Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Revolution!

Brace yourselves bitches!

There is legitimate speculation that Colleen, one of my close friends who also happens to be Frank's girlfriend, and I will be moving into an apartment together somewhere in the Monmouth County area in January 2007.

Colleen is likely to be attending Monmouth University for graduate school. In addition, there is further speculation that Crazy Mike could very well be joining us in this move. With that being the case, it is all of our intentions to find a three bedroom apartment so that we may enjoy the freedom of having our own bedrooms. The closer we live to the campus, perhaps the cheaper the rent will be due to the fact that those apartments are intended for college students who choose to live off campus. One never knows if the rent with definitely be cheaper, but that is the route we still plan to take.

Colleen is extremely enthusiastic about the prospect, as am I to be honest with you. Already being touted as The Revolution, we see this as a golden opportunity to have many fun and exciting times at our apartment as well as make good on our career orientations for the future.
Furthermore, I have always anticipated my long awaited chance of once again getting back out into the world and living on my own. Last summer, I had the privledge of living on my own and enjoying some freedom, but that went up in smoke after my legal troubles in Brielle last July. However, the time is once again approaching where I might be able to regain the privledge I once had of having my own place to live and taking advantage of the freedom that comes with such a privledge. After almost a year, I have beautifully rebounded from my 2005 summer mishap.

Monmouth County, namely towns such as Eatontown, Long Branch, or even Belmar, is a wonderful area to fulfill that long awaited quest. Look for that to happen sometime in January. Realizing that I have been doing more talking than fulfilling plans, one must crawl before one walks. All actions are preceded by thoughts. This is a thought, however, that I would like to transform into a reality. One thing is for sure. Should the move become a reality, it is party time at the shore all year round. That's right. If you are down by the shore, and you know me from whatever sources, your boy will soon become a local resident. When the move happens, swing by the crib sometime. LOL.

Other than that, ladies and gentlemen, there has not been much to discuss. What happened to those days when there were things to blog about?

Memorial Day weekend, for personal reasons, was truly a time to forget. Alcohol did not exactly bring out my greatest attributes, but we will not go too far into detail about that. Certain occurences, due to their troubling nature, are better left in the past. Perhaps that is the case for more things, other than just the memory of what occurred this past weekend. Maybe a chemistry gone sour helped to surface my horrid behavior, but that behavior clearly did not advance the perception of what a great person I am. Maybe the chemistry is completely spoiled. Gone completely sour. Quite possibly, my life may have ultimately reached the landmark where I can not bring myself to care any longer. Maybe I should not care anymore, if the care just can not be returned. I refuse to serve as excess baggage for one who does not share equal feelings for me and is clearly internally troubled by my imposition. On the flipside, I also refuse to let that same person be nothing more than a monkey on my back.

Is there a chance that I could be wrong about this? Maybe so. Currently I do not believe that I am wrong. Sometimes one must move on. Enough said. The entire weekend is now the past. Let us progress towards the future.

We are approaching the end of May. Tomorrow marks the beginning of June. It is HOT AS HELL outside. This could only be a preview of what's to come in terms of weather for the summer. I better go cop me a couple beach passes because I am definitely heading to the shore again in the very near future. Our pool is almost ready for swimming as well.

Unofficially, summer has arrived ladies and gentlemen.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day weekend... with traffic on Sunday afternoon!

As I drove to Howell earlier this afternoon to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Jaime and whoever, people driving on the roads were in rare form.

On Rt 80, on my way to Rt 280, I could have sworn I saw a motercycle driver passing me and smoking a cigarette while he was driving. Now that's GENIUS! LOL.

The Garden State Parkway was an absolute disaster!!! The traffic was accumulating in really sporadic patches. You know, slowing down and crawling, and then temperarily picking up again before finally slowing down again for minutes at a time. The traffic was really infrequent and periodic.

Today's traffic totally took me by surprise; I had expected everybody to already be at the shore on Friday night. Customarily, people leave to travel down the shore on the Friday afternoon heading into Memorial Day Weekend.


