Thursday, May 18, 2006

Jaime, Monmouth University, and plans to go to Cluck U this weekend!

Let me begin this post by saying that I truly had a spectacular two days with Jaime. Between Days Inn, Sangria, our trip to Monmouth University, going to Subway for lunch, going to Johnny Carinos, and then Chilis (yes, we went out to eat quite a bit, lol), Jaime and I spent a successful couple of days together.

Jubilant as two people could be, we really did have plenty of fun. Many more fun times to come with Jaime and I, as well! Furthermore, on Wednesday night, I had the opportunity to chat with Ray AKA The Prince of Sarcasm about some interesting plans for this weekend as well as my trek with Jaime on Wednesday afternoon to Monmouth University, their campus, and my potential plans to go there for graduate school - possibly in 2007!

While Stockton is an ideal undergraduate school to enroll in, Monmouth has an excellent MBA program and various different tracks of study, including finance. Stockton's very own Professor Vito, who currently teaches accounting courses, attended Monmouth for graduate school graduated with a Masters Degree in Finance. Stockton's graduate program is quite generic, in the sense that is has basic business courses and nothing too detailed in any one branch of business studies.

The Prince and The Great One discussed plans of going to Cluck U for some chicken wings with him, some of his pals from home, Melissa, and Colleen. Cluck U claims to have the spiciest chicken wings ever! Let me be the judge of that...

Perhaps I will be joining the gang at Cluck U this Saturday. Time will tell. After the way the past couple days went, I feel good. I feel great! I definitely had a marvelous time with Jaime and I look forward to enjoying many many more, as we continue to have our fun and exciting times and still manage to work things out in the process.

Work in the AM means bedtime. I also have to call Appleone tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone!

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You missed a great time on sat night when we had the Cluck U chicken wings. I was laughing so hard that my sides and my cheeks were hurting. Apparently your too CHICKEN to try those hot and spicy chicken wings! TTYS.