Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Automobile accidents way too frequent!

When Jaime, who is traveling up North to visit me tonight, informed me that the Garden State Parkway was closed due to a severe automobile accident, I had to check it out for myself online when I got home from work today.

Sure enough, there was a really bad accident on the Northbound side at Exit 153A near Clifton, where a van apparently flipped over, hurling eight passengers out from inside the van, and then rolled off an embankment. The van, with the driver stuck inside, landed on the roof, resting on it after the accident. This accident, which left four people seriously injured, did indeed close the parkway and caused approximately an eight mile backup. The highway was presumed to be re-opened around 5pm.

Knowing that eight passengers were hurled from the van (holy shit!) at the moment of the accident, there is a pretty safe assumption that these poor misguided souls were not wearing seat belts! For more on this story, click here to read the article, in detail, brought to you by WCBS-TV New York.

Ladies and gentlemen, I can not stress this fact enough to you. Please be careful when you are out driving on the road. Way too many accidents are happening these days! Watch where you are driving and wear your damn seat belts!

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