I have arrived at Jaime's and it was a safe, albeit annoying, trip. Thank God it was safe. Today is beautiful and it is time to go tanning in Jaime's backyard.Jody and Jeremy are having barbeques today. I might be hitting up one or both of those with the rest of the crowd later this evening.

Congratulations to Jody for recently getting married to his newlywed Laurie.

I wish them the best of luck.

Everyone have a spectacular memorial day weekend.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poker night at J-9's, hanging out with Purses, Chips, and Attitude , and more!

Well well well! Student loan repayment time has finally arrived and I am ecstatic!


This really sucks, but I suppose I could be worse off. Compared to most graduates who have student loans to be repaid, I really do have very little to pay back. My grand total - get ready - is a mere $17,200! That is not at all that bad, but I do not know if I can pay them at this moment. With deferment being a last resort, I will do my damnest to pay off as much as I can at this time before graduate school inevitably becomes a reality for me.

However, if I must defer my loans, which I also consolidated in December, I will do so. Here's to hoping Appleone finds me a real job A.S.A.P. Signing up with, and applying to, other staffing agencies probably couldn't hurt my cause either. Perhaps I should do that really soon.

Last night, I went to Janine's (J-9's) apartment at Lake Hopatcong to hang out with a few of the select O.G. employees and friends of mine. Janine invited me to her crib to play poker with the rest of the gang at hand, so I figured why the hell not! Prior to the arrivals of the others, I met Janine's friend Bobby and they began describing to me, in detail, history of the apartment. All of the party memories and people who had previously trashed the apartment. Amongst all of the people have contributed to the party history of Janine's apartment, one irate Bill Dyer (if Janine was not mistaking), quite randomly, made his own contribution to the apartment's crazy history by punching a hole into the wall after participating in a beer pong game that apparently did not go very well. LOL. Very nice! Holy shit, this is a small world!

Gradually, everybody arrived at Janine's apartment. Those who attended included Rico, Rico's cousin, Nicole, Ross, and Cyndi. Yes, with the exception of Rico's cous, they are all employees at the O.G.! I did not play poker, mind you, but I was thoroughly amused by poker game as well as the players' reactions to winning/losing etc. Supposedly, there is a ghost of an old lady who also roams throughout Janine's apartment. This spirit appeared to make her presence felt when she turned the light off during the poker game and turned it back on five minutes later. According to Janine, it was in fact the ghost who turned the light off. Every once in a while, the ghost will shut that light off and turn it back on.

All in all, Janine was quite the hospitable friend in offering us all beer, drinks, snacks, and food. She is a wonderful person - thank you very much Janine! However, her hospitaliano does not erase the predictable result of me getting quite parched. LOL. What else is new?

Wonderful time with the OG staff/compadres.

Earlier this week, on Sunday, I also had another chance to hang out with Jaime AKA Purses, Chips, and Attitude! We went to the movie theater to see the movie Poseidon, which is a remake of the 1972 classic The Poseidon Adventure. As you might recall, I had actually written a post in regards to this movie entering theaters last month. The movie, while based on the 1972 classic, has a twist in the characters as well as the time period that the story takes place. While it is on New Years Eve, just as the original story was, the plot and settings have been modernized for the present time.

As the movie constantly kept me on the edge of my seat in suspense, I am not quite sure it lived up to the original film. Many of the scenes in the movie were just too realistic and way to graphic. Drowning, which causes one to suffer for minutes before eventually passing out and dying, is a horrifying way to die; it is not something that should be shown in detail any more than it has to be shown. The tidal wave, which inevitably capsizes the ocean liner Poseidon, looks excellent on the big screen! There isn't a whole hell of a lot of humor in this film, but there is drama and it is a very sad story. Having said all of that, it was still worth seeing at the theater. I had wanted to check it out.

Later that evening, Jaime and I went out for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food is delicious, but the prices are relatively high due to the fact that is a steak house. We still had a nice quaint little dinner. After going out for dinner, Jaime and I went to Blockbuster to rent the original Wayne's World. As a result of seeing the sequel on television at the Days Inn the previous time we saw each other, combined with the fact that Jaime recently bought Queen - Greatest hits and played Bohemian Rhapsody in her car, we had acquired an urge to rent Wayne's World and watch it at her house.

