Thursday, April 13, 2006

Scott Davies returns home for Easter!

and takes Bill "King Dingaling" Dyer and The Creme de la Creme on a late night, wisdom-filled ride! To Lake Hopatcong...

Scott Davies, one of my best friends dating back to high school, has once again returned to Jersey. This time, he has returned to celebrate Easter with his family. He flew into Jersey on Wednesday morning.

When Scott picked up Bill Dyer, another one of my best friends going back to the much earlier days of elementary school, and drove over to my house to hang out on Wednesday night, we went on a ride to Lake Hopatcong to check out the house that Scott's sister Jamie lives at with her husband.

During the ride, we spoke about life. We spoke about settling down with good girls who will remain loyal under any circumstances. We spoke about finding decent jobs where we can use our heads and not expose ourselves to jobs that amount to physical wear and tear. How the significance of a college degree relates to the ease of such careers.

Why are people afraid to leave a place and move to another place for residence??? Is such fear due to the fact that one is leaving friends and family behind to move to an entirely unfamiliar community with total strangers??? Are one's current friends not total strangers when one first meets them??? Food for thought.

As newborns, we all enter this world tabula rasa, which means blank tablet. In other words, we have no knowledge of what surrounds us. Due to cognitive functioning that still has yet to develop with growth, we barely have any knowledge of who surrounds us when we are first born. Therefore, what is so different about not knowing who surrounds us when we move to a whole new city or state?

Getting one's shit in order for life is crucial. I need to get my shit in order with a career. I need to make some money, pay my bills, get me a crib, and be happy. It has to happen. I need to get organized. I keep saying it and it continues to elude me as a result of my recent personal troubles. Why is getting organized and getting set for financial success and happiness so complex?

As the Truth, I need to start working and operating like the truth. Fuck life's petty problems. Focusing on the elevation of self to financial stability and life happiness is necessary. Great late night car ride with the boys. We rarely even see each other anymore. That ride to Lake Hopatcong was real. That ride was the truth.

And I took a hot, lengthy piss right in the middle of a shady dark road in Lake Hopatcong. Wizzzzz-dom filled.

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