Thursday, May 04, 2006

Chat with Jack about Spring 2006 graduation!

I recently had the chance to speak with Jack about the Spring 2006 graduation ceremony at Stockton. He will be attending this particular ceremony, as opposed to all the rest gone by and yet to come, in which his friends graduated or will be graduating. Our conversation consisted of the following:

HeRk18 (10:21:26 AM): back home again?
Weapon Gojira X (10:21:46 AM): nope not until after graduation
HeRk18 (10:21:53 AM): oh ok
HeRk18 (10:22:32 AM): damn, I can't believe Anna is graduating
HeRk18 (10:22:37 AM): she's so young
HeRk18 (10:22:38 AM): lol
HeRk18 (10:22:47 AM): it doesn't seem real
Weapon Gojira X (10:22:57 AM): dont forget jeremy is graduating also
HeRk18 (10:23:01 AM): i know
HeRk18 (10:23:05 AM): crazy
Weapon Gojira X (10:23:10 AM): i kno
HeRk18 (10:23:16 AM): it feels like yesterday I was driving her everywhere
HeRk18 (10:23:21 AM): now she's graduating?
HeRk18 (10:23:35 AM): into the REAL WORLD
HeRk18 (10:23:36 AM): insane
Weapon Gojira X (10:24:01 AM): same here, but literally it was yesterday i was
driving her around
HeRk18 (10:24:14 AM): haha
HeRk18 (10:24:17 AM): i know
HeRk18 (10:24:33 AM): jeremy is probably ecstatic right now
HeRk18 (10:24:42 AM): he wants nothing more than to get the fuck out of there
Weapon Gojira X (10:24:52 AM): yeah
Weapon Gojira X (10:48:01 AM): definitely
Weapon Gojira X (10:48:23 AM): i cant believe im actually going to go to
HeRk18 (10:49:59 AM): yeah
HeRk18 (10:50:03 AM): it's not that bad
HeRk18 (10:50:12 AM): been to 2 of them at stk
Weapon Gojira X (10:52:10 AM): yeah but the thing is didnt go to graduation for any of u guys previously and its almost like by not going i didnt want to admit to myself that a whole bunch of my friends were graduating and wouldnt see them as often anymore so the question is y am going now then to this
HeRk18 (10:53:06 AM): to see what one looks like before yours comes
Weapon Gojira X (10:53:29 AM): i highly doubt that
HeRk18 (10:54:05 AM): don't know why you're doing that now though.... u got 4 more years to see one before yours comes
HeRk18 (10:54:07 AM): ;-)
Weapon Gojira X (10:57:16 AM): hell fucken no 4 more years here at stockton igive a fuck when they say im graduating im going to be out of here in another 1.5 or so
HeRk18 (10:57:27 AM): good boy
HeRk18 (10:57:46 AM): don't let the temptations of Nwing keep you any longer
than that
Weapon Gojira X (10:58:30 AM): ud have to think of something much better than n-wing that make me want to stay at stockton longer than i need to

It's been fun, but I must go to work for a double today. It is way to nice for this crap. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.

Once again, congratulations to Stockton's Class of 2006!

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