True story. Awesome time.

I would also like wish Jaime good luck with her summer graduate school course! Today was her first day.

Stay tuned and keep reading about me day by day, as I conclude this particular post which is certainly not the last. Lucky YOU! :P

Friday, May 19, 2006

Scott Davies photo discovery!

Earlier this evening, I had a chance to chat with Killa Cali's very own Scott Davies. Scott, however, completed his last final exam today and will be graduating this Saturday. His mother flew into California yesterday to be there for his graduation ceremony. His wife is about to fly in right now. Scott just left to go pick her up at the airport.

A few week's later, he will be returning to his old stomping grounds of Miami, FL, where he went to the University of Miami for undergraduate college. Therefore, he will soon reclaim his title of Miami's own. We had a little chat earlier this evening online about him graduating, being done with school, and seeing his lovely wife Liezl tonight for the first time in months. He also drifted just a little bit out of the essence of our discussion and sent me a nice little photo surprise!

HeRk18 (11:31:09 PM): how's it feel to be done with school and getting a doctorate?
Scottd3 (11:31:41 PM): feels pretty fuckin sweet man
Scottd3 (11:31:47 PM): i can't believe its all over already
Scottd3 (11:31:52 PM): its all still surrel
Scottd3 (11:31:55 PM): surreal
HeRk18 (11:32:18 PM): that shit is pretty crazy
HeRk18 (11:33:35 PM): just chillin in your apt right now?
Scottd3 (11:33:46 PM): nigga i ain't gots no apartment
Scottd3 (11:33:56 PM): i gots me a house
Scottd3 (11:33:58 PM): lol
Scottd3 (11:34:42 PM): liezl is flying in a bout an hour
HeRk18 (11:34:46 PM): my bad nigga
HeRk18 (11:34:47 PM): lol
HeRk18 (11:34:55 PM): didn't mean to offend you
Scottd3 (11:34:58 PM): right now i gots me a 3 bedroom palace
HeRk18 (11:34:58 PM): the house
HeRk18 (11:35:01 PM): sweet
HeRk18 (11:35:08 PM): well, your crib... lol
Scottd3 (11:35:11 PM): i live on the park like Billy D
HeRk18 (11:35:15 PM): nice
HeRk18 (11:35:27 PM): so I take it you and the wife are spending some QT tonight?
Scottd3 (11:35:27 PM): but soon i am gonna have a 1 room pad
Scottd3 (11:35:41 PM): its gonna be wierd movin back into a building
Scottd3 (11:35:48 PM): yeah dog

Minutes later, he responds with the following:

Scottd3 (11:43:47 PM):

Scottd3 (11:44:14 PM): i left that picture as a comment on schulteis's myspace
Scottd3 (11:44:14 PM): lol

Big bate catches big rats! Anybody who clicks on this link will be doing so on their own free will! I promise you this is not a virus, but it may take you by stunning surprise! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jaime, Monmouth University, and plans to go to Cluck U this weekend!

Let me begin this post by saying that I truly had a spectacular two days with Jaime. Between Days Inn, Sangria, our trip to Monmouth University, going to Subway for lunch, going to Johnny Carinos, and then Chilis (yes, we went out to eat quite a bit, lol), Jaime and I spent a successful couple of days together.

Jubilant as two people could be, we really did have plenty of fun. Many more fun times to come with Jaime and I, as well! Furthermore, on Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to chat with Ray AKA The Prince of Sarcasm about some interesting plans for this weekend as well as my trek with Jaime on Wednesday afternoon to Monmouth University, their campus, and my potential plans to go there for graduate school - possibly in 2007!

While Stockton is an ideal undergraduate school to enroll in, Monmouth has an excellent MBA program and various different tracks of study, including finance. Stockton's very own Professor Vito, who currently teaches accounting courses, attended Monmouth for graduate school graduated with a Masters Degree in Finance. Stockton's graduate program is quite generic, in the sense that is has basic business courses and nothing too detailed in any one branch of business studies.

