Sunday, April 30, 2006

Poseidon enters theaters May 12!

A remake of the 1972 classic The Poseidon Adventure, Poseidon will be in theaters on May 12. Poseidon, in honor of Greek Mythology, is the God of the Sea. If like the sea and it's many mysterious wonders, including the beauty as well as the dangerous and uncontrollable power that it possesses, you must go see this film!

I enjoyed the original film, which is why I look forward to seeing the remake when it comes out in theaters. With today's panorama or visual effects due to modern technology, I am curious to see what the gigantic tidal wave is going to look like on the big screen and how it is going to capsize the ocean liner Poseidon.

Like many other scenic and panoramic films over the years, such as Jurassic Park and King Kong (2005), this appears to be yet another motion picture that is best seen on the big screen. I look forward to seeing this movie. On May 12, go check it out at a local theater near you!

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