Thursday, April 13, 2006

Final Colleen-birthday recap!

Tuesday was yet another beautiful day in terms of the weather. Colleen and I hung out for almost the entire day.

Earlier in the afternoon, Colleen and I went to Red Lobster with her roommates Shannon and Kristen, and their boyfriends Alex and Bo. Unfortunately, our server was not exactly the most enthusiastic of waiters. As a waiter, I myself can detect who wants to be there and who does not. This dude took forever to bring us rolls, refills of salad, and beverages.

Colleen asked him if there was a spirit drink she could order that was light on the alcohol. The server's response was, "Ummm, I dunno. I haven't tried them." This is coming from a person who, in a Darden restaurant, goes through a week of training to learn about the food and beverages in detail. Ridiculous. One should have at least some idea of the alcohol content in a spirit. Even if one does not have a clue, the last thing one says is, "I dunno."

The Cajun Chicken Pasta, which is the dish I ordered for lunch, is out of this world! It looks and tastes like a dish that should be served at the Olive Garden, but it was delectable nonetheless. Unfortunately for Colleen, the birthday girl, her food came out cold! She opted not to return, in fear of the chefs spitting in her food.

As a result of me being a current Darden employee, we received a 25% discount on the bill, which was originally $74. The discount reduced the amount to about $59. We still left as little as $5 for the tip. Yeah, the service was far from prompt. Lesson learned: If you want a good tip, don't be late every single item that your table orders. Certainly do not bring cold food out to the birthday girl!!!!!

Later, Colleen and I took full advantage of the gorgeous day by taking a walk around campus and around Lake Fred. There were students fishing from Lake Fred on the dark path. Colleen and I stopped by the lake to look for turtles. We found of a number of them swimming in the lake. One ran into another and totally jumped on top of it, as if to indicate that one was on another's turf and needed to leave. There were another couple of turtles, from quite a distance, that looked like they were enjoying sexual activity. All we saw was a turtle shell and a turtle head that appeared to be bobbling back and forth in complete ecstasy. That is when Colleen suggested, "That turtle is definitely giving one fine blowjob right about now." LOL.

Fortunately, Colleen and I received much better dining service when we hit up the Pizza Hut for dinner. The service we received was the reason why our waiter at Pizza Hut got a $5 on a $26 bill, as opposed to a $5 tip on a $59 for our unenthusiastic and apathetic Red Lobster wonder.

Great times. It felt amazing to be able to walk around the Stockton campus, which has become quite familiar to me. As my stomping grounds for about three years, I have come to appreciate our wooded campus with it's lake and pine barrens. Such an wonderful little getaway. That campus is the epitome of Earth's pure nature - outside of the millions of beer cans and rubbers lying at the bottom of Lake Fred, of course.

On Tuesday night, when the breeze finally got a little too cold for outdoor activity, Colleen, Frank, his friend Erik, and I watched Clerks at Colleen's apartment. In lieu of the Clerks sequel coming to theaters this summer, and with Kevin Smith's recent visit at Stockton, Clerks seemed like the fitting movie for our movie night.

Early on Wednesday morning, at 7am, I woke up to make the drive back up North for work at 11am. I had fun in the better half of Jerz. I went there for school. In recent months, I had been there on numerous occasions for visits and getaways. This was surely not my last visit. I will be back, as I always say and do.

50's party at Colleen's before the semester comes to an end????

Stay tuned! DON'T BLINK.

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