The Prince and The Great One discussed plans of going to Cluck U for some chicken wings with him, some of his pals from home, Melissa, and Colleen. Cluck U claims to have the spiciest chicken wings ever! Let me be the judge of that...

Perhaps I will be joining the gang at Cluck U this Saturday. Time will tell. After the way the past couple days went, I feel good. I feel great! I definitely had a marvelous time with Jaime and I look forward to enjoying many many more, as we continue to have our fun and exciting times and still manage to work things out in the process.

Work in the AM means bedtime. I also have to call Appleone tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Another successful hotel night!

Trip to Monmouth University today?

Today is a beautiful day and the weather is sensational. Not to hot. Not too cold. Just right.

Yesterday was a nice day for Jaime and I. As I stated yesterday, we rented a room for the night at the Days Inn in Neptune. Prior to our hotel room fun, we went to Johnny Carinos for dinner. There was a Dinner for Two - $21.99 special (which expires on May 31, 2006) that allows two guests to get an entree each, sour or salad and bread, and a dessert for the two people to share. Jaime and I benefited from this deal by ordering entrees, caesar salads, and a dessert (which I ate most of, lol).

Jaime ordered the Bowtie Festival, while I ordered the Chicken Fettucine. The Chicken Fettucine is tossed with a creamy romano cheese sauce, unlike like the Chicken Alfredo at the Olive Garden which is prepared with O.G.'s signature alfredo sauce. Jaime's entree was delicious. So was the Tiramasu we ordered for dessert. The tiramasu's ingredients, as was mentioned on the menu, included rum and coffee liquors.

Immediately upon reading those ingredients, Jaime asks me, "Do we have to be 21 years old to order this dessert because it includes rum and liquor?" Instantly, I let out a loud and obnoxious laugh. I thought that was hilarious. The baby, who was seated in a high chair with its family at the table next to ours, began laughing as she saw me laughing. It was quite a comical scene, but that was a funny question. Anybody of any age can order the Tiramasu, at least to my knowledge.

The theme of our hotel adult fun consisted of Gilmore Girls (starting us off on a rather shallow ground), Yago Sangria, Kicking and Screaming (a relatively new Will Ferrell movie Jaime and I were totally unfamiliar with up until last night), Wayne's World 2, and of course... activities that hotel rooms are used for other than sleeping. HAHA. Use your imagination, horn dogs!!!

We had an incomparable, yet ever so familiar, dinner and hotel room evening.

In a little while, it appears that Jaime and I will be taking a trip to Monmouth University so she can purchase the school books for her summer graduate school courses. On a day as wonderful as today, that should be a nice little drive.

Might I be going to Monmouth University for graduate school sometime down the line? There has been some speculation in regards to that idea. With me moving to Monmouth County later this year, the idea makes sense. Monmouth also has a really legitimate business program at the graduate level, particularly in regards to finance. We'll see as the time draws closer to my moving period in November/December.

For now, it's time to sit back with Jaime and relax for a little while, as we watch television before heading to Monmouth. Take care and stay tuned for more in the near future folks.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Off from work for two days!

Today is my first day out of two days off from work. Glorious!

After working every day with the exception of Sunday for the past couple months, I was beginning to wonder if I would EVER get a second day off from work each week. Now, I have three days off this week which feels absolutely wonderful. This morning, I had the opportunity to once again go to the Appleone office in Parsippany and take the data entry test that I needed to take. According to the results, I tested really well on the data entry.

Hopefully I land a nice summer job in the local area relatively soon, so I can make a much more substantial income than I am currently making as a waiter at A restaurant. A more prestigious and reputable summer job would allow me to gain work experience in an administrative atmosphere and develop my interpersonal skills, while pursuing a more permanent position when I make the move to the Belmar area of Jerz later this year.

As for my original work schedule at the Olive Garden this week, I was only off from work on Tuesday, but I gave away my Wednesday shift because Jaime is off from work tomorrow, so now we are able to spend almost two days together. I would also like to extend a special thanks to Janine for picking up my Wednesday shift.

