Saturday, April 29, 2006

At Stockton for final weekend of 2005-06!

After working an afternoon shift at the O.G. today, I made it down to Stockton College for what is the last weekend of the 2005-06 school year.

Frank, Colleen's boyfriend, is throwing a party on campus and I am here to hang out with everyone and get parched like I used to as a rowdy college student. LOL. The original plan was to come down last night, but I had work today and I never gave away the Saturday shift.

Oh well.

I am off from work tomorrow, so I still have some time to party and relax. Hopefully the weather is beautiful tomorrow so I can go to the boardwalk. We shall see. Tonight, however, I will be drinking it up so I am thankful that I am off from work tomorrow. That gives me a day to recooperate.

At this moment, it is time to turn the clock back to a time when I was a crazy college student and enjoy some good old on campus partying. You know how I do. Time to get into my time machine and go back about three years ago. HAHAHAHA!

Take care everyone and have a wonderful Saturday night!

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