Monday, April 10, 2006

Typical 609 Getaway!

Today happens to be a gorgeous spring day outside and I am once again down in the 609, which is the better half of Jerz, spending some quality time at none other than the infamous Stockton College with some friends of mine.

The temperature right now is in the mid 60's! Absolutely beautiful! Should this weather continue into the tomorrow, drunken volleyball in front of Colleen's apartment is definitely foreseeable in the next 48 hours. Gotta love it!

My reason for being here at this time, other than my typical getaways that you know I am accustomed to, is to celebrate my friend Colleen's 22nd birthday. Upon my arrival yesterday, I joined Colleen, Frank, Kevin, and Christina to go get something to eat. We went to this new Mexican fast food establishment (once I get the name, I will edit this post and put the name in) on the Black Horse Pike for dinner. Afterwards, we went to Coldstone to get some ice cream for dessert. Coldstone makes some amazing ice cream; I had not been there for a while prior to last night. I ordered the birthday cake remix and it was indeed sensational.

The sloppy combination of Mexican food and Coldstone ice cream can have some rather adverse effects on BAL movements, as some of the people in the group learned last night on the car ride home. LOL. After getting some food and ice cream, we went to the Stop and Shop (or Shop and Shit), which used to be Super G, to pick up Colleen's birthday cake before making our way back to campus. I had the privledge of picking out Colleen's birthday cake! How did I go about making such an important selection? I closed my eyes, opened the doors to the freezer, and picked out the first box that I touched. She happened to like the cake that blindly chose, so we ended up buying that cake. It already said Happy Birthday on it, so obviously could not go wrong. Once we were back on campus, we all went over to Frank's in E Court and watched Adult Swim. That marks the first time I ever saw Robot Chicken.

Today I woke up at about 10:30 this morning, having slept over at Colleen's apartment (Thank you Colleen). She had class at 11:20, so we both left her apartment and she went to class with Frank, while I went along my own merry way to the school as well. I haven't really seen too many people yet (in terms of familiar faces in regards to students or professors), but I will be doing a little more rummaging through the school and campus buildings for a little while longer today. I am supposed to be meeting Frank and Colleen at G-wing around 3pm for lunch. Jack also indicated that he might be going to G-wing for dinner around 5:30, right before he heads to Big Blue for the visit of Kevin Smith here on campus. Yes, Silent Bob is making an appearance at Stockton tonight and I fear he will not be all that silent!

I am just happy to be getting away and hanging out in a place that I have become quite familiar with and grown to love. Later this evening, after we cut the cake and celebrate Colleen's birthday on campus, we will be heading to Atlantic City to continue the celebration. We plan on going to a casino that Colleen has never been to, which in all probability will be Caesars Palace. Everybody in the group expressed an interest in going to Caesars, and I want to take a picture next to Caesar, so we shall see if those plans come to fruition later tonight. Whatever the birthday girl wants to do!

At this time, I am heading back to the main part of the campus to do some more walking around on this beautiful day. Perhaps I will see a familiar face or two along the way. Take care folks. Stay tuned for further developments.

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