OK... enough about work. I am off from work for two days now, BIATCHES! What does my ability to give away Wednesday's shift say for our plans tonight??

You got it! Another hotel room ladies and gentlemen! We will once again be staying the Days Inn in Neptune. No matter what the state is of our relationship with each other, we always end up getting a room for personal interaction. LOL. Prior to this evening's hotel activities, we must first go out somewhere for dinner.

However, we have yet to decide exactly where.

Wining, dining, a hotel room, and some (excuse ME) fun. What other way is there to have it in life??

Sunday, May 14, 2006

You have to see Just Friends!

"When Jaime smiles, it takes me miles, from where I feel unsure. When Jaime smiles, I realize, that she's no ordinary girl. No ordinary girl!"
-Stalkers National Anthem

Last Tuesday, when Jaime and I hung out up here in D-town, we rented the movie Just Friends (2005) starring Ryan Reynolds. What a movie! This film has some really great punchlines that make for comical inside jokes with some of the folks at work.

The story, best categorized as a romance comedy, is about this dude named Chris Brander, played by the gifted Ryan Reynolds, who is a shy overweight teenager who has a crush on a girl by the name of Jamie Palamino. Unfortunately, she only likes Chris "as a friend." He's in the friend zone, as stated on many occasions throughout the movie. Ten years later, Chris is thinner, more suave, and carries a much more attractive appearance and demeanor. During a visit home to New Jersey, coming from Los Angeles where he moved after high school to become a music executive, Chris once again attempts to win Jamie's heart, while his brother distracts the pop diva client that Chris brought with him to Jersey. Well, go see the movie for yourself. I can only describe so much! LOL.

Here are some comical quotes from the movie, which I found to be hillarious!

When Jaime smiles, it takes me miles, from where I feel unsure. When Jaime smiles, I realize, she's no ordinary girl. No ordinary girl!

You have her poster on your wall?
I slapped the ham to it like an hour ago.
What ham did you slap? Not the ham that I just bought?

One sugar mommy supreme for the chubby bunny!
Excuse me, um, this isn't going to work for me.
But this is what you always order.
Yeah... ten years ago, when I was a whale...

I'M busy! Stupid DICK!!!

The guy's looking for the ANGER BANG!!!!!

You see him play that guitar? It's like he has 15 fingers. Everybody loves him. I can't compete with this guy!
You can't compete? Are you kidding me? You're Chris Brander. You're Hollywood! You date models. He's Jersey. He skies in his JEANS!

I'm gonna get you FIRED. I hope you enjoy unemployment, DICK WEED.

She wants a sensitive guy; more like the old me. Well if she wants Mister Rogers, then I'm gonna show her the biggest pussy she's ever seen.

You have to see this movie. I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it.

Today is Mommy Day!

Today is the day for all the mothers. They gave birth to us. They pushed us out in the hospital and brought us into this world.

Therefore, it is only fitting that they be entitled to a holiday when they can be treated kindly and be appreciated by their sons and daughters.

A special Happy Mothers Day to my mom.

To all the other mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Automobile accidents way too frequent!

When Jaime, who is traveling up North to visit me tonight, informed me that the Garden State Parkway was closed due to a severe automobile accident, I had to check it out for myself online when I got home from work today.

Sure enough, there was a really bad accident on the Northbound side at Exit 153A near Clifton, where a van apparently flipped over, hurling eight passengers out from inside the van, and then rolled off an embankment. The van, with the driver stuck inside, landed on the roof, resting on it after the accident. This accident, which left four people seriously injured, did indeed close the parkway and caused approximately an eight mile backup. The highway was presumed to be re-opened around 5pm.

Knowing that eight passengers were hurled from the van (holy shit!) at the moment of the accident, there is a pretty safe assumption that these poor misguided souls were not wearing seat belts! For more on this story, click here to read the article, in detail, brought to you by WCBS-TV New York.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can not stress this fact enough to you. Please be careful when you are out driving on the road. Way too many accidents are happening these days! Watch where you are driving and wear your damn seat belts!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Special Cinco De Mayo weekend!

