Sunday, April 30, 2006

Great party caps off 2005-06 school year!

Last night was a really fun end of the school year party at Frank's apartment. Props to Frank for throwing such an awesome party and allowing me over. You can all expect some pictures very shortly; must see material.

Yes, the school year 2005-06 is practically over, but that did not prevent a bunch of crazy ass college students (and one alumni) from having a great old shit kicking time. As the alumni, I felt as though I had traveled back in time in a time machine, to the moment when I first started my tour of duty here as a student. Drinking and having a blast; the shit was out of control! Spectacular!

I seemed to get all sorts of parched, as there were quite a bit of alcoholic beverages to be consumed. Basically, the party was B.Y.O.B. (bring your own boos, for those who are not acquainted with the alcohol party lingo), and I brought a six pack of Yuengling and small bottle of Southern Comfort, but I also got involved in the beer pong tournament. Oddly enough, I played against Colleen and her friend Monique with an under (yes, under age). He, 15 years old, could not drink any of the beer, so I ended up drinking all of it for him.

The under was quite the competitive beer pong player, who is capable of playing any beer pong contender into a sloppy state of consciousness, due to his dead aim. Yours truly is glad he was on my team! We played two games together and went 1-1. We lost the second game, quite a competitive game, when I left to go to the bathroom and failed to come back for a while. I began consuming my Southern Comfort, started stumbling, and then it got to a point when Colleen felt the need to confiscate the bottle from me and hide it. However, I got it back now. It's all good.

You want to see a sloppy mess??? LOL. All you had to do was see me passed out in the chair in the living room at the end of evening. Nonetheless, I never got sick. I never had to puke. And I actually walked back to Colleen's apartment without any aid whatsoever. My mother does not tell me, "I am so proud of you," for nothing!!! LOL.

Too bad I did not have a pair of sunglasses this morning when Colleen, Frank, and I got up to go out for breakfast. It was so bright outside! We went to the Galloway Diner, where Crazy Mike tells all of his incredible stories and has signature soundbytes to give to waitresses and the crowd at hand.

Great times. Once again, keep on the look out for pictures. This is the end of yet another school year, but the first in three years that I do not have to be burdened with the moving out process!

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