Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Simpsons Movie - Coming July 2007!

Many of you are familiar with the television show The Simpsons, a show that made its television debut on Fox in the year 1989 (an incredible 17 years in the running).

Well, as I was rummaging through the Collegehumor website, I came across a teaser for what appears to be The Simpsons Movie, being released to theaters in July 2007.


The television show is definitely a classic. Not too many television shows these days can last on television for as many years as The Simpsons has. I definitely look forward to seeing this movie, which should be a box office blockbuster, in theaters world wide next year. I can not wait.

I am certainly eager to see what idiotic and comical things Homer can possibly say and do in this motion picture.

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