"You're going down like a sweet muffin in a fat boy!"

Amidst our recent intricacies, Jaime and I had a terrific time last night on May 5, which is a holiday famously known as Cinco De Mayo.

Yes, as St. Patrick's Day is a holiday clearly intended for the Irish, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday which is dedicated to the people of Mexican descent. Both holidays cause major drinking festivities, which is just fine by me. LOL. Shit, we need more of those!

Originally, Jaime was going to drive up to D-town to come visit me, but we decided that it would be about 7:30 or even 8pm before she even arrived up here, so I decided that I would drive down to Central Jersey to see her a little earlier than she would have seen me had she come up here.

Once I arrived in Howell, I went to Jaime's house and together we drove off to meet Gena and Ken at this nice Mexican restaurant in Freehold called Escondidos Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant provided both an indoor and outdoor section for eating and drinking. The place was totally crowded with people who celebrating this wonderful holiday. Once we met up with Gena and Ken, Ken informed us that we could not even get a pager for a table until 9pm. Fair enough. We chilled outside for a while and enjoyed some refreshing adult beverages. Last night was an absolutely beautiful night, weather wise, to be hanging out and drinking outdoors.

Jaime and I started out the night with margaritas. We had to live in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo, so we did just that. As the evening progressed, I continued my drinking habit with Coronas. Ken and I also purchased tequila shots and made a toast to the beautiful holiday we were celebrating.

We finally picked up our pager at 9pm and got a table at approximately 10pm. The food at Escondidos was pretty delicious. Hopefully the pair of shorts I was wearing shared the same feelings, as I spilt some of the food and sauce on my shorts. What a mess! Nonetheless, I had a super time and totally enjoyed the holiday and event.

Jaime and I had the chance to talk about things and I feel as though we had a very positive time together. She openly admitted, after having a couple drinks, "When you move to Belmar, things might just be different for us. Jackie predicted that we'd get back together last week. Right now I want to be a lone." I asked her, "so do you think this is truly a breakup or just a break for you to sort out how you feel?" She immediately responded, "I can not tell you if it is a break or a breakup right now, but I think it might be just a break." I totally respect that.

As much as I clearly still love the girl, I am going to give her time to think and sort her feelings out, but I do wish for the best and hope everything works out. Just as her friend told her, many of my friends, including Colleen, can see us eventually getting together again sometime in the future. Who knows? We shall see.

I hope everything works out for the best with us. I had a marvelous time with her this weekend. We probably got along better in the past couple weeks than we got along in any of the previous three and a half years. It definitely feels good too. I just hope something positive and loving comes out of this and that this little split ultimately saves us and perhaps brings us back together. I still love the girl, period.

At the end of the evening, we all ran into Lauren (my fellow lawnmower) and Jason at the restaurant. It was nice to see them both, as I had not seen them in quite some time.

Later in the evening, Jaime and I went to the room that Jaime had reserved at the Days Inn in Neptune, where we had our fun and exciting personal interaction. Enough said...

Today, we both went to the Freehold Mall and had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Fortunately, there was quite a bit of physical affection being displayed by both of us and that made me really happy. It made me smile, just as it made her smile. On a number of occasions, we held hands. We also told each other, "I love you." They were all really nice gestures which brought me comfort and put smiles on my face. There were moments when she would actually tell me, "You are giving me butterflies!" Grand!

Before eventually driving back to D-town, Jaime and I went to the arcade, where we started off the race car driving summer series. Inevitably, I took a 2-0 lead in the series over Jaime with two blazing wins. Before we even started the two games, I told her as we were walking into the arcade, "You are going down like a sweet muffin in a fat boy!" She laughed at that. I guess it was funny! Walt Disney once stated, "Laughter is America's most important export."

Cinco De Mayo weekend treated me pretty fairly. Great times with the ex and best friend, who I still love very much with all of my heart, and hope to make something happen with once again sometime down the road. Plenty of time for thinking and quality leisure time. Jaime will next see me on Tuesday evening when she travels to D-town to spend the evening with me. On that evening, I look forward to yet another amazing time.

