attached to my myspace page, which really makes me an internet geek. Hey, the blog looks NICE. LOL. There I go again with habit #4!!

6. Whenever my room gets messy, or there are clothes lying around (either dirty, or even clean), I will get off my ass, put all of the clothes in the laundry and do big bundles of wash. I will then attempt to clean my room and do a thorough job of it. That lasts a maximum of 5 minutes - 10 on a good day - when the internet, with its wonderful advent of Myspace, AIM, music, and blogging, becomes to too tempting.