Sunday, May 28, 2006

Memorial Day weekend... with traffic on Sunday afternoon!

As I drove to Howell earlier this afternoon to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with Jaime and whoever, people driving on the roads were in rare form.

On Rt 80, on my way to Rt 280, I could have sworn I saw a motercycle driver passing me and smoking a cigarette while he was driving. Now that's GENIUS! LOL.

The Garden State Parkway was an absolute disaster!!! The traffic was accumulating in really sporadic patches. You know, slowing down and crawling, and then temperarily picking up again before finally slowing down again for minutes at a time. The traffic was really infrequent and periodic.

Today's traffic totally took me by surprise; I had expected everybody to already be at the shore on Friday night. Customarily, people leave to travel down the shore on the Friday afternoon heading into Memorial Day Weekend.


I have arrived at Jaime's and it was a safe, albeit annoying, trip. Thank God it was safe. Today is beautiful and it is time to go tanning in Jaime's backyard.Jody and Jeremy are having barbeques today. I might be hitting up one or both of those with the rest of the crowd later this evening.

Congratulations to Jody for recently getting married to his newlywed Laurie.

I wish them the best of luck.

Everyone have a spectacular memorial day weekend.

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