Viva Cinco De Mayo!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chat with Jack about Spring 2006 graduation!

I recently had the chance to speak with Jack about the Spring 2006 graduation ceremony at Stockton. He will be attending this particular ceremony, as opposed to all the rest gone by and yet to come, in which his friends graduated or will be graduating. Our conversation consisted of the following:

HeRk18 (10:21:26 AM): back home again?
Weapon Gojira X (10:21:46 AM): nope not until after graduation
HeRk18 (10:21:53 AM): oh ok
HeRk18 (10:22:32 AM): damn, I can't believe Anna is graduating
HeRk18 (10:22:37 AM): she's so young
HeRk18 (10:22:38 AM): lol
HeRk18 (10:22:47 AM): it doesn't seem real
Weapon Gojira X (10:22:57 AM): dont forget jeremy is graduating also
HeRk18 (10:23:01 AM): i know
HeRk18 (10:23:05 AM): crazy
Weapon Gojira X (10:23:10 AM): i kno
HeRk18 (10:23:16 AM): it feels like yesterday I was driving her everywhere
HeRk18 (10:23:21 AM): now she's graduating?
HeRk18 (10:23:35 AM): into the REAL WORLD
HeRk18 (10:23:36 AM): insane
Weapon Gojira X (10:24:01 AM): same here, but literally it was yesterday i was
driving her around
HeRk18 (10:24:14 AM): haha
HeRk18 (10:24:17 AM): i know
HeRk18 (10:24:33 AM): jeremy is probably ecstatic right now
HeRk18 (10:24:42 AM): he wants nothing more than to get the fuck out of there
Weapon Gojira X (10:24:52 AM): yeah
Weapon Gojira X (10:48:01 AM): definitely
Weapon Gojira X (10:48:23 AM): i cant believe im actually going to go to
HeRk18 (10:49:59 AM): yeah
HeRk18 (10:50:03 AM): it's not that bad
HeRk18 (10:50:12 AM): been to 2 of them at stk
Weapon Gojira X (10:52:10 AM): yeah but the thing is didnt go to graduation for any of u guys previously and its almost like by not going i didnt want to admit to myself that a whole bunch of my friends were graduating and wouldnt see them as often anymore so the question is y am going now then to this
HeRk18 (10:53:06 AM): to see what one looks like before yours comes
Weapon Gojira X (10:53:29 AM): i highly doubt that
HeRk18 (10:54:05 AM): don't know why you're doing that now though.... u got 4 more years to see one before yours comes
HeRk18 (10:54:07 AM): ;-)
Weapon Gojira X (10:57:16 AM): hell fucken no 4 more years here at stockton igive a fuck when they say im graduating im going to be out of here in another 1.5 or so
HeRk18 (10:57:27 AM): good boy
HeRk18 (10:57:46 AM): don't let the temptations of Nwing keep you any longer
than that
Weapon Gojira X (10:58:30 AM): ud have to think of something much better than n-wing that make me want to stay at stockton longer than i need to

It's been fun, but I must go to work for a double today. It is way to nice for this crap. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

Once again, congratulations to Stockton's Class of 2006!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring Buzz, approaching the summer!

Great men, like The Great One, can not be kept down forever!

There has not been a whole hell of a lot to cover lately, which would explain my idleness. However, this previous week or so has treated me slightly better than the weekends that came before it. It felt like I had been to the depths of hell, yet I have also been the mountain top, so I plan on getting back up there once again! It takes time.

As you know, my family, friends, and fans, I went to Stockton College this past weekend for the end of the year festivities and I really had a lot of fun. I would really like to extend a special congratulations to all of my friends as well as the rest of the students who will be graduating in a matter of days. Props to all of you - you made it! You should all be very proud.

The real world now greets you with a firm and hardy handshake - and perhaps a swift kick in the ass if you are caught unaware or lackadaisical. LOL.

