Monday, April 10, 2006

Stroll down memory lane!

It is amazing how a wide array of memories can resurface in one's mind after taking a stroll down memory lane. Memories can play out so vividly in one's mind. In this case, the vivid memories that I had as I walked around the campus were positive.

Throughout the day today, I have been walking around this campus with all of this memories traveling around in my head. As I walked down the path that leads to the parking lot by Housing III and IV (the dorms), I remember the snow ball fights I had with my fellow L-dorm residents during the winter of my first school year at Stockton. While walking around by the dorms, visions of me standing outside of L-dorm immediately cropped up in my head. Volleyball games at the volleyball court by the TRLC came to mind as I walked past the TRLC and glanced at the volleyball court.

The smell of the pine trees was ever so familiar. So fresh. So desirable. I used to wake up, leave my dorm, and walk to class while smelling that scent of the pine. Today, I could once again smell that fresh air and fresh scent, but only as a visitor. Still, the memories were grand. I had the opportunity to once again speak with Dr. Whithem, Donna Albano, and Professor Scales very briefly. I told them that it was my objective to go to graduate school A.S.A.P. They recommended that I get my applications sent to the schools as quickly as I could.

Time to meet Jack for dinner at G-wing. I'm sure a few more memories will be rekindled during that time.

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