Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poker night at J-9's, hanging out with Purses, Chips, and Attitude , and more!

Well well well! Student loan repayment time has finally arrived and I am ecstatic!


This really sucks, but I suppose I could be worse off. Compared to most graduates who have student loans to be repaid, I really do have very little to pay back. My grand total - get ready - is a mere $17,200! That is not at all that bad, but I do not know if I can pay them at this moment. With deferment being a last resort, I will do my damnest to pay off as much as I can at this time before graduate school inevitably becomes a reality for me.

However, if I must defer my loans, which I also consolidated in December, I will do so. Here's to hoping Appleone finds me a real job A.S.A.P. Signing up with, and applying to, other staffing agencies probably couldn't hurt my cause either. Perhaps I should do that really soon.

Last night, I went to Janine's (J-9's) apartment at Lake Hopatcong to hang out with a few of the select O.G. employees and friends of mine. Janine invited me to her crib to play poker with the rest of the gang at hand, so I figured why the hell not! Prior to the arrivals of the others, I met Janine's friend Bobby and they began describing to me, in detail, history of the apartment. All of the party memories and people who had previously trashed the apartment. Amongst all of the people have contributed to the party history of Janine's apartment, one irate Bill Dyer (if Janine was not mistaking), quite randomly, made his own contribution to the apartment's crazy history by punching a hole into the wall after participating in a beer pong game that apparently did not go very well. LOL. Very nice! Holy shit, this is a small world!

Gradually, everybody arrived at Janine's apartment. Those who attended included Rico, Rico's cousin, Nicole, Ross, and Cyndi. Yes, with the exception of Rico's cous, they are all employees at the O.G.! I did not play poker, mind you, but I was thoroughly amused by poker game as well as the players' reactions to winning/losing etc. Supposedly, there is a ghost of an old lady who also roams throughout Janine's apartment. This spirit appeared to make her presence felt when she turned the light off during the poker game and turned it back on five minutes later. According to Janine, it was in fact the ghost who turned the light off. Every once in a while, the ghost will shut that light off and turn it back on.

All in all, Janine was quite the hospitable friend in offering us all beer, drinks, snacks, and food. She is a wonderful person - thank you very much Janine! However, her hospitaliano does not erase the predictable result of me getting quite parched. LOL. What else is new?

Wonderful time with the OG staff/compadres.

Earlier this week, on Sunday, I also had another chance to hang out with Jaime AKA Purses, Chips, and Attitude! We went to the movie theater to see the movie Poseidon, which is a remake of the 1972 classic The Poseidon Adventure. As you might recall, I had actually written a post in regards to this movie entering theaters last month. The movie, while based on the 1972 classic, has a twist in the characters as well as the time period that the story takes place. While it is on New Years Eve, just as the original story was, the plot and settings have been modernized for the present time.

As the movie constantly kept me on the edge of my seat in suspense, I am not quite sure it lived up to the original film. Many of the scenes in the movie were just too realistic and way to graphic. Drowning, which causes one to suffer for minutes before eventually passing out and dying, is a horrifying way to die; it is not something that should be shown in detail any more than it has to be shown. The tidal wave, which inevitably capsizes the ocean liner Poseidon, looks excellent on the big screen! There isn't a whole hell of a lot of humor in this film, but there is drama and it is a very sad story. Having said all of that, it was still worth seeing at the theater. I had wanted to check it out.

Later that evening, Jaime and I went out for dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse. The food is delicious, but the prices are relatively high due to the fact that is a steak house. We still had a nice quaint little dinner. After going out for dinner, Jaime and I went to Blockbuster to rent the original Wayne's World. As a result of seeing the sequel on television at the Days Inn the previous time we saw each other, combined with the fact that Jaime recently bought Queen - Greatest hits and played Bohemian Rhapsody in her car, we had acquired an urge to rent Wayne's World and watch it at her house.

True story. Awesome time.

I would also like wish Jaime good luck with her summer graduate school course! Today was her first day.

Stay tuned and keep reading about me day by day, as I conclude this particular post which is certainly not the last. Lucky YOU! :P



The time for student loans has come upon you. It is a joyous time and time for much celebration. LOL. 17g isn't that bad. I have 15g and in the first 3 years I only have to pay $43 a month, but I don't pay the minimum.

The Great One said...

You can say that again. I celebrated by drinking myself into oblivion last night. I paid for that this morning when I showed up to work, still feeling the effects of drunkeness. You know, that cross between being drunk and hungover. Not fun either. LOL.

The Great One said...

You can say that again. I celebrated by drinking myself into oblivion last night. I paid for that this morning when I showed up to work, still feeling the effects of drunkeness. You know, that cross between being drunk and hungover. Not fun either. LOL.