This Friday afternoon, I have a scheduled appointment in Parsippany at 2pm with an agency by the name of Appleone. What they are is a staffing agency that specializes in finding both temporary and long term employment for people (especially college graduates). I came across this agency through an advertisement on Monster. Appleone has about six or seven in the state of NJ, which tells you a little bit about their significance as a staffing agency. As I read about their reputation and objectives, I have the utmost faith that they will be able to guide me in finding some type of administrative or clerical employment that will help to build my interpersonal skills and provide me with some type of work experience, other than being a service whore a restaurant, that gives me an opportunity for growth and also looks impressive on a resume. I prefer to start off with a temporary summer job in the area. After that, my goal is to find something more long term after Colleen and I finally find an apartment in the Central Jersey area. That should be happening sometime around November or December of this year.

On Friday night, Jaime and I will be seeing each other for the first time in almost two months. That is a quite a long time and we both look forward to hanging out. She will actually be driving up to see me. Our plan is to go out to dinner somewhere and get a hotel room afterwards. How about that???? Quality, long overdue hotel time. Now that sounds like an awesome plan to me! Quite unprecedented after a dramatic break up if you ask me. Shit, I'm not fighting it! HAHAHAHA.

In all honesty, our traumatic split caused quite a bit of friction, sadness, depression, and other various types of disturbance, but we had a lengthy conversation on the phone a little over a week ago. Since that time, we have gotten along with each other better than ever (perhaps even when we were going out). She claims it is much easier to talk to me now a days than it used to be. Seeing each other for the first time in approximately two months will surely have some type of effect. What effect it has exactly remains to be seen, but I am optimistic that my weekend with her will be a positive one. We both look forward to seeing each other and hanging out. That is definitely positive and hopefully things get even better for us as time passes. Who knows what the future could bring now???

My tax return refund came in the mail recently I received a substantial amount of money. That made me pretty happy. As if that was not enough, I received another check in the mail today from Stockton, which was for the amount of $150. Money money money!!! Financial stability is a beautiful characteristic of life. Let us hope this only the beginning of great things to come, in terms of finances, for yours truly.

As we are a few days into the month of the May already, the weather appears to be getting much better, and as a result, the days have been absolutely gorgeous. This weather, along with my recent momentum of receiving checks from various sources, are the main reasons why I have accepted being cut from my shifts from work to go home early. It is simply too nice to be shackled inside a hot and sticky restaurant with needy guests. I love the warmth. I love the sun. I love the beach. Lately, I have been getting two of those and I will soon have all three. Beach time is on the horizon and I will definitely be there on numerous occasions when summer shows it's attractive face.

With all of the money I have been earning and getting via cashiers checks in the mail, this appears to be the appropriate time to register for the GMAT. For the longest time, I have eagerly anticipated taking this test, so that I may go back to school to get my Masters. However, I have also been waiting for a time when I would have sufficient funds to pay for the registration of the test. After all, not everyone has $250 to shell out for the registration of standardized tests on a regular basis. This appears to be the appropriate time for me to fulfill such a task, and September gives me ample time to get mentally and physically prepared for the challenge at hand.

Therefore, it looks like I may be targeting September as the month that my date with destiny will fall on. When that time comes, mark my words - I will be ready. Nothing is going to stop me or rattle me on that date with destiny. I will be poised, focused, and ready for anything. Bring it on, I say. As for the specific date, stay tuned in the coming days. It will be official very shortly. My success, as well as my brilliant, dramatic, and prominent rise to the top, is inevitable. Sit back and watch. When it happens, you will hear me utter the words, "I told you so."

That is the buzz, for right now.

I leave you with this. To quote C.S. Lewis,

"We are what we believe we are."

You can not say that I am back again from all of these trying times, ladies and gentlemen, because the greats never fade out or go away. You can not keep a great man, such as The Great One, down forever. In the words of legendary lyricist L.L. Cool J, you can not call this a comeback either, because I have been here for years and years I shall stay! All of you haters, watch my anticlimactic rise to the top! All of my family, friends, and fans, applaud me when it happens.

To all my family, friends, and fans who visit this website and view what I have to say, stay tuned as the latest in the life and times of The Great One unfolds in the coming days and months. Plenty of challenges, as well as life's surprises, are on the horizon and you do not want to miss anything.

You do not want